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Financial Times 14,258 – Mudd

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on March 21st, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Mar 11

It is a well-known fact that Mr Halpern likes to save his best work for The Guardian (as Paul). But if perhaps a tad (or two) less adventurous, this Mudd was still very enjoyable.

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.

1 FULMAR Bird of beautiful markings (6)
    Hidden solution:   [beauti]FUL MAR[kings]
4 AGITATOR A nasty person has reversed schedule, stirrer (8)
    A + GIT (nasty person) + ATOR (reversal of ROTA (schedule))
9 ANTHEM One’s rousing article – so not us? (6)
    AN (article) + THEM (so not us?)
    The definition is a bit vague as there are many things that can be ‘rousing’. That said, an ‘anthem’ is according the ODE ‘a rousing or uplifting song, etc’.
10   WATER RAT Rodent discovering earth in temple (5,3)
    TERRA (earth) inside WAT (temple, a Buddhist monastery or temple)
12 JOLT A bit to carry left in jar (4)
    L (left) inside JOT (a bit)
13 PAGE-TURNER Contact artist in absorbing book (4-6)
    PAGE (contact) + TURNER (artist)
15 CONSIDERABLE Handsome – so worth examining? (12)
    Double/Cryptic definition
    As to the second part of the clue, when one considers something, that something is ‘considerable’.
18 IN THE LONG RUN Where marathon competitors are seen, finally (2,3,4,3)
    Double definition
    My first entry.
21 UNASSUMING Modest problem contained by using an orderly (10)
    SUM (problem) inside (USING AN)*
22 SAGA Drop a story (4)
    SAG (drop) + A
24 POTTIEST Most nutty pastries with extravagant filling,  beginning to tempt (8)
    {PIES (pastries) around OTT (extravagant, over the top)} + T[empt]
25 BENGAL Boy and girl cat (6)
    BEN (boy) + GAL (girl)
26 TOP-NOTCH Outstanding spinner has not caught Hampshire’s opener (3-5)
    TOP (spinner) + NOT + C (caught) + H[ampshire]
27 SPEEDO Issue about parking with old driver’s assistant (6)
    {SEED (issue) around P (parking)} + O (old)
    Speedo here not the famous swimming gear, but short for ‘speedometer’.
1 FLAPJACK Panic over colours in cake (8)
    FLAP (panic) + JACK (colours, a flag (like Union Jack))
2 LET ALONE Much less shelter protecting hooker (3,5)
    LEE (shelter) around TALON (hooker)
    A ‘talon’ can be a hooked claw (think bird of prey), therefore ‘hooker’.
3 AVER Declare spelunker’s missing the surface (4)
    CAVER (spelunker) minus the first letter
5 GRACE DARLING Heroine at sea offering prayer to sweetheart (5,7)
    GRACE (prayer) + DARLING (sweetheart)
    Grace Darling was an English heroine who achieved fame when she (only 23 years of age) and her father (a lighthouse keeper) rowed through a storm to rescue the survivors of a wrecked ship called Forfarshire. She lived on the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland.
6 TOE-CURLING Embarrassing lunge stops short with erotic dancing (3-7)
    (LUNG[e] + EROTIC)*
7 TYRONE Roller pressing on in Irish county (6)
    TYRE (roller) around ON
8 RETIRE Leave one’s post and go upstairs? (6)
    Double definition
11 FACE THE MUSIC Take responsibility, as should a 13 across? (4,3,5)
    Double definition
    Talking about classical music, one who may be called (hence question mark) a ‘page-turner’ stands next to a pianist, indeed turning the pages of the score. The person has to ‘face the music’. Talking about pop music, 18ac (‘In The Long Run’) reminded me of the last real Eagles album. This one is also the title of a fine LP by the Electric Light Orchestra, though I prefer its predecessor ‘Eldorado’.
14 PIANISSIMO Two little peas, say, very soft? (10)
    Homophone of PP (two little peas, pp – lower case), PP meaning ‘very soft’
16 TRIANGLE Instrument integral to work (8)
17 INTAGLIO Giant sort of painting turning up, as carved design (8)
    (GIANT)* + LIO (reversal of OIL (painting))
19 MUPPET Idiot raising Manx cat before dog, perhaps? (6)
    MUP (reversal of PUM[a] – Manx cat, therefore the cat missing its last letter) + PET (dog, perhaps)
20 GAS TAP Compound sat in hole for laboratory device (3,3)
    (SAT)* inside GAP (hole)
23 BEEP High-pitched noise, buzzer with power (4)
    BEE (buzzer) + P (power)

One Response to “Financial Times 14,258 – Mudd”

  1. Bamberger says:

    Failed on
    9a so not us =them hmmm
    22a I always thought sag was to droop rather than drop. The apples had dropped is not the same as the apples had sagged.
    27a Seed =issue was one of those “never in a thousand years” clues
    17d harder still -shall we say “never in a millenium”?

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