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Financial Times 14259 Dante

Posted by scchua on March 12th, 2013


As one would expect from Dante, an enjoyable puzzle with compact clues and neat surfaces.  Thanks to Dante.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]

1 Knocked, but the sound is absorbed (6)

RAPPED : Homophone of(the sound) “rapt”(is absorbed;is entranced).

4 When retired, Edward longed to be free of ties (8)

DETACHED : Reversal of(When retired) TED(a form of “Edward”) + ACHED(longed to be;yearned to be).

9 Barred outlaw Kelly (6)

BANNED : BAN(to outlaw eg. to ban/outlaw marijuana) + NED(Kelly, a notorious Australian outlaw).

10 Firm left to slip into bankruptcy (8)

COLLAPSE : CO(abbrev. for “company”;a commercial firm) + L(abbrev. for “left”) + LAPSE(to slip into;to drift into, as in “to lapse into unconsciousness”).

12 Study group is occupied by a number of great literary works (8)

CLASSICS : CLASS(a study group) + IS containing(occupied by) C(the Roman numeral for 100).

13 It’s completely in Latin (2,4)

IN TOTO : Cryptic defn: “completely”;in total in the Latin language.

15 Current assertion of private secretary status (4)

AMPS : AM(an assertion of being;status, as in “I am the one”) PS(abbrev. for “private secretary”).

Answer:  The units of an electric current.

16 Promise  loyalty (10)

COMMITMENT : Double defn: 1st: An undertaking;a promise to act; and 2nd: Adherence;faithfulness;loyalty to a cause, say.

19 Nerds arise! Break the monotony (10)


20 Transmit broadcast of quarter-final (4)

SEND : S(abbrev. for “south”, one of the four cardinal points of the compass;a quarter. alternatively one of the 4 players in the game of bridge) + END(the last bit;the final).

23 Put money into underwear (6)

INVEST : IN(into) VEST(an undershirt, an item of underwear).

25 They make the grandee enraged or angered (8)

ANAGRAMS : Cryptic defn: “enraged” and “angered” are anagrams of “grandee”.

27 Extra-large portion of chicken or moussaka (8)

ENORMOUS : Hidden in(portion of) “chicken or moussaka”.

28 It could get Charon in a fix on the Styx (6)

ANCHOR : Anagram of(could get) CHARON.

Defn: Cryptic. Something that might put in a fix;a spot of trouble  Charon, the mythical ferryman of the souls of the dead across the river Styx in Hades, by restricting/making stationary, his boat.  A neat WIWD(wordplay intertwined with definition) clue.

29 The usual  range of colours (8)

STANDARD : Double defn: 1st: The norm, the usual level; and 2nd: Any of the range of distinguishing military flags;colours borne by military units.

30 Highly bred? (6)

RAISED : Cryptic defn: Reference to the raising of, say, livestock on a farm, perhaps at a higher;raised elevation. Nothing to do with the upper class of society, as the surface might suggest.

1 Novel title of Esau’s mother (7)

REBECCA : Double defn: 1st: Title of the novel by English writer Daphne du Maurier; and 2nd: Esau’s mother, also spelled Rebekah, in the Bible.

2 Fruit from two trees (9)

PINEAPPLE : PINE(a type of tree) + APPLE(another type of tree).

3 Still rings up, nevertheless (4,2)

EVEN SO : EVEN(an intensifier, eg. “this is even;still more suitable”) + reversal of(up, in a down clue) OS(more than one O;the letter that looks like a ring).

5 Tender put up for capital statue (4)

EROS : Reversal of(put up, in a down clue) “sore”(tender;painful).

Answer: The statue in Picadilly Circus, in London, the capital city.

6 How one may seem to be lying, eventually (2,6)

AT LENGTH : Cryptic defn: If one is lying;in a horizontal position, then one may be said to be lying along;at one’s length;the longest dimension. The surface suggests one lying in a grave.

7 Animal finds fruit on river (5)

HIPPO : HIP(the ripe fruit of the wild rose plant) plus(finds) PO(the river in Italy).

8 Side playing away from home fails to survive (4,3)

DIES OUT : Anagram of(playing) SIDE + OUT(away from home;not in).

11 Bill, an aristocrat we hear (7)

ACCOUNT : Homophone of(we hear) “a count”;an aristocrat.

14 A fault in a fool or comic (7)

AMUSING : SIN(a fault;a wrongdoing) contained in(in) { A + MUG(slang for a fool;a dupe) }.

Defn:  As an adjective.

17 Look! He is taken in by girl – fluttering them? (9)

EYELASHES : EYE(to look at carefully and/or with intent) + { HE contained in(is taken in by) LASS(a girl). Another nice WIWD – a male might very well be taken in by her fluttering eyelashes.

18 Quietly carried on as expected (8)

PRESUMED : P(abbrev. for “piano”;musical instruction to play quietly) PRESUMED(carried on from where one stopped).

Answer: To take for granted;to have an expectation of, eg. “your loyalty is presumed/expected”.

19 Motoring clubs? (7)

DRIVERS : Cryptic defn: Big headed golf clubs normally used to drive the ball off the tee, are called drivers, as are motorists.

21 A title in fact much wished for (7)

DESIRED : SIR(the title for a knight) contained in(in) DEED{ an act – “fact” minus its last letter(much), with the indicator after, instead of before, the subject word. Another explanation is that there a misprint in the clue, and “much” is part of the defn. }.

22 Mature and moving programme (6)

AGENDA : AGE(to grow older;to mature) + anagram of(moving) AND.

Answer: A schedule;programme of items for a formal meeting.

24 Orsino’s favourite musical instrument (5)

VIOLA : Cryptic defn: Reference to Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”, in which Orsino, a duke, grows fonder of his handsome new page boy, Cesario, who is actually the cross-dressing Viola.

26 Tom’s euphoric vibes (4)

PURR : Cryptic defn: The euphoric;happy vibes;noises made by, say, a tom;a male cat.



5 Responses to “Financial Times 14259 Dante”

  1. MikeC says:

    Thanks scchua and Dante. Straightforward but with some neat touches.

  2. mike04 says:

    Thanks Dante and scchua. 8dn, DIES OUT, was my favourite clue today.

    I read 20ac as a Triple Definition: transmit/broadcast/(of) quarter-final.
    In 21dn I took ‘much wished for’ as the definition and FACT = DEED as used in the phrase
    ‘before (or after) the fact’… before (or after) the committing of a crime.

  3. grandpuzzler says:

    Thanks to Dante for the puzzle and scchua for the blog. [[28Ac – Anchor – Frank Sinatra & Kathryn Grayson and Gene Kelly & Jerry Mouse were in Anchors Aweign (1944). 1D – Rebecca – Alfred Hitchcock directed Rebecca (1940) and Shirley Temple was in Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm (1938).]]


  4. scchua says:

    [[Quite right, grandpuzzler!]]

  5. scchua says:

    mike04: re 20a: agree with you; and 21d; that’s a good example of a FACT/DEED I didn’t think of.

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