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Sloggers & Betters Gathering – Manchester, 4 May 2013 – UPDATE

Posted by Admin on March 19th, 2013


Arachne and I are hosting a get-together at the Vine Inn, 42-46 Kennedy St, Manchester, M2 4BQ, from 12.00 on Saturday 4 May. This is a final call to all fellow travellers to email me ( [email protected] ) to confirm their attendance (or send their apologies if they have received a better offer for the day).  We are expecting around 40 to turn up.  There will be a charge of £7.50 to cover costs, including food – a buffet will be provided.

Among the setters attending the gathering will be: Anax/Loroso, Arachne/Anarche, Donk, Enigmatist/Nimrod/Io, Kruger, Rorschach, Tramp/Jambazi and  Tyrus.

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.



46 Responses to “Sloggers & Betters Gathering – Manchester, 4 May 2013 – UPDATE”

  1. Eileen says:

    Thanks, Gervase and Arachne, for organising this. Highly recommended for anyone who hasn’t attended one of these before – those who have need no encouragement!

    I’ll repeat a comment I made before the first ‘Derby Day':

    ‘It might be nice if you could indicate here, too, if you’re hoping to come, so that people have an idea what / whom to expect!’

    [I’ll be there! 😉 ]

  2. Rowland says:

    Are you ‘Admin’ Gervase? nFifteensquared has an Admin Dept??

  3. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Rowly
    I am ‘Admin’. I posted the announcement on Gervase’s behalf.

  4. Rowland says:

    Ah, sorry. I was confused.

  5. Anax says:

    As confirmed by email, I’m on for this. Fingers crossed I’ll even have that gorgeous daughter of mine with me.

  6. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Looking forward to it. Thanks to Gervase for organising it. Be nice to see some new faces as well.

  7. Regalize says:

    I (don’t know how to put a heart symbol in) Sloggers and Betters gatherings. Will do my best to be there.
    Thanks organizers.

  8. Robi says:

    I’ll see if I can get there but as I live South of London, it’s a bit of a long-haul.

  9. MikeC says:

    Thanks for this, Gervase and Arachne. I shall aim to be there. It’ll be good to see lots of people again.

  10. flashling says:

    Umm, Reading beer festival same day damnit, mind you will probably be quicker to go to Manchester to get a beer knowing the queues. So I’ll see you there!

  11. Gaufrid says:

    I will hopefully be there, health permitting.

  12. allan_c says:

    A bit of a busy weekend but I might be able to fit it in – will let you know nearer the time.

  13. andy says:

    Tickets booked, look forward to seeing you

  14. andy says:

    sorry, I typed my e-mail address wrong. Should be a good event, see you there

  15. Tramp says:

    May the fourth (I’ll) be with you

  16. Andrew says:

    It’s not exactly my neck of the woods, but I have some family and work connections in the area so will do my best to be there.

  17. Lancastrian Bluenose says:

    I’ll be there

  18. Colin Blackburn says:

    I lived in Manchester for many years and have enjoyed the odd drink in the Vines, though I’d be found more often in the City Arms right next door. Unfortunately I’ll be in Iceland that day! Being a one-time regular blogger hereabouts I really will try to make it to one of these one day. Have fun!


  19. Giovanna says:

    Would love to be there and meet fellow poster/bloggers and setters but I will be in Umbria for a few weeks then.

    Gaufrid, did you hear from RCW?

    Giovanna x

  20. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Giovanna
    “Gaufrid, did you hear from RCW?”

    Unfortunately not.

  21. Donk says:

    Thanks to Arachne and Geoff for organising – I’m looking forward to heading up for this. See you there!

  22. tupu says:

    Hi Gervase and Arachne

    Would have loved to come and meet some of you who are still just names as well as old friends. I grew up in Manchester (to the extent that I did so at all) and it would be nice to revisit, but can’t make it I’m afraid.

    Best wishes to you all.

  23. Everyman says:

    Whilst working in Manchester (1962-1984) the Vine became my local, so an added incentive for me to attend the get-together.

  24. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks Gervase and Arachne – you can count us in as well!

  25. Sil van den Hoek says:

    I will be there too (with or without my PinC).
    Through these events I have met quite a few highly respected setters (and co-bloggers and others who like a glass of wine :)). It would indeed be nice to add Everyman to that list!
    For those who are still hesitating: our torturers are just people like you and me. Well, more or less.

    Gaufrid, I really hope that you can make it this time. You’re the heart and soul of this incredible community called Fifteensquared.

    And Robi, don’t be put off by the “long-haul destination”. It is certainly not as far as 10ac in yesterday’s Mudd.

    Looking forward to it.
    Who knows what Nimrod/Enigmatist has in mind this time …

    I only hope we all fit in, in The Vine I mean.

  26. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Like Sil, Everyman is a setter I’d really like to meet and have a chat to, so I hope he can make it. And Gaufrid too.

  27. Daniel Miller says:

    Will do my best to be there, work permitting.

  28. SteveM says:

    Sorry, I can’t make it either as I’ll be in Copenhagen that weekend. I’d have liked to have met Everyman, it’s the crossword that sparked my interest in 1969 ! Scary thinking about that long ago now.

  29. Rorschach says:

    I’ll be there Cruciverbati!

    Looking forwards to.

  30. Doktorb says:

    Sorry to ask here but does this site provide help for the Mordred puzzles in the “I” ?

  31. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Doktorb
    You asked a similar question a couple of days ago and flashing gave you the answer. For help with the ‘I’ visit where you will find, if applicable, a link to the 15² blog of the puzzle when it was originally published in the Indy and any clues missing from the blog explained.

  32. Sylvia says:

    I would love to come – it’s my birthday, so my treat to myself!

  33. Doktorb says:

    Cheers for the response, I didn’t notice the answer. Sorry!

  34. Eccles45 says:

    Going to try and join you all. Will confirm one way or the other ASAP

  35. Samui Pete says:

    Would really love this but is a bit too far. How about September???

  36. neilr says:

    Enjoyed Derby – looking forward to meeting old and new friends at Manchester

    Neil Robinson

  37. george says:

    I replied earlier via email, with thanks to Eileen for the nudge, but can confirm my attendance here too.

    I will be a new face having only just retired, taken up regular Guardian cryptic solving and discovered the wonderful community here. I have lots to learn and look forward to meeting you all.

  38. Carrie says:

    I’ll try and make it


  39. Norman Litherland says:

    As a longstanding viewer of, but not a contributor to the site I am looking forward, albeit with a little apprehension, to attending on May 4th.

  40. Eccles45 says:

    Norman, that makes two of us. See you all on Saturday.

  41. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Norman and Eccles, having organised the first Midlands S&B a few years ago now, I can tell you that there is no need to be apprehensive (leave that to the organisers). It’s a very welcoming environment (and we don’t just talk about crosswords …)

  42. MikeC says:

    Look forward to meeting everyone, old faces and new, on Saturday. I’ll second K’s D@41 – I was a bit nervous before the first Derby S&B but I now know that there will be lots of fun to be had.

  43. Regalize says:

    Train booked! Looking forward to seeing you all again.

  44. Rufus says:

    I had to make a decision last week which sadly means I shall not be able to attend. My doctor sent me to Dudley NHS eye clinic last October where the consultant spent seconds examining my eyes before leaning back and saying “Which one do you want doing first?”. Unbeknownst to me, they both had cataracts.
    I had my left eye done in January and there is a long waiting list. Then I received a call saying someone had dropped out and offering me the chance to have the op. on my right eye.
    I had forgotten that my wife and daughter had arranged a week-end in Venice for this coming week-end. Tamsin is a enterologist in Liverpool hoping shortly to become a consultant, and has been on call for the last two weeks and desperate for a break and sleep.
    I had the operation but I am still on medication and not yet allowed to drive and I shall need new spectacles for when my eyes settle down.
    The good news is that my left eye is already providing excellent long sight, and I shall probably only need glasses for close-up work.
    I very much enjoyed the previous Derby meetings and would have liked to attend. I shall miss you all!

  45. Paul B says:

    Nice to get your looks fixed on the NHS!

    All the best with your recovery. Mum, Dad, aunties, uncles, they all had it done, and could afterwards see a molecule at 500 yards, much to my annoyance. I continue to fumble for one pair of glasses so I can see where I’ve so cleverly concealed the second.

  46. Eileen says:

    We shall miss you, too, Rufus!

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