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Financial Times 14,278 / Sleuth

Posted by Gaufrid on April 4th, 2013


My apologies for the late appearance of this post. I didn’t realise until about 3pm that the scheduled blogger hadn’t turned up. Fortunately this was a very quick solve (it took much longer to write the post!). Please excuse any typos but I have an optical migraine at the moment and cannot see the screen clearly.


1 British relative behind estate, say, that’s an eyesore? (9)

CARBUNCLE – CAR (estate, say) B (British) UNCLE (relative)

6 Wind and sun found around foreign river (5)

SPOOL – SOL (sun) around PO (foreign river)

9 Native disrupted mass in country abroad (7)

VIETNAM – anagram (disrupted) of NATIVE M (mass)

10 Secure half-heartedly favourite hotel in northern town (7)

MORPETH – MO[o]R (secure half-heartedly) PET (favourite) H (hotel)

11 Message delivered by a chirpy type? (5)

TWEET – cryptic def.

12 Trustee getting on with Scot – moving scenes come from such? (9)

TRAGEDIAN – TR (trustee) AGED (getting on) IAN (Scot)

14 Look concealed by chairman (3)

AIR – hidden in ‘chAIRman’

15 A drag addict? (5-6)

CHAIN-SMOKER – cryptic def.

17 Early element in table? (4,7)

HORS D’OEUVRE – cryptic def.

19 Curtail insignificant conceit by a wordsmith? (3)

PUN – PUN[y] (curtail insignificant)

20 Condition besetting a gentleman associated with a criminal (3-6)

RAM-RAIDER – RIDER (condition) around (besetting) A MR (gentleman) A

22 Run into outhouse for scrap (5)

SHRED – R (run) in SHED (outhouse)

24 Key member of ascetic sect accepting leader in communion (7)

ESSENCE – C[ommunion] in ESSENE (member of ascetic sect)

26 Can uncovered around noted statue, source of graffiti? (7)

AEROSOL – [g]AOL (can uncovered) around EROS (noted statue)

27 Irritable lot in retreat getting tips in therapy (5)

TESTY – SET (lot) reversed (in retreat) T[herap]Y

28 Sailor by yard with army officer and friend in a terrible way (9)

ABYSMALLY – AB (sailor) Y (yard) SM (army offocer) ALLY (friend)


1 Queen abandoning secret desire (5)

COVET – COV[er]T (queen abandoning secret)

2 Reportedly, travel over water with cherished animals (3,4)

ROE DEER – homophone of ‘row’ (travel over water) ‘dear’ (cherished)

3 One in Paris describing plain cakes not commented upon? (9)

UNNOTICED – UN (one in Paris) NOT ICED (describing plain cakes)

4 Mood a cheat created around end of game to reach a climax (4,2,1,4)

COME TO A HEAD – anagram (created) of MOOD A CHEAT around [gam]E

5 Steer clear of hard wood (3)

ELM – [h]ELM (steer clear of hard)

6 Movement in crowd certain when taking in first of goals (5)

SURGE – G[oals] in SURE (certain)

7 Former student likes fancy pillar (7)

OBELISK – OB (former student) anagram (fancy) of LIKES

8 See one brooding smile in opera (9)

LOHENGRIN – LO (see) HEN (one brooding) GRIN (smile)

13 A northern province and most of island entering quite special occasion (11)

ANNIVERSARY – A N (northern) NI (province) SAR[k] (most of island) in VERY (quite)

14 House located by Republican in a London suburb is execrable (9)

ABHORRENT – HO (house) R (Republican) in A BRENT (London suburb)

16 Realm most disturbed in disorder (9)

MAELSTROM – anagram (disturbed) of REALM MOST

18 Ancient king shown by artist with energy in dining area (7)

RAMESES – RA (artist) E (energy) in MESS (dining area)

19 Study country with limited trade (7)

PERUSAL – PERU (country) SAL[e] (limited trade)

21 Bother a number in US city (5)

ANNOY – A NO (number) in NY (US city)

23 Pause in university department for reflection (5)

DELAY – YALE (university) D (department) reversed (for reflection)

25 Long period in wild without jacket (3)

ERA – [f]ERA[l] (wild without jacket)

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  1. Keeper says:

    I had trouble in the SE corner after entering SHERD for 22a.

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