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Guardian Prize Puzzle 25891 by Shed

Posted by PeeDee on 16th March 2013


A straightforward puzzle from Shed.

Like the last one of his I  blogged there is nothing wrong with the puzzle, but there is nothing special here either.  Is Shed getting a little tired of the crossword setting business? Read the rest of this entry »

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Enigmatic Variations No.1059 – Down Under by Chalicea

Posted by Mister Sting on 16th March 2013

Mister Sting.

‘Down Under’? Is it – finally – a ‘Neighbours’ themed EV? Will the clues include phrases such as ‘a bit of a barbie’ and ‘Ramsay Street’?

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Independent 8237 (Sat 9-March 2013) Monk

Posted by beermagnet on 16th March 2013


This puzzle had a enormous range of difficulty.

The short clues somehow stood out when I first glanced at the puzzle, and as they were eminently gettable double-defs, oddly enough the top right corner of the grid was tackled first.  A few other easy clues also fell quite quickly.
I really enjoyed the middle section of solving – a few more clues were solved with a decent fillip (oojamaflip indeed), others were teased out satisfactorily. At some point I had fully completed the right hand side, but soon after that came to a complete halt with six unanswered, hereafter known as the “hard last half dozen”.

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