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Cyclops 490: They eat horses, don’t they?

Posted by jetdoc on March 18th, 2013


Apologies for lateness.

Cyclops on good form this week, with some amusing and at times deceptively salacious wordplay, and several references to the discovery of horsemeat in many ‘beef’ products. I think 23/9/1 has to be my favourite, though.


8 ALMA MATER Gordonstoun for Charles: “big battle with mama“
Battle of Alma; MATER = Mother
Gordonstoun School, attended by Prince Charles
11/5 HORSE TRADING Driving a hard bargain, apparently supermarkets’ business now?
Hard bargaining; a reference to the horsemeat scandal, horsemeat being what supermarkets apparently sell now
12 REDUNDANT ’Superfluous’ Brown interrupting Miliband during tirade?
DUN = brown; in ED Miliband; all in RANT = tirade
14 NIGELLA Issue raised by one-time minister Cook on the box
Crafty double definition — Nigella Lawson, TV cook, is the daughter of (‘issue raised by’) former Chancellor of the Exchequer Nigel Lawson
15 ENSIGN Standard aspect of Queen’s ignorance
Hidden in ‘Queen’s ignorance’
17 STREAK Smear right inside rump?
R = right; inside STEAK = rump (example of)
21 EXTINCT Next IT development swamps Conservative, quite the dinosaur
C = Conservative; in *(Next IT)
23/9/1 COME OUT IN THE WASH Say you’re a gay somewhere off eastern England, would the stain thus disappear?
COME OUT = Say you’re a gay; in the Wash, the square-mouthed bay and estuary on the northwest margin of East Anglia on the east coast of England, where Norfolk meets Lincolnshire
25 TUMESCENT Getting a hard-on makes gut start to erupt and whiff
TUM = gut; E = start to erupt; SCENT = whiff
26 MACAW Bright bird holding Bill between jaws
AC = Bill; in MAW (mouth) = between jaws
Bright bird
28 RHYME Jingle right by Fanny’s entrance almost
R = right; HYME[n] = Fanny’s entrance almost (hymen = a membrane that surrounds or partially covers the external vaginal opening)
29 DYSPEPSIA Stomach trouble from days getting pissed, imbibing drink
*(days) = days getting pissed; containing (imbibing) PEPSI = drink (which is a matter of opinion)
2 SMARTASS Pain meets Yankee bastard know-all
SMART = Pain; ASS = Yankee bastard
3 IMPEND Loom has one political figure on arse
I = one; MP = political figure; END = arse
4 STIR FRY A ‘dish’ can when mounting Stephen?
STIR = can (both words for prison); Stephen FRY. Definition: dish
6 MIDNIGHT At the end of the day it amounts to hiding corruption in market extremes
*(hiding), with ‘corruption’ as the anagram indicator; in MT = ‘extremes’ of MarkeT
7 MEAT MARKET Where to pick up someone for sex — hopefully with no trace of stallion?
Another double definition of sorts, with another horsemeat reference — the Dictionary of Slang gives this as ‘A place or event where the objective of a sizeable number of those frequenting is to find sexual partners. Often used with regard to nightclubs’; also a place where one hopes the meat has no trace of horse
10 TRAWL Hunt, Tory, oddly boring thing
TR = Tory, oddly; AWL = boring thing. Definition: hunt
13 BEEFEATERS Can they be sure they really are? — er, safe bet processed contains substitute, ultimately
*(er safe bet); containing E = substitute, ultimately. Yet another horsemeat reference.
16 GANGSTER Kray type, Reg, bent and full of dread
*(Reg), with ‘bent’ as the anagram indicator; ANGST = dread
The Kray twins
18 EXORCIST Trio messed with sex, catching cold: no spirit once one has performed?
*(trio sex C). Once an exorcist has performed, the ghost should have gone.
19 ATTENDS Is present name bestowed on duke in naff taste?
N = name; D = duke; in *(taste). Definition: is present
20 ECSTASY It stimulates transport
Double definition: the drug ecstasy (MDMA) is a stimulant; both ‘ecstasy’ and ‘transport’ can mean ‘a trance or trance-like state in which a person transcends normal consciousness’.
22 TOMMY Privates’ “handle“, small length, covered with trifle
MM = millimetre (small length); in TOY = trifle.
Tommy is a slang name (handle) for a common soldier in the British Army.
24 MEMBER Cyclops awardee, right dick?
ME = Cyclops; MBE = awardee; R= right. Definition: dick
12/13a WEAK BLADDER Edward besotted with Blake’s “wee problem“
*(Edward Blake)


Here’s one from Facebook for you:


And finally, from Milton Jones (I presume) via Twitter and Enigmatist: “Really fast stray dogs — you don’t get many of them to the pound.”


3 Responses to “Cyclops 490: They eat horses, don’t they?”

  1. sidey says:

    Thanks jetdoc. A pleasant diversion.

  2. lemming says:

    Thank you. Smartass took longer than it ought before I realised it was an American spelling. I seem to have forgotten all about “Kicks ass” in #313.

  3. Huw Powell says:

    Nice puzzle, and thanks for the blog, jetdoc, to explain the witty NIGELLA.

    Slowed down a bit by 9 (IN THE) being enumerated as (5), but got there in the end.

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