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Beelzebub 1200

Posted by Jed on March 8th, 2013


Usual inventiveness and clever misdirections – includes a mini theme as yet unexplained






All clues followed by * indicate words connected with cricket


1* This puzzle’s girl MAIDEN

5 I bowled line splitting open opponent’s weakness FOIBLE

I B (bowled) L (line) in FOE (opponent)

9 Invented a couple of headgear items in disabled state INVALIDHOOD

INV (invented) A LID HOOD (2 items of headgear)

10 Comedian to consider penning comedy book SECOMBE Harry

COM (comedy) B (book) in SEE (consider)

11 Woman embraced by bad actor returned insincere greeting MWAH air kiss

W (woman) in HAM< (bad actor returned)

13 Typical fish product (tails removed) in UK city TRURO

TRU[e] (typical) RO[e]

14 Spanish mayor caught drunken lad tucking into beer ALCALDE

C (caught) (LAD)* in ALE (beer)

17 Novice in church getting high note there CHELA

CH (church) E (note) LA (there) why high?

19 Tawny animal is golden when done over in varnish ROSIN OIL

LION (tawny animal) IS OR (is golden)< (done over)

21 Tear bordering a French historic photograph SUN PRINT

UN (a in French) in SPRINT (tear)

23 Local stubble field trimmed before last of maize crop up ARISE

ARIS[h] (local stubble field trimmed) [maiz]E

25 Are quantities of wood logs? RECORDS

27* This puzzle’s tar? PITCH

28 Puckish trick, deluding each knave’s eyes, primarily DEKE (ice hockey)

first letters of Deluding Each Knave’s Eyes

29 Nothing enshrined by noble old poet  ARIOSTO Ludovico

O (nothing) in ARISTO (noble)

30 Love and wretched greed never concealed by Shakespeare OVERGREENED

O (love) (GREED NEVER)*

31 Show signs of one escaping electron stream BETRAY BET[a] RAY

32* This puzzle’s wrinkle? CREASE


1 Payment method involved in scam with trader? MASTERCARD


2 Have to suffer fashionable treatment with no end to disease INCUR

IN (treatment) CURE (treatment) minus [diseas]E

3 Staff upset about volume, covering up for doormen DVORNIKS

4 Name on rolls? (Irish rolls, presumably) EAMONN (NAME ON)*

5* This puzzle’s novelist? FIELDING

6 Conservative Party upset about one of verses ODIC

I (one) in C (Conservative) DO (party)<

7* This puzzle’s hat? BOWLER

8 Mark on ship, laden with oil, adrift LOAD LINE  (LADEN OIL)*

12 Listen to loveless couple’s plight, expressing sincerity HEART-WHOLE

15 Pig herder no longer rank in East Sussex resort HOG-REEVE

GREE (rank – obsolete) in HOVE (actually)

16* This puzzle’s limitation? BOUNDARY

18 Woman husband’s first to ogle in fur  HERMIONE

H[usband] O[gle] in ERMINE (fur)

20* This puzzle’s little door WICKET

22 Very good support, though increasingly shrill PIPIER

PI (very good) PIER (support)

24 A situation, tense earlier, becoming confused AT SEA

A SEAT (a situation) T (tense) moved

26 Jazz song preceding a tune from India RAGA RAG (jazz song) A

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    dd = double definition




3 Responses to “Beelzebub 1200”

  1. Dormouse says:

    Fairly sailed through this on Sunday afternoon, but I, too, couldn’t see why the cricket theme. Googling seems to suggest that a 1200 is a type of cricket bat, but I don’t know for sure if that is it.

  2. Beelzebub says:

    And 1200 in Roman numerals is?

  3. Dormouse says:


    Oh, sorry, a homer is baseball, not cricket.

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