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Financial Times 14,252 – Falcon

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on March 14th, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Mar 4

Enjoyable puzzle by Falcon (who many of Ye ( :-)) may know as the Observer’s Everyman). A crossword that can be found here.

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.

1 HUNT THE SLIPPER Helps her putt in tight game (4,3,7)
10 REIGN Rule, then abdicate not having son (5)
    RESIGN (abdicate) minus S (son)
11    TREASURED Valuable step certain to be taken on board (9)
    TREAD (step) around SURE (certain)
12 FINANCE Intended to keep name back (7)
    FIANCE (intended) around N (name)
13 LAMBADA Greek character holding a dance (7)
    LAMBDA (Greek character) around A
14 STAIR Move across a step (5)
    STIR (move) around A
16 DALLIANCE Playing field’s ending marriage (9)
    [fiel]D + ALLIANCE (marriage)
19 TAKE SIDES Support one group over another study by banks (4,5)
    TAKE (study, as in ‘take a subject’) + SIDES (banks)
20 CATCH Hear start of carol at church (5)
    C[arol] + AT + CH (church)
22 ALSO-RAN One failing to gain a place in a lyceum, initially so put out (4-3)
    A + L[yceum] + SO + RAN (put out, as in ‘to publish’)
25 DEAD-END Boring side is going nowhere (4-3)
    DEAD (boring) + END (side)
27 NUTRIMENT Food freak – term, I fancy, used around noon (9)
    NUT (freak) + {(TERM I)* around N (noon)}
28 PLACE Spot soft fabric (5)
    P (soft) + LACE (fabric)
29    RING THE CHANGES Employ alternative methods, as campanologists do? (4,3,7)
    Double definition
2 UNION JACK Association to raise flag (5,4)
    UNION (association) + JACK (to raise)
3 TENON Type of hacksaw found in kindergarten once (5)
    Hidden solution:   [kindergar]TEN ON[ce]
4 HOTHEADED Had editor describing old article as rash (9)
    {HAD + ED (editor)} around {O (old) + THE (article)}
5 SWELL Man of high social standing also blowing top (5)
    AS WELL (also) minus its initial letter
6 INSOMNIAC Night out? Not for me! (9)
    Cryptic definition – had to think about that one!
7 PARKA Explorer needs a jacket for cold weather (5)
    PARK (explorer, Mungo Park – a Scottish explorer who did things in West Africa in the 18th centruy) + A
8 RED TAPE Bureaucracy reduced gradually once parts exchanged (3,4)
    TAPE/RED (reduced gradually) with its parts exchanged
9 DRAFTS Sketches large number in outskirts of Dungeness (6)
    RAFT (large number) inside D[ungenes]S
15 RESTRAINT Check made by coach during intermission (9)
    TRAIN (coach) inside REST (intermission)
17 LAST DITCH Desperate, the French duke in pain (4-5)
    LA (the, in French) + {D (duke) inside STITCH (pain)}
18 NOTRE DAME Name suprisingly moderate building by the Seine (5,4)
    N (name) + (MODERATE)*
19 TRAINER Handler’s shoe (7)
    Double definition
21 HIDDEN I’d study after hours, out of sight (6)
    I’D DEN (study) coming after H (hours)
23 SET ON Attack head of sixth-form college (3,2)
    S[ixth-form] + ETON (college)
24     NIECE Relative, English, in Riviera resort (5)
    E (English) inside NICE (Riviera resort)
26 ASPEN Almost done in, lying under a tree (5)
    SPENT (done in, as in “to exhaust”) minus its last letter (T) coming under A

3 Responses to “Financial Times 14,252 – Falcon”

  1. Bamberger says:

    Ah so that is why 8d was red tape . I got the answer but couldn’t see how the clue worked.

  2. Muffyword says:

    Isn’t it ALSO-RAN ? – would be a more common usage

    Not sure what published answer is.

  3. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Muffyword, you’re 100% right.
    Mea culpa.
    Now updated.

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