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Financial Times no.14,261 by Redshank

Posted by Ringo on March 14th, 2013


A crossword as splendid as the fine frosty morning outside my office window. Not too testing a challenge, but inventive and for the most part old-chestnut-free – and a dash of old-school Hollywood sparkle, to boot. Thank-you, Redshank.


1. A DAY AT THE RACES  Ada + H [hotel] within yatter [guff, idle chitchat] + ace [superb] + s [service]

10. MURAL  Reversal of rum [strange] + (w)al(l)

11. OBJET D’ART  O [old] + b [book] + jet [black] + dart [arrow]

12. ARC LAMP  Reversal of RA [Royal Academy, artist] + clamp [vice]

13. BRISTLE  Bristol [port] minus o [zero, nothing] + E [Espana, Spain]

14. EVENS  Hidden in stEVEN Spielberg

16. HYSTERICS  Shyster + ic [in charge], with the initial s transposed to the end

19. IMPROMPTU  I’m + prom [concert] + anagram of put

20. SATYR  T [time] within say [typically] + r(ed)

22. BLUE TIT  Odd letters of LoUdEsT within bit [part]

25. WAGERED  W [white] + age [mature] + red [claret]

27. IN THE CLUB  Anagram of hintE [English] + club [driver,  golf club]

28. MAIZE  I [one] + z [algebraic unknown] within Mae [West]

29. FORD MADOX BROWN  Ford [crossing] + mad ox [BSE (mad cow disease) host] + brow [top] + n [new]


2. DIRT CHEAP  Anagram of pitch dear

3. YALTA  Al(l) [everyone] within anagram of tay

4. TROOPSHIP  O [old] + anagram of shop within trip [outing]

5. HIJAB  Initial letters of Hides In Jordan And Bahrain

6. RETAILERS  R [rare] + ail [trouble] within anagram of trees

7. CHART  Ch [child] + art [painting]

8. SETTERS  Anagram of streets [small]

9. IMPALE  I [one] + p [piano, quiet] within male [man]

15. SHORT-TERM  Rt [right] within anagram of mothers

17. SQUAWK BOX  Qu [queen] within saw [noticed] + k [king] + box [TV]

18. INTERVIEW  Inter  [bury] + vie [contest] + w [with]

19. IN BRIEF  Brie [cheese] within in + F [France]

21. RUDDER  (He)r(eford) + udder [milk supplier]

23. UTTER  Butter [dairy product] minus B [British]

24. TILED  Hidden in texTILE Designers

26. GAMER   Lovely double definition


2 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,261 by Redshank”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Redshank for a very enjoyable puzzle and Ringo for the blog. Favourite clue must be the beautifully apposite anagram at 2dn, but I also particularly liked the neat construction of 25ac and 18dn. I completed the pangram with the letter P, which I first wrote on the grid at 19ac.

    A minor oddity of no real significance: quite a few clues contain the word “in”, but I do not think it is an inclusion indicator in any of them.

  2. ernie says:

    For 1a I thought that aces came from ‘superb services’ ie winning serves in tennis etc.

    Thanks for the blog, Ringo.

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