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Financial Times 14,260 by Aardvark

Posted by PeeDee on March 13th, 2013


Found this one quite aard.  Still a couple I can’t fully explain.

1 STABLE Secure pieces of furniture, when relocating south (6)
TABLES (furniture) with S (south) moved
4 IMITATOR Writer’s computing work schedule? Wrong way round, using copier (8)
I’M (the writer is) IT (computing) ROTA (work schedule) reversed
9 UNISON Agreement about new seaman in uniform (6)
N (new) OS (ordinary seaman) IN U (uniform) reversed (about)
10 CLEANS UP Makes a big proft, putting tips inside small container (6,2)
LEANS (tips) in CUP (small container)
12 EWER Pitcher’s terrible throw fnally ending in home run (4)
terriblE throW (final letters of) homE (ending of) R (run)
13 PIROUETTED Performed some of dance stoned, grabbing debauched man (10)
ROUE (debauched man) in PITTED (stoned) – definition is ‘performed some of dance’
15 AS FAR AS I KNOW Dotty was on safari – beginning in Kenya, to the best of my understanding (2,3,2,1,4)
anagram (dotty) of WAS ON SAFARI wth K (beginning of Kenya)
18 BOUNTY HUNTER Ivory Merchant? One might get a reward after shooting (6,6)
Some form of double definition? I’m not sure how ‘Ivory Merchant’ fits in
21 ARCHIMEDES Greek excitedly reads about percussion instrument (10)
CHIME (percussion instrument) in READS* (anagram=excitedly) – definition is ‘Greek’
22 NAFF Rubbish bin aroma latterly very strong (4)
biN aromA (last letters) with FF (fortissimo, very strong)
24 BERLINER German barrels regularly near ship (8)
B (barrels) nEaR (regular selection from) LINER (ship)
25 TUNDRA Cold plain fish containing bones (6)
DR (doctor, nickname bones) in TUNA (fish)
26 EYETEETH Canines still in periphery to explore the ground (3,5)
YET (still) in ExplorE (periphery of) THE* (anagram=ground)
27 BARDOT Shakespeare regressive to actress (6)
BARD (Shakespeare) TO reversed (regressive, going backwards)
1 SAUCEPAN Viewed spread, when discussing kitchenware (8)
sounds like (in discussion) ‘saw span’ (viewed spread)
2 A MILE OFF Way out is about 1.6 kilometres away (1,4,3)
double definition – ‘bad guess’ and physical distance
3 LOOM Can money satisfy textile manufacturer (4)
LOO (can, toilet) M (money, abbrev) will satisfy=’will provide a word meaning’
5 MILTON KEYNES Children’s author’s maintaining high speed, vital here in Bucks (6,6)
TON (100mph, high speed) KEY (vital) in MILNE (A.A. Milne, childrens author) – town in Buckinghamshire
6 TRAVELOGUE Book about wanderings from French composer written in language not unknown (10)
RAVEL (French composer) in TOnGUE (language) missing N (unknown, maths equations)
7 TV SETS Boxes frantically, vest in coating of sweat when it’s over (2,4)
VEST* (anagram=frantic) in SweaT (coating=outsides) reversed (over)
8 RAPIDS Hard to avoid plant-sucking insects by river – in this section? (6)
APhIDS (plant sucking insects) missing (avoiding) H (hard) following (by) R (river)
11 GIBSON DESERT Rising numbers residing with giant rat here in Australia (6,6)
NOS (numbers) by (residing with) BIG (giant) reversed (rising) DESERT (to rat, leave) – a desert in Australia
14 PRIORITISE Put before all, port is used in religious ceremony by priest (10)
RIO (port) and IS in RITE (religeous ceremony) before P (priest)
16 STRANDED Left behind violin when hosting new low-level classes (8)
D and E (low level classes, socia-economic strata) in (hosted by) STRAD (violin)
17 TRUFFAUT Filmmaker tense around collar (8)
RUFF (colalr) in TAUT (tense)
19 MARBLE Rock, rhythm & blues primarily impresses bloke (6)
Rhythm Blues (primarily=first letters of) goes into (impresses, makes an impression in) MALE (bloke)
20 ACCRUE Increase capital endlessly on vacation in Ukraine (6)
why ‘endlessly on vacation in Ukraine’? ACCRa (capital of Ghana) endlessy and UkrainE (on vacation, having been vacated, empted) – definition is ‘increase’  thanks to mike04 for this
23 PUMA In front of mother, lifted winning cat (4)
UP (winning) reversed (lifted) before (in front of) MA (mother)


5 Responses to “Financial Times 14,260 by Aardvark”

  1. mike04 says:

    Thanks PeeDee.

    I think Aardvark’s puzzles have been getting more difficult recently.
    20dn: Accr(a) + U(krain)e – as the country has been vacated.

  2. PeeDee says:

    Thanks mike04, I had never heard of ACCRA and ‘on vacation’ was devious!

  3. mike04 says:

    BOUNTY HUNTER: I’m not sure about this clue either.
    Perhaps ‘Ivory Merchant’ is just a play on the title of the film company
    Merchant Ivory Productions.
    Or is there some connection with the coconut colour in Bounty Bars?!

  4. PeeDee says:

    Can’t anyone explain BOUNTY HUNTER?

  5. crypticsue says:

    Perhaps you get a bounty for shopping an ivory merchant. Sorry, clutching at straws, but I have been pondering this all afternoon and that’s the best I can come up with.

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