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Private Eye / Cyclops 491 – Pompom tea party

Posted by beermagnet on April 1st, 2013


Some particularly fine smutty surface readings to the clues this week.  The simple but effective 18A is my favourite.


1 POMPOM Member squeezed between balls during Cameron’s fancy ball? (6)
MP (member) inside O and O (balls) all inside PM (Cameron) Considered OOMPAH for a while
5 NAPOLEON Sleep with nothing on next to Blair, ‘neutral’ warmongering leader? (8)
NAP (sleep) O (nothing) LEO (Blair) N[eutral] Leo Blair – youngest child of Tony & Cherie, the most remembered of their 4 children (according to the 100 people asked by Pointless researchers in 2011). First child born to a serving PM in over 150 years. Can you believe that little baby will be a teenager this year?
9 AT A PINCH Fancy Captain Henry? If I really have to (2,1,5)
(CAPTAIN H[enry])* AInd: Fancy. A henry (symbol H) is  the SI unit of inductance First answer attempted and entered – my eye is often caught by a letter count indicating a phrase.
10 OCCUPY Round bra size has sexy end to hold (6)
O (rond) C-CUP (bra size) [sex]Y
11 SPERM COUNT Assessment of the result of coming to have new input in organic computers (5,5)
(N[ew] COMPUTERS)* AInd: Organic. The wordplay comprising the second half of the clue almost implies a second def. Interesting Anagram Indicator
13/14 POLL RATINGS They’re sickening for Cameron at present? A strong pill prepared (4,7)
(A STRONG PILL)* AInd: Prepared.
17 SUPPORT Back with a hard-on, entering the fun (7)
UP (a hard-on) inside SPORT (fun)
18 EWER Big jug but chopper not hard (4)
20/12 WHAT THEN And the consequences when that’s ballsed up? (4,4)
(WHEN THAT)* AInd: ballsed up. Last answer. A curious one this. The anagram was well hidden from me, and is essentially a Spoonerism i.e. not much shuffling of the letters. I had trouble finding the definition in the clue.
22 LOADS OF FUN So gay is duff, also on rocks (5,2,3)
(DUFF ALSO ON)* AInd: rocks. Gay in its original meaning – “such fun”
25 PAUNCH Beer gut one located inside a now defunct organ (6)
A (one) inside PUNCH (defunct organ – the magazine)
26 TEA PARTY Conservative organisation wants state to intervene in ‘dodgy’ treaty (3,5)
PA (state, Pennsylvania) inside TREATY* AInd: dodgy. Favourite clue best PDM
27 ISLANDER Rum sort of person as the vilifier admits? (8)
I SLANDER (self-description of a vilifier)  Rum (or Rhum) is one of the “Small islands” of the Inner Hebrides
28 LAHORE City of the Provencal topless tart (6)
LA (the Provencal – i.e. French) [w]HORE. I spent too long trying to think of a city ending in ART
2 ON TOP Leading place for missionary in the union? (2,3)
3 PAPER CLIP Rather flimsy material, Conservative on brink, often to be found in office (5,4)
PAPER (rather flimsy material) C[onservative] LIP (brink)
4 MONICA Name short woman reeling in Bill’s erection (6)
MO (short woman) IN* (reeling in) AC< (bill’s erection) This was particularly tricky. I only solved it from the crossing letters (after getting the M) plus final AC< wordplay element giving M-N-CA whence the name commonly found in the Eye puzzle in association with Bill
I think I have the wordplay but there may be more going on here. Again, the whole clue almost refers to Ms Lewinsky so could be a near &Lit.
5 NEHRU Old leader tucking her bust into rounded large body for security (5)
HER* AInd: bust inside UN< UN is a “large body for security” and rounded reverses it
6 PROSTATE Supporting government semen production aid (8)
7 LICIT Proper pests endlessly having sex (5)
LIC[e] (pests endlessly) IT (sex) I expect I wasn’t the only one trying to make LOCUS[t] work
8 OPPRESSOR Work with hacks primarily outing Rupert as a tyrant (9)
OP (Work) PRESS (hacks) O[uting] R[upert]
13 PISSHEADS Wee ambassador associated with sad bastard boozers (9)
PISS (Wee) HE (ambassador) SAD* AInd: bastard.
15 NEWSFLASH Virgin gets fluorine in piss, prompting programme interruption (9)
NEW (virgin) F[lourine] inside SLASH (piss)
16 TOOL-SHED Rake’s place to get penis to lose its skin? (4-4)
TOOL (penis) SHED (lose skin)
19 ISRAEL Country needs PM to dump extreme wings (6)
21 TONGA Monarchy involved in “Clintongate” (5)
Hidden in ClinTONGAte
23 ASTIR e.g. Wandsworth on the move (5)
A STIR i.e. a Prison e.g. Wandsworth – somehow found this tricky
24/14 UTTER ROT Absolute bollocks, what most speechifying politicians do? (5,3)

When I was driving to work the other morning and saw a cop texting whilst driving.
I was so shocked I almost dropped my pint.


2 Responses to “Private Eye / Cyclops 491 – Pompom tea party”

  1. Schroduck says:

    I’m afraid I’m a bit thick here – how does “Bill’s erection” clue “AC” or “CA”?

  2. Nick says:

    AC is short for account or bill. Erection means build up from the bottom up of the clue.

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