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Independent Crossword 8231 by Nestor (Saturday prize puzzle 02-03-2013)

Posted by twencelas on March 9th, 2013


A first for me – a Nestor puzzle to blog – always fun and always so original. The master of misdirection, he certainly is.

Nestor’s puzzles are always a pleasure, full of humourous misdirection.

Exquisite surfaces and so lovely and misleading. I’m short of words for once.

Thanks Nestor for a challenge and much amusement.

Even to pick a favourite clue is beyond me – there are too many to choose from. But at a push 13ac – a novel device to employ.

10ac has me a little baffled – there is something I’ve missed, I think.



* anagram, DD Double definition, Rev. reverse, Underline is definition


6 Vacillator‘s choice about finishing university(8)

Plum (choice) about end (finishing) + u (university) = PENDULUM

8 Man covered in fuzz or one buried in a huge monument (6)

he (man) covered in cops (fuzz) = CHEOPS (Pyramid on outskirts of Cairo)

1o Possible proof of journey time about vessel small clumsy one (4)

sub (vessel) about t(time) =  s (small) + tub (clumsy one) = STUB (counterfoil ) Thanks NeilW

11 One from the country drew out guide, only to leave unmoved (10)

un (one – dialect) + (drew)* + helm (guide) = UNDERWHELM

12 Maybe make tarts healthy? Probably not those from here (8)

Bake Well = BAKEWELL

13 Ignore conclusions in definition of loftier human (6)

More tall (loftier) – ends = MORTAL

14 Flowery ring certainly encloses modern building for fun (7,6)

Lei (flowery ring) + sure (certainly) encloses recent (modern) = LEISURE CENTRE

19 Perhaps a case for adopting some Citicorp handling? (6)

CiticORP HANdling = ORPHAN

21 To spare harsh treatment soon gay marriage at last must be settled (2, 4, 2)

(soon + gay + e)* = GO EASY ON

23 Flog gallons whichever milkman regularly supplied in place of water (10)

Tan (flog) + g (gallons) + any (whichever) + mIlKmAn = TANGANYIKA (as in African lake)

24 Director’s power to keep in employment? no thanks (4)

Retain (keep in employment) – ta (thanks) = REIN

25 Roundabout barker (not really) confused gold with symbol (6)

(gold + au (symbol for it))* = DOUGAL (as in Magic roundabout)

26 To avoid both committing and sharing one is far from spineless (8)

hedge (to avoid) + = HEDGEHOG


1 Server might saucily supply this caption for picture tweeted by Cinderella? (8)

Me at Ball (Picture caption for Cinderella) = MEATBALL

2 One’s fare should be idle and be carried away (6)

(be idle)* = EDIBLE

3 Copper nabbing rat with a useless detective (8)

Cu (copper) around [louse (rat) + a] = CLOUSEAU

4 Face-off something male mugs do at puberty (8)

Show down (as in fine hair on young men’s faces) = SHOW DOWN

5 Persuasive fellow man (6)

Co (fellow) + gent (man) = COGENT

7 Old means of communication a suitable part of core curriculum (6,7)

middle (part of core) + English (as in lesson) = MIDDLE ENGLISH

9 Comparison of imperial unit inferior to metric system (6)

SI (metric system) + Mile (Imperial unit) = SIMILE

15 Underdeveloped area in Hebridean isle making great progress (8)

raw (underdevleoped) + a (area) in Soay (Hebridean isle) = SOARAWAY

16 Deny decay develops when skipping a starter it’s only a visual feast (3, 5)

(deny + ecay)* = EYE CANDY

17 Wordless expression of the people deposing leader just after (8)

demotic (of the people) – d + on (just after)= EMOTICON

18 Opponent ordered reduced rank (6)

Foe (opponent) + tidy (ordered) – y = FOETID

20 Bottled ink distributor set to make a resurgence? (4-2)

Pen (ink distributor) + Rev. put (set) = PENT-UP

22 Who’s confident about following hyperlink, essentially? (6)

Sure (confident) about f (following) + r (hyperlink essentially – i.e. middle) = SURFER

5 Responses to “Independent Crossword 8231 by Nestor (Saturday prize puzzle 02-03-2013)”

  1. NeilW says:

    Thanks, twencelas.

    STUB is a double construction: T(ime) in SUB (vessel) and S(mall) TUB (clumsy one)

    I went to Google to see if the name of Lake TANGANYIKA actually meant “place of much water” but couldn’t find that – but, apparently, it holds 17% of the world’s freshwater so I suppose that explains the definition.

    My parsing of SURFER was a little different to yours: SURE around F + R (hyperlink essentially) which makes it more nearly &lit.

  2. Andy B says:

    Great puzzle and very pleased to have finished it without resort to aids. I agree with Neil W’s parsing of SURFER because otherwise there is no point in hyperlink being in the clue.

    Andy B.

  3. twencelas says:

    Thanks Neil and andy – have updated 22dn

  4. NeilW says:

    @3, twencelas, so you don’t agree with me about 10? ;)

  5. twencelas says:

    Neil – I do agree with you :D Just having one of those days

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