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Guardian Quiptic 698 / Pan

Posted by Big Dave on April 1st, 2013

Big Dave.

Another good Quiptic from Pan.

Most of the definitions given are from Chambers 12th Edition. Most of the standard abbreviations used in the wordplay are shown with the unused letters in brackets e.g. R(ight). Definitions are underlined in the clue and only included in explanations where further information is given.


1 Renegade, with silver hidden in dam, forms an elaborate plan (9)
STRATAGEM – a renegade and the chemical symbol for silver inside a verb meaning to dam

6 Lecherous look of king reported (4)
LEER – sounds like (reported) Shakespeare’s most famous king

8 I censor a badly written summary of play’s plot (8)
SCENARIO – an anagram (badly) of I CENSOR A

9 No sin found in one yet to take vows (6)
NOVICE – NO followed by a sin

10 Invest a tenner to secure property (6)
ESTATE – hidden (to secure) inside the clue

11 I cry loudly for dessert (3,5)
ICE CREAM – sounds like (loudly) I cry

12 Nonsense talked in bed leading to expression of doubt (6)
BUNKUM – a type of bed followed by an expression of doubt or hesitation

15 Drink in Soho, having time to get wasted (8)
SMOOTHIE – an anagram (to get wasted) of SOHO TIME

16 Bone discovered in barrow is about to perish (8)
MORIBUND – a bone inside (discovered in) a barrow or tumulus

19 Tea ordered in attempt to reach agreement between states (6)
TREATY – an anagram ordered () of TEA inside an attempt

21 Stick together where the money is? (8)
COINHERE – split as (4,4) this could indicate where the money is

22 State adopting dancing bear is not far away (6)
NEARBY – the abbreviation of a US state around (adopting) an anagram (dancing) of BEAR

24 Surrealist painter claiming right to meet central character in Carroll’s Looking Glass (6)
MIRROR – a Surrealist painter around (claiming) R(ight) and followed by ( to meet) the middle letter of (central character in) CarRoll

25 “All the world’s a stage” is one trope ham delivered badly (8)
METAPHOR – an anagram (delivered badly) of TROPE HAM

26 Boss of a breeding establishment (4)
STUD – a double definition

27 Priest leading men to evangelist’s final manuscript (9)
PARCHMENT – P(riest) followed by an adjective meaning leading, MEN and the final letter of evangelisT


1 Whacks with items of clothing (5)
SOCKS – a double definition

2 Managed to get rid of plunder (7)
RANSACK – a verb meaning managed followed by a verb meaning to get rid of

3 During winter, sex is brief! (5)
TERSE – hidden (during) inside the clue

4 Sticky stuff decays in treats (7)
GOODIES – some sticky stuff followed by a verb meaning decays

5 Worried aunt got me a vegetable (9)
MANGETOUT – an anagram (worried) of AUNT GOT ME

6 Young mammal always restricted by obstruction (7)
LEVERET – a word meaning always inside (restricted by) an obstruction

7 Evangelical Union against the Messiah embracing a sacrament (9)
EUCHARIST – the abbreviation of Evangelical Union followed by (against) the Messiah around (embracing) the A from the clue

13 Girl out, so arranged for a physician (9)
UROLOGIST – an anagram (arranged) of GIRL OUT SO

14 Must opera turn into long-running play? (9)
MOUSETRAP – an anagram (turn into) of MUST OPERA

17 Refused to have anything to with editor after groin trouble (7)
IGNORED – ED(itor) follows an anagram (trouble) of GROIN – I think the definition should have read “refused to have anything to do with”

18 Dickens’ first twenty quires given to Queen by idealist (7)
DREAMER – the initial letter (first) Dickens followed by twenty quires of paper and the regnal cypher for our Queen

20 Former Liberal issues a warning (7)
EXAMPLE – a charade of a former partner and an adjective meaning liberal

22 Nick‘s not at church (5)
NOTCH – NOT followed by CH(urch)

23 Promote footwear worn by Scottish leader (5)
BOOST – an item of footwear around (worn by) the initial letter (leader) of Scottish

Comments from solvers who are new to cryptic puzzles are more than welcome – and that doesn’t mean the usual suspects can’t add their thoughts as well!

3 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 698 / Pan”

  1. michelle says:

    I enjoyed this clearly-clued puzzle by Pan.


    New words that I learnt today were MANGETOUT & COINHERE (last in).

    Thanks for the blog, Big Dave.

  2. Robi says:

    Good straightforward Quiptic, except perhaps for COINHERE – not in my everyday vocabulary anyway.

    Thanks Big Dave for the good pictorial blog. Like you, I noticed the missing ‘do’ in 17 – ironic that ‘editor’ is in the clue. I tried ‘boast’ in 23 at first but BOOST fits better.

    I particularly liked the clue for MIRROR.

  3. crosser says:

    Thanks Pan and Big Dave. I didn’t get 21a even though the clue is very helpful because I’d never heard of it.
    Thanks for the photo of the Goodies – happy memories for those of us who are old enough!

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