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Beelzebub 1202

Posted by Jed on March 22nd, 2013


Excellent as usual






1 Chance instant, mostly noticed by touch HAPTIC

HAP (chance) TIC[K] (instant mostly)

5 Crazy officer brought into plan MADCAP

DC (officer – detective constable) in MAP (plan) A (not accounted for)

10 A new row about roughened explosive stuff? ANTIMATTER

MATT (roughened) in A N (new) TIER (row)

11 Articles about logic circuit are produced immediately THEN AND THERE

NAND (computer logic circuit) in THE THE (articles) RE (are)

14 Last to be taken in by navigation device seller VENDOR

END (last) in VOR (very high frequency omni-directional range)

15 Soothing girl that is involved in medical speciality EMOLLIENT

MOLL (girl) IE  (that is) in ENT (ear nose and throat)

17 Religious group in old church had hidden OCCULTED

CULT (religious group) in O CE (old church) D (had)

18 Some Latin? About to accept version of usual Latin CLAUSULA

(USUAL)* L (Latin) in CA (about)

21 Stinky regions in nasty tiresome area OSMETERIA (of caterpillar)

(TIRESOME)* A (area)

22 Expression of disgust and laughing cut short in describing certain languages

UGRIAN UG (expression of disgust) RIAN[t] (laughing)

23 Neat Nineties beat in French city  SAINT-ETIENNE (NEAT NINETIES)*

24 Capitol I rubbished almost entirely, being this? APOLITICAL &Lit

(CAPITOL I)* AL[l] (almost entirely)

25 Occupation? Historic union in support TENURE

NUR (National Union of Railwaymen until 1990) in TEE (support)

26 Guy to hurry for girl CATHIE CAT (guy) HIE (hurry)


1 Dislike headgear presented by Titian HATRED

HAT (headgear) RED (Titian adjective)

2 Reptile rears up on a rock with it PTEROSAURIAN (REARS UP ON A IT)*

3 Excited feeling suggesting letters? Only some of them TINGLE

hidden in [sugges]TING LE[etters]

4 Song and dance with little hesitation supplied by college CANTICUM

C (college) ANTIC (dance?) UM (little hesitation)

6 Cheers up? Cheers up in dress, being thin ATTENUATE

TA< (cheers up) TA< (cheers up) in TENUE (dress)

7 Financial crisis: uncommonly direct about threat to bank by clearing house


CREDIT (DIRECT)* C (about) RUN (overflow – river/bank) CH (clearing house)

8 Architectural ornament: wild creation covering half of roof ACROTERION

RO[of] (half of roof) in (CREATION)*

9 Butterfly identifying where ship stops? PIERID

PIER (where ship stops) ID (identification)

12 Consent to record being included in pipe in house HOMOLOGATE

LOG (record) in OAT (musical pipe) all in HOME (house)

13 One explains destruction encompassed by reptile GLOSSATOR

LOSS (destruction) in GATOR (reptile)

16 Broad City movement following city line ECLECTIC

EC (city) L (line) EC (city) TIC

18 Goldsmith’s pot in vintage collection CRUSET

CRU (vintage) SET (collection)

19 Bound to get upset about church fraud  DECEIT

CE (church) in TIED< (bound to get upset)

20 African association to happen to invest in American funds KABELE Ethiopia

BE (happen) in KALE (money US)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    definitions in italics



6 Responses to “Beelzebub 1202”

  1. Jake says:

    5a A (not accounted for), how does that work? I got the clue but didn’t think anything of it ’till pointed out on here.

    Is it an editorial mistake or a legit crossword abbreviation?

  2. Raich says:

    I think it may be ADC (aide-de-camp) in MAP.

  3. Jake says:

    Yes, that works. No French indication in clue though !

  4. Raich says:

    Would not be needed IMHO, as word is in use in English (both it and its abbrev are in Chambers).

  5. Jake says:

    Gotcha. It’s in XWD dictionary, so thats good enough for me. Mystery solved.

    My first Beelzebub, I found rather different than the Listener, Mephisto and Azed.

    Whoever set it – nice one.

  6. Raich says:

    While it may not be explicitly stated in all cases, I think the latest edition of Chambers dictionary is the reference source for all the puzzles mentioned in comment #5.

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