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Financial Times 14,270 – Falcon

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on April 4th, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Mar 25

Enjoyable crossword by Falcon which, for some reason, I found slightly harder than usual. Good variety of devices (but no cryptic definitions!) and – as always – care for the surface, too. Four clues with the word ‘game’ in it today.

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and/or appropriate.

1 FRESCO Painting front of emporium for one in San Francisco? (6)
    FRISCO (San Francisco) with the I (one) replaced by E[mporium]
    A device well loved by setters like Redshank and Bradman, but I do not remember it from Falcon’s back catalogue.
4 CRIBBAGE Cheat to secure point in card game (8)
    CRIB (cheat) + BAG ((to) secure) + E (point, East)
10 VICE VERSA Bright deleting line in travel document? The other way round (4,5)
    {CLEVER (bright) minus L (line)} inside VISA (travel  document)
    Often clues with “the other way round” in it indicate that one should read “A inside B” as “A around B”. Here it was the definition which initially wrongfooted me.
11 MIGHT Clout small child in the auditorium (5)
    Homophone of MITE (small child)
12 SUIT Petition clubs, say (4)
    Double definition
13 VIETNAMESE Envies me at translation of Asian language (10)
15 ABALONE Sailor, with no one else present, produces paua (7)
    AB (sailor) + ALONE (with no one else present)
    Never heard of ‘paua’ before. It is the New Zealand word for this mollusc.
16 RADISH Salad plant artist’s shown on plate (6)
    RA (artist) + DISH (plate)
19 RACKET Unfinished game causing row (6)
    RACKETY (game, as an adjective this time) minus its last letter
21 SECULAR Not connected with religious matters, clause upset reverend at first (7)
    (CLAUSE)* + R[everend]
23 RUGBY UNION    Sort of football played in public school match (5,5)
    RUBGY (public school) + UNION (match)
25 SWAN Australian river bird (4)
    Double definition
27 OUTDO Defeat old-fashioned party (5)
    OUT (old-fashioned) + DO (party)
28 GRENADINE Popular as ingredient of pineapple or pomegranate syrup (9)
    IN (popular) inside GRENADE (pineapple, a bomb)
29 FLY A KITE What co-pilots do to test public opinion? (3,1,4)
    Double definition
    A kite can be an aircraft hence the first part of the clue. Not sure why Falcon uses co-pilots instead of just pilots.
30 FACTOR Introduction to football player’s agent (6)
    F[ootball] + ACTOR (player)
    Another one of these fine surfaces.
1 FIVE-STAR Game on pitch that’s first-class (4-4)
    FIVES (game) + TAR (pitch)
    ‘Fives’ is a squash-like ball game.
2 ENCHILADA Mexican dish, notice, eaten by the odd Chilean (9)
    AD (notice) inside (CHILEAN)*
3 COVE Inlet providing shelter, to a large extent (4)
    COVER (shelter), to a large extent (without the last letter)
5 REALTOR One sells properties in Montreal to retailers (7)
    Hidden solution:   [mont]REAL TO R[etailers]
    A new word to me – a North American estate agent, so the use of Montreal is very appropriate.
6 BOMBAY DUCK Host turned up by 3 to dive for fish (6,4)
    BOM (reversal of MOB (host) + BAY (cove, the answer to 3d) + DUCK (to dive)
7 ANGLE Fish fork (5)
    Double definition
    The first one is clear, but I had to think about ‘fork’. Unless I am wrong, I took this as “the space or angle between branches, esp on a tree or between the legs” (Chambers).
8 ESTEEM Respect shown by eastern power, reportedly (6)
    E (eastern) + STEEM (homophone of STEAM (power))
9 BRAISE Cook is to be employed by Scottish bank (6)
    IS inside BRAE (bank, Scottish)
14 DONKEY-WORK Jenny’s function becoming a grind? (6-4)
    DONKEY (Jenny) + WORK (function)
17 SOLO WHIST Very vulgar, this silly game (4,5)
    SO LOW (very vulgar) + (THIS)*
18 GRANDEUR Splendour of Greek article under bust (8)
    GR (Greek) + A (article) + (UNDER)*
20 TONIGHT Drunk holding on this evening (7)
    TIGHT (drunk) around ON
21 SCOTER Dreadful score opener in test bagged – a duck (6)
    (SCORE)* around T[est]
22 CRY OFF Back out of rear of caff following shout (3,3)
    {OF + [caf]F} following CRY (shout)
24 GETTY Billionaire art collector, good painter (5)
    G (good) + ETTY (painter, William Etty (1787-1849)) – the definition: Jean Paul Getty (1892-1976)
26 GALA Girl on a celebration (4)
    GAL (girl) + A

2 Responses to “Financial Times 14,270 – Falcon”

  1. Muffyword says:

    Re 29: Pilots train in kites, so perhaps a co-pilot might be found flying one.

    Thanks for a great blog and a stimulating crossword.

    Re 15: Here in NZ, paua is indeed a commonly used word.

  2. TonyP says:

    Nice crossword and very clear blog thank you.

    I failed to finish the bottom half and didn’t spot the very clever homophones in the NE corner.

    Re 19a: I wonder if the game referred to is rackets (more commonly spelt racquets in the UK).

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