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Financial Times 14276 Jason

Posted by scchua on April 2nd, 2013


Another enjoyable offering from Jason; thanks to him.  Definitions are underlined in the clues.  [[The pictures at the bottom have inidentified links to the puzzle.]]

1 Drink in guide finally is looking up (6)

SUPINE : SUP(to drink, especially in small mouthfuls) + IN + last letter of(finally) “guide”.

Answer: If you are supine;lying on your back, then you would be looking up.

4 English female is graceful with waste (8)

EFFLUENT : E(abbrev. for “English”) + F(abbrev. for “female”) + FLUENT(is graceful;with ease).

Answer: Liquid waste discharged, especially from an industrial plant.

9 Russian can almost knock back a gallon (5)

GULAG : “gulp”(to knock back;to drink quickly, especially 10 down) minus its last letter(almost) + A + G(abbrev. for “gallon”).

Answer: A Russian can;prison with hard labour, especially for political dissidents, derived from the Russian name of the department responsible for maintaining such prisons.

10 Food our lessons supply having no hint of whiff (9)

ODOURLESS : Hidden in(… supply) “food our lessons”.

11 In the matter of rancour, delay (7)

RESPITE : RE(in the matter of;with reference to) + SPITE(rancour;malicious resentment).

Answer: A temporary delay, eg. of an execution.

12 In broadcast percolate love potion (7)

PHILTRE : Homophone of(In broadcast) “filter”(to percolate;to pass liquid or gas through a porous substance, say).

Answer: Originally from the Greek “philos” or loving).

13 God of generosity (4)

EROS : Hidden in(of …) “generosity”.

Answer: The god of love in Greek mythology.

14 Not now as formerly mad one decorates pine, right? (2,6)

NO LONGER : { Anagram of(mad) ONE containing(decorates) LONG(to pine for;to yearn for) } + R(abbrev. for “right”).

17 Limit row after cutting part of palm (8)

FRONTIER : TIER(a row, one of several placed one above the other, eg. theatre seats) placed after(after) “frond”(the compound leaf of a palm – or a fern) minus its last letter(cutting).

19 Guess a bishop follows a way (4)

STAB : { A + B(abbrev. for a bishop, in chess notation) } placed after(follows) ST(abbrev. for “street”;a way).

22 The distance, for example, a beer wagon travelled back (7)

YARDAGE : Reversal of(travelled back) { EG(abbrev. for “for example”;exempli gratia) + DRAY(a wagon;cart for carrying heavy loads, eg. barrels of beer) }.

24 Swallow left to strengthen (7)

SUPPORT : SUP(to swallow;to drink or eat) + PORT(term for the left side of a craft facing forward).

25 Slight one almost excelled in stern (9)

DISHONOUR : { I(Roman numeral for “one”) + “shone”(excelled;distinguished oneself) minus its last letter(almost) } contained in(in) DOUR(stern;harsh;severe).

Defn: and Answer: To treat with disrespect.

26 A shot of spirit preceding a crisis (5)

DRAMA : DRAM(a small amount of an alcoholic drink) placed before(preceding) A.

27 Decide trick clue must have “daughter” in (8)

CONCLUDE : CON(a trick;a swindle) + { CLUE containing(must have … in) D(abbrev. for “daughter”) }.

28 Rapacious plant sited within Germany’s borders (6)

GREEDY : REED(any of the plants of the grass family) contained in(sited within) the 2 outermost letters of(…’s borders) “Germany”.

1 Pa argues for a change of veggie (5,3)

SUGAR PEA : Anagram of(for a change) PA ARGUES.

Answer:  Aka snow pea or mangetout, with edible pods.

2 Finish European office when half get the sack (6,3)

POLISH OFF : POLISH(European, relating to Poland) + “office” minus its last 3 letters(when half get the sack).

Answer: To finish completely, eg. food if you’re 28 across.

3 Mug picked up on good drink (6)

NOGGIN : Reversal of(picked up) ON + G(abbrev. for “good”) + GIN(an alcoholic drink).

5 Order scoops of crab for chef? (4,9)

FOOD PROCESSOR : Anagram of(crab) ORDER SCOOPS OF. An unusual anagram indicator with alternative meanings “to move sideways” or “to find fault with” or (an Americanism) “to spoil”, all of which might fit …. or there’s a typo.

Answer: A kitchen appliance, and what you might literally, but insultingly, call a chef (as bad as calling him a “cooker”).  On the other hand, it could be a totally straightforward definition of something for (the) chef (to use).

6 An amusing escapade in starting to go hunting for birds (7)

LARKING : LARK(an amusing escapade;a mischievous or carefree prank) + IN + 1st letter of(starting to) “go”.

Answer: As one would go fish-ing for fish, by extension, one might go lark-ing for larks, the birds. In that case, shouldn’t there be a question mark in the clue?

7 For example, Latin is empty (5)

EGEST : EG(“for example”, second time in the puzzle) + EST(“is” in Latin).

Answer: To empty;to excrete or discharge.

8 Grant’s over grasping turkey’s dangling tuft (6)

TASSEL : Reversal of(…’s over) LET(to grant;to allow) containing(grasping) ASS(a turkey;an inept person).

10 Another doofer? It could become the last (3,3,3,4)

ONE FOR THE ROAD : Anagram of(?) ANOTHER DOOFER. The anagram indicator could also be “…? It could become“, if allowing for double duty.

Answer: The last drink before leaving a bar/party/etc., and it could be the last one you had if you met with a fatal road accident due to drunk driving.

15 Hold back beer in principle (9)

RATIONALE : RATION(to hold back in giving out) + ALE(beer).

16 Surprisingly your bit boxed a newspaper’s stiff notice? (8)

OBITUARY : Anagram of(Surprisingly) YOUR BIT containing(boxed) A.

Defn: Cryptic, the “stiff” being a corpse;someone dead.

18 Winning name could be found here? (2,1,4)

ON A ROLL : Double defn: 1st: To be having a streak of successes; and 2nd: The “here” would be the honours list;roll, eg. of winners;champions.

20 Overturned Police Dept name unknown small UK business agent (6)

SYNDIC : Reversal of(Overturned, in a down clue) { CID(abbrev. for the police Criminal Investigation Dept) + N(abbrev. for “name”) + Y(the mathematical symbol for an unknown quantity) + S(abbrev. for “small”) }.

Answer: In the UK, a business representative;agent.

21 A crawler somehow spirited it away (6)

SPIDER : Anagram of(somehow) “spirited” minus(away) “it”.

23 Check round son’s gum (5)

RESIN : REIN(to check;to stop) containing(round) S(abbrev. for “son”).

Answer: Any of the gummy secretions from certain plants and trees, especially conifers, used in making adhesives – and medicines and varnishes.




5 Responses to “Financial Times 14276 Jason”

  1. Pelham Barton says:

    Thanks Jason for an enjoyable puzzle and scchua for the blog.

    10ac: I am not overkeen on the plural verb here, as I see the containment as supplied by a string of letters, and in the cryptic grammar that means a singular verb. However, I know others argue differently on this. Perhaps this is the time to use “will supply” which could be either singular or plural, but would not satisfy those who prefer extreme conciseness in their clues.

    5dn: The best I could find for the anagram lead in Chambers 2011 was crab³ to wreck, but I still think it is unsatisfactory for an anagram lead as an imperative verb to follow the anagram fodder.

    10dn: I took “It could become” as the anagram lead and “the last (doofer)” as the definition. That works for me without any double duty.

  2. Muffyword says:

    Tee hee – I also wondered about a typo in 10 across.

    [Picture 2 looks like an Italian spider – Lancia or Alfa Romeo]

  3. scchua says:

    [[You’re right Muffyword – it’s an Alfa Romeo Spider.]]

  4. Keeper says:

    Picture 3 is Sybok from Star Trek: The Final FRONTIER.

    Picture 4 is Alexander Solzhenitsyn, author of The GULAG Archipelago. (I had to use Google Images to confirm, as I’d never seen a picture of him that young.)

  5. scchua says:

    [[Right, Keeper. That leaves the first and last pictures.]]

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