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Guardian Quiptic 695 Moley

Posted by scchua on March 11th, 2013


Quite nicely pitched for a par Quiptic level of difficulty.  Lots of anagrams to help the solver.  Thanks Moley.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]

1 Trojan boy‘s heavenly body (8)

GANYMEDE : Double defn: 1st: In Greek mythology, a divine hero from Troy; and 2nd: One of Jupiter’s moons and the largest in the solar system.

5 Fate of the musical (6)

KISMET : Double defn: 1st: Destiny;lot, of Arabic origin; and 2nd: A 1953 Broadway stage musical.

9 New pie chart and inscription (8)

EPIGRAPH : Anagram of(New) PIE + GRAPH(a chart of the relationship between sets of numbers or quantities). Held up a bit by thinking that “chart” was part of the anagram fodder.

Answer: An inscription on a monument or building, not to be confused with an epitaph.

10 A shade backward, goes around pub to get a meal (6)

DINNER : Reversal of(backward) RED(a shade;a colour) containing(goes around) INN(a pub).

12 Burden those people on one point (5)

THEME : THEM(those people;third person plural pronoun) plus(on) E(abbrev. for “east”, one of the compass points).

Defn: In music, the refrain or recurring chorus of a song;the theme. Also the principal or recurrent theme of a speech, book, etc.

13 Passing a new variety of maple here (9)

EPHEMERAL : Anagram of(a new variety of) MAPLE HERE.

Answer: Fleeting;short-lived;passing.

14 Gremlins able to produce statuary from Athens (5,7)

ELGIN MARBLES : Anagram of(… to produce) GREMLINS ABLE.

18 No gents prepared to step into the light during a winter solstice (7,5)

LONGEST NIGHT : Anagram of(prepared) NO GENTS contained in(to step into) LIGHT.

21 A spirited settlement? (5,4)

GHOST TOWN : Cryptic defn.

23 One politician the French find is enough (5)

AMPLE : A(the indefinite article for “one” of a thing) + MP(Member of Parliament;a politician) + LE(the definite article “the” in French).

24 Back at one, father, bearing a venomous creature (6)

TAIPAN : Reversal of(Back) AT + I(Roman numeral for “one”) + PA(an informal term for “father”) + N(abbrev. for “north”, a bearing;a compass direction).

25 He paints foreign actor (8)

THESPIAN : Anagram of(foreign) HE PAINTS.

Answer: A term often facetiously used to refer to an actor (or actress).

26 Don’t hit the target twice, that’s careless! (6)

REMISS : MISS(don’t hit the target) placed after RE-(the prefix denoting a second time;twice, as in “re-enter”).

Answer: As in “I confess that it was remiss/careless of me to have forgotten your birthday – so please don’t punish me”.

27 Pale trio, ill-informed, producing a hair-remover (8)

EPILATOR : Anagram of(ill-informed) PALE TRIO.

Answer: Something to remove hair, specifically an electrical handheld device that pulls hair out (ouch!).

1 Get sound to a restricted area (6)

GHETTO : Homophone of(sound) “get” + TO.

Answer: In former times, an area in a town or city where Jews, a minority group then, were forced to live in, and were restricted to that area. Nowadays it means an area where a minority group might inhabit due to social or economic restrictions, pressures or hardships.

2 Stage direction when these are off (6)

NOISES : Cryptic defn: Reference to the stage direction “noises off”, calling for noises made offstage as part of the drama.

3 Armies deployed by two Liberals (English) to French port (9)

MARSEILLE : Anagram of(deployed) plus(by) L,L(abbrev. for “Liberal” x2) + E(abbrev. for “English”).

Answer: The French Mediterranean port, whose English spelling is Marseilles.

4 Pirate coined new term for reduction in value (12)


6 Identification for the Isle of Man, in a manner of speaking (5)

IDIOM : ID(abbrev. for “identification” carried by a person, eg. an ID card) plus(for) I.O.M.(abbrev. for the Isle of Man).

Answer: A style;manner of speaking peculiar to a people.

7 Primate and fellow medic unwell (8)

MANDRILL : MAN(a fellow, who’s also a primate, but not as colourful) + DR(abbrev. for “doctor”;a medic) + ILL(unwell).

8 Let’s rise anew with boundless energy! (8)

TIRELESS : Anagram of(anew) LET’S RISE.

11 Competition for first-class craft (12)

CHAMPIONSHIP : CHAMPION(first-class;unbeatable) + SHIP(a sea-going craft).

15 Pays attention, absorbed in real practice (9)

REHEARSAL : HEARS(pays attention;listens to) contained in(absorbed in) REAL.

16 Bishop’s lost weight, the old rogue (8)

BLIGHTER : B(abbrev. for “bishop” in chess notation) + LIGHTER(…’s;has lost weight).

Answer: A scoundrel;an irritating person. I not sure about “old” being in the defn.

17 Brothers and sisters acting together? (8)

UNIONISM : Cryptic defn: Reference to the male and female members of a trade union.

19 Run son’s hard copy (6)

SPRINT : S(abbrev. for son) + PRINT(a hard copy, as opposed to a soft copy in electronic form).

20 The French near building are less encumbered (6)

LEANER : LE(the definite article “the” in French) + anagram of(building) NEAR.

Answer: Literally and figuratively less burdened with extra weight.

22 Leaders, take some advice! Reduce staff, initially (5)

TSARS : First letters respectively of(initially) “take some advice! Reduce staff”.



6 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 695 Moley”

  1. michelle says:

    I enjoyed this perfect Quiptic by Moley.


    I learnt one new word: MANDRILL.

    I solved but could not parse 17d UNIONISM.

    Thanks for the blog, scchua.

  2. Robi says:

    Mostly good, although GANYMEDE and EPILATOR are not, I think, everyday words – the latter I got from ‘depilatory.’

    Thanks scchua; I also got caught at first thinking ‘chart’ was part of the fodder for 9a. I particularly liked REMISS.

    [[Phew, the quiz was harder than the puzzle; I think the connections are as follows:

    #1 Borodin, whose music was adapted for KISMET
    #2 and #4, Joan Chen and Bryan Brown who appeared in TAI-PAN
    #3 Ann Blyth who appeared in the 1955 film of KISMET
    #5 Marlene Deitrich who appeared in the 1944 film of KISMET]]

  3. scchua says:

    [[Well done Robi!]]

  4. Mistley says:

    I’m missing something in 12a. What has “burden” got to do with “Defn: In music, the refrain or recurring chorus of a song;the theme. Also the principal or recurrent theme of a speech, book, etc.”

    Probably just me being a bit slow – it is near bedtime!


  5. scchua says:

    That’s a not so common meaning of the noun “burden”.

  6. Kwill says:

    I think the “old” in 16D is just because “blighter” is an old-fashioned word.

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