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Independent on Sunday 1205 Hypnos

Posted by scchua on March 31st, 2013


Just a bit harder than the other Hypnos puzzles I have blogged previously. Thanks Hypnos. A few references to the movies, but can’t see any theme though. Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have unidentified links to the puzzle.]]

1 Pass round writer taken with European jacket (8)

CAMISOLE : { COL(a mountain pass) containing(round) AMIS(English writers Kingsley or his son Martin, take your pick) } plus(taken with) E(abbrev. for “European”).

Answer:  Historically, any sleeved jacket worn by men or women.  Its meaning has since evolved into a tight-fitting sleeveless top outer garment or underwear for women.


5 Tree by seaweed on land (6)

ASHORE : ASH(a type of tree) plus(by) ORE(a type of seaweed).

9 Hateful low fellows in outstanding debt principally (8)

ACCURSED : CURS(despicable;low fellows) contained in(in) ACE outstanding;first class) + first letter of(principally) “debt”.

10 Blockbuster film stolen by chav at arcade (6)

AVATAR : Hidden in(stolen by) “chav at arcade”.

11 Noted director from TV seen unexpectedly having prepared talk with composer (6,9)

STEVEN SPIELBERG : Anagram of(unexpectedly) TV SEEN plus(having) SPIEL(a prepared talk, usually to sell something) plus(with) BERG(Alban, Austrian composer).

13 Disengaged and cold Shakespearean figure (5)

CLEAR : C(abbrev. for “cold”) + LEAR(King, the tragic Shakespearean figure).

Answer: Free from entanglements.

15 A Conservative minister not deviating from the truth? (8)

ACCURATE : A + C(abbrev. for a member of the Conservative Party) + CURATE(an ecclesiastical;a minister).

17 Western state divided volunteers in Eastern city (8)

CALCUTTA : CAL(abbrev. for “California”, state in western USA) CUT(divided) TA(abbrev. for the British “Territorial Army” consisting of volunteers).

Answer: City in East India, now called Kolkata.

19 Composer, first person among royalty, British royalty (5)

WEBER : WE(used as the first person singular pronoun by royalty, different in usage by their subjects) + B(abbrev. for “British”) + ER(abbrev. for Elizabeth Regina, the main British royalty).

Answer: Carl Maria von, German Romantic composer.

22 Fantastic honeymoon called for poem (3,2,10)


Answer: A poem by English Romantic poet, John Keats.

24 Trap brought back love for mischievous creature (6)

GOBLIN : GOB(slang for the mouth, as is “trap”) + reversal of(brought back) NIL(zero, love in tennis scores).

25 Vessel across river showing flag (8)

STREAMER : STEAMER(steam powered seagoing vessel) containing(across) R(abbrev. for “river”).

26 Element shown in middle of unit? (6)

NICKEL : Cryptic defn: Full name of the chemical element whose symbol is “ni”( the middle two letters of “unit”).

27 Retired Catholic getting unusually irate about Independent standards? (8)

CRITERIA : { Reversal of(Retired) RC(abbrev. for Roman Catholic) plus(getting) anagram of(unusually) IRATE } containing(about) I(abbrev. for an “Independent”, say, an election candidate).

1 Girl in plant missing American, an excellent performer? (5,3)

CLASS ACT : LASS(a young girl) contained in(in) “cactus”(any of succulent plants) minus(missing) “U.S.”(abbrev. for “American”).

2 Weapon in bag (with cap off) found in Middle East (7)

MACHETE : “sachet”(a small bag containing perfumed powder) minus its initial letter(with cap off) contained in(found in) M.E.(abbrev. for the Middle East).

3 Look around parlour that’s been emptied in binge (5)

SPREE : SEE(to look) containing(around) “parlour” minus all its inner letters(that’s been emptied).

4 Select deals arranged for Kent tourist attraction (5,6)

LEEDS CASTLE : Anagram of(arranged) SELECT DEALS.

Answer: The picturesque castle in Kent, England that many tourists visit.

6 Broadcast about an unpleasant Republican in fitting part of London (6,3)

SAVILE ROW : SOW(to broadcast;to disseminate, eg. “to sow your wild oats”) containing(about) VILE(unpleasant;rotten) R(abbrev. for a member of the Replubican Party).

Answer: The street in London traditionally famous for tailoring of made-to-measure;fitted men’s clothing.

7 Note this is abandoned ground Bond character enters secretly (2,3,2)

ON THE QT : Anagram of(ground) [NOTE + “this” minus(abandoned) “is”] containing(ground) Q(code name of the head of the R&D section of British Intelligence in the James Bond novels/movies).

Answer: On the quiet;secretly eg. “if you have someone on the side, you’d meet him/her on the q.t.”

8 Group of men rag employed put in a stir? (6)

ENRAGE : Hidden in(Group of) “men rag employed”.

12 Typical eccentric following favourite (2,9)

IN CHARACTER : CHARACTER(an eccentric;one who has unusual traits/manners) placed after(following) IN(favourite, as in the “in-thing”, the “in-crowd”, etc.).

Answer: Typical of, say, the apparent traits and qualities of a person or thing.

14 Obscure diet once devised after gourmet’s heart (9)

RECONDITE : Anagram of(devised) DIET ONCE placed after(after) the middle letter of(…’s heart) “gourmet”.

16 Horse facing stadium with number leaving in unclear situation (4,4)

GREY AREA : GREY(a horse of this colouring) placed before(facing) “arena”(a stadium for spectator events) minus(with … leaving) “n”(abbrev. for “number”).

18 A writer about church beginning to reform is bitter (7)

ACERBIC : { A + BIC(the trade name for a plastic disposable ballpoint pen, named after Marcel Bich, one of the co-founders of the company that made them) } containing(about) { CE(abbrev. for the Church of England) + the first letter of(beginning to) “reform” }.

Answer: Bitter;having a harsh, acrid taste like that of coffee dregs.

20 Slip in loaf (7)

BLOOMER : Double defn: 1st: A blunder; and 2nd: A medium sized loaf of bread.

21 One in field no good when beset by madman (4,2)

LONG ON : NG(abbrev. for “no good”) contained in(when beset by) LOON(a madman, shortened from a “lunatic”).

Answer: A fielding position in cricket.

23 Egalitarian group with good man in top position (5)

CREST : CRE(abbrev. for the Commission for Racial Equality, an example of a group upholding the egalitarian principles of social equality) + ST(abbrev. for a saint;a good man).



Answers to pic#2 please click here and here ; pic#4 here .   Additional info on pic#3  here .


4 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1205 Hypnos”

  1. crypticsue says:

    My main holdup in this nice Sunday diversion was my inability to spell Spielberg (and I did German A level too, so no excuses).

    Thanks to both setter and blogger

  2. Ian SW3 says:

    [[I don’t often do the Sindie, but I saw you were blogging, scchua, and I’ve grown attached to your picture quizzes. So I hurriedly did the crossword, but now I find the only picture I can identify is the last, which must be from O, Calcutta. No. 4 is Dame Edna, but I can’t see the connection (unless it is that Barry Humphries is IN CHARACTER). The rest of the pictures are a mystery.]]

  3. sidey says:

    [[With an awful lot of cheating (thanks Tin Eye)
    Beatles open air concert atop the Apple building in SAVILE ROW.
    No idea.
    Clovis Trouille’s Oh! Calcutta! Calcutta!
    No idea.
    No idea (even Tin Eye couldn’t find this).]]

  4. scchua says:

    [[Right,IanSW3 and sidey. The last pic is from the revue Oh! Calcutta. I’ve added links to the answers to pics#2 and #4. I’ve also a link for pic#3 if anyone is wondering what an Indian city has got to do with a naked bum.]]

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