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Azed 2126/Sean Penn, you taxi!

Posted by ilancaron on March 10th, 2013


Pretty easy but I used the BRB without compunction and there’s a wordplay or two as “exercises for the reader”.  And a little Daily Telegraphism at the top: Dangerous Dan.


1 DESPERATE – I’m hopeless at writing my own cryptic clues in the competition.

7 DAN[ger] – a type of buoy.

10 A(DIE)U – a little vague on the wordplay.

11 ADEN(O)MA – O in maenad.  A benign tumour.  (May they all be)

12 U,RENT – stinging

13 GALAM – hidden.  District in Senegal (conveniently) where a kind of butter is made.

14 N(O,R,MALL)Y – MALL is a public walk.  O=on and NY is conveniently in the US.

15 PRAXITELEAN – E=Spain in (explain art)*.  In the style of our friend Praxiteles (Greek sculptor).

17 E(YE,I)NG – YE olde way of saying “the”.

19 PINOLE – (in olpe)* – &lit since it’s “parched Indian corn or other seeds ground and eaten with milk”


26 CATONIA,AN – action* with AN=one.  Apparently our friend Cato was rather stern.

27 S[h]ERRY – close ranks.

28 INGAN – hidden and it’s a Scots onion (thus triggering a tear or two).

29 [f]IN(TEG)ER[y] – get* in [f]INER[y].  2 and 3 are examples thereof.

30 SE(NZ)A – musical “without” thus “bar”.  Ref. Dame from New Zealand.

31 SEY – I didn’t understand this until it was fully checked.  Scots sirloin.  rev(yes=certainly).




1 D,AUNT – to cow.  AUNT is an old woman.

2 SIERRAN – hidden.

3 PEN(MA)N – ref. Sean Penn

4 EU,TAXY – “you taxi!” — haha.  All in “good order”.

5 ADULT,ERATOR – (rare to)*

6 E(NAB)LE – nab in eel*

7 DOLT – chump but don’t understand wordplay? “Chump is cut from menu introduced by cook”

8 AMA(RANT)H – amah is our maid and amaranth is a “never-fading” flower.

9 NAM,IN,GS – rev(man)

11 ALLITERATED – describes words having “similar openings”.  Wordplay? I see “lit”=excited but “farm coming up”?.  “Excited about farm coming up, given similar openings?”

15 PLIOCENE – a prehistoric age with lots of fossils: (N, Pole ice)*

16 APHESIS – a linguistic process indeed.  I in shapes*

18 INS(I)GNE – (rare) badge.  I in [e]gines.

20 O,STREA[m] – oysters which i’m going to guess are does for some native somewhere but can’t find supporting reference in the BRB.

21 I(DO,IS)T –  DO=mimic and IDO is a dialect of Esperanto.

22 FIN(N)ER – finback

24 ANNAS – naans* and pie is 1/12 of an ANNA.

25 [he]ARTY – actually the online pdf has 26 here.


15 Responses to “Azed 2126/Sean Penn, you taxi!”

  1. Phi says:

    DOLT is DO + L(is)T, while the BRB gives ‘native’ = ‘native oyster’ without further explanation. (Perhaps some are migratory?)

    ALLITERATED – wrong excited – you only got as far as ‘lit’ whereas had you really gone over the top, you might have reached AERATED.

  2. The Trafites says:

    ALLITERATED is ‘TILL'(farm) reversed in ‘AERATED’

    PINOLE is one of these punnish clues. It isn’t an anagram, but look at ‘OLPE':
    it is ‘P in OLE’ (Duh!).


  3. The Trafites says:

    Oh, and ADIEU is ‘I’ in ‘A DEUX’ losing ‘kiss’ .


  4. colin says:

    Many thanks for the blog.

    I’ve only been attempting AZED puzzles for a few weeks but this did seem a bit less difficult than usual. There were some mysteries in the parsing so thanks to you, Phi and Nick for clearing them up. I still can’t see why “tub” is in the wordplay for 7a.

    Also, can you tell me what BRB is? I only have Chambers to help as recommended by AZED. Is BRB the same thing and if not is it worth buying?

  5. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Colin @4
    BRB is an acronym for Big Red Book, ie Chambers.

  6. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Azed for the puzzle which I too found at the easier end of the range in terms of solving time. Thanks also to ilancaron for the blog.

    colin @4: BRB = Big Red Book, a nickname for Chambers.

  7. Pelham Barton says:

    Crossed with Gaufrid @5.

  8. Pelham Barton says:

    Colin @4 re 7ac: Azed has given us two meanings (buoy = dan², tub = dan³) followed by two lots of wordplay (anagram of AND, DAN[ger]).

  9. Bob Sharkey says:

    Colin @4 – In the clue for DAN, ‘buoy for tub’ can be viewed two ways. Firstly, as a double definition to go along with the double wordplay. In BRB there’s a separate listing defined as a ‘… tub’. I prefer the second way, that is that ‘boy for tub’ is the definition, and that Azed is referring to the type of dan carried on small boats in case of emergencies.

  10. colin says:

    Thanks to you all for your replies and help. It’s great to have a site like this with so much expertise at hand.

  11. Norman Hall says:

    The only clue I couldn’t parse correctly was 19ac ‘Pinole’.
    Thanks to Nick (#2) for what is (now) obviously the correct explanation.

    in 4d ‘Eutaxy’ I was fooled for a while by the use of ‘on the intercom’ as a ‘sounds like’ indicator.

  12. sidey says:

    Azed in frivolous mood, not just the alliterated Desperate Dan but cow pies probably made from sirloin too. Not the sort of thing you’d normally notice.

  13. The Trafites says:

    But Desperate ate American cow pies, for sure. Do the US have ‘SIR’loins? I dunno.

    As to the PINOLE clue, I discuss with a couple of ‘e-friends’ via email after each Azed prize puzzle, and Mark W got the gist of the way the clue works – so it wasn’t me (I thought it was a type of misdirected anagram).


  14. sidey says:

    Dan would know sirloin, it’s a bit behind the British cut though.

  15. ilancaron says:

    thanks for all the corrections! (must try harder…)

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