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Financial Times no.14,267 by Hamilton

Posted by Ringo on March 21st, 2013


Sorry I’m so late. I awoke with a headache and – on seeing that it was once again a Hamilton Thursday – an agonised groan. For some odd reason I always find Hamilton an unfeasibly difficult setter, and today was no different. He gave me a right runaround and no mistake.


1. MIDNIGHT  Anagram of timing H [hot][date]

5. RAGTAG  Reversals of gar [pike] + gat [gun]

9. LAXATIVE  Paul-ish cryptic definition

10. KERRIA  Anagram of Afrikaner minus fan

11. CREAMERY  Anagram of my career

12. JUNIOR  Anagram of journalist minus last

14. DRAWSTRING  Draw [attract] + string [horses, as in ‘second string’]

18. THEREAFTER  E [Earl] within the rafter [the support]

22. CLERGY  Cle [odd letters of CaLlEd] + (ene)rgy [power]

23. SHEETING  Double definition (falling rain can be said to be sheeting)

24. AIRWAY  Stairway [flight] minus st [saint, good man]

25. BANDANNA  And [what’s more] within banna [sounds like banner, streamer] – a bandanna is a square of fabric

26. EXCITE  Double definition

27. ETHEREAL  Here [now] within anagram of tale


1. MALICE  Stumped. I assume the drug is E [ecstasy] but can’t see where pain fits in… help!

2. DEXTER  X [kiss] in deter [put off]

3. IN TIME  Intimate [suggest] minus reversal of TA [Territorial Army, volunteers]

4. HOVERCRAFT  Stumped again, I fear – of course, his art is his craft, but who or what is this principal? EDIT: H(ow) + over [accomplished] + craft [art] – thanks to AID!

6. ADEQUATE  Ad [advantage] + equate [balance]

7. TERRIFIC  Double definition

8. GLAD RAGS   Anagram of laggards

13. SWEETHEART  Reverse clue: the ‘heart’ of sWEEt

15. STOCKADE  Stock [animals] + ade [sounds like aid, help]

16. METEORIC  Met [encountered] + O [zero, nothing] within Eric [man’s name]

17. RED GIANT  Double definition, the first part mildly cryptic

19. PEDDLE  Sounds like pedal [cycle]

20. FIANCE  Finance [public money] minus n [new]

21. AGNAIL  Ag [chemical symbol for silver] + nail [plate?]

6 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,267 by Hamilton”

  1. AID says:

    I can’t make any useful suggestions on your missing clues, except for 4D and even here I am not at all sure.

    H for HEAD (Principal)
    OVER for accomplished
    CRAFT for his art

    I await more sensible analyses for this and other clues

  2. Ringo says:

    Thanks AID! I think you’re right, although perhaps the h comes from the principal letter of h(ow)?

  3. AID says:

    Better still!

  4. Gaufrid says:

    Thanks Ringo
    1dn is MAL (pain) ICE (drug); ‘mal’ is defined in Chambers as “Pain, sickness” and ‘ice’ “An illicit drug, a highly synthesized form of methamphetamine”.

    You have a ? against ‘plate’ in 21dn. One of the definitions in Chambers for ‘nail’ is “A horny plate at the end of a finger or toe, usu distinguished from a claw in being flattened”.

  5. Ringo says:

    Thank-you Gaufrid! Not on the ball this morning at all…

  6. Keeper says:

    Can anyone explain how “take-up” in 5a is a reversal indicator? It would make sense for a vertical answer, but, IMHO, not so much for a horizontal one.

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