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Beelzebub 1204

Posted by Jed on April 5th, 2013


Towards the easier end of the Beelzebub spectrum but no less enjoyable for that






1 Keelie  got troubled when drunk GUTTERBLOOD (GOT TROUBLED)*

11 Lack of leaves in a wood mostly occupying strand APHYLLY

HYL[e] (wood) in PLY (strand)

12 Sailors catching gold fish in Dundee RAUN AU (gold) in RN (sailor)

13 Extreme pressure on first person in Paris getting military vehicle JEEP

JE (first person in French) EP (extreme pressure)

14 Crassly interrupt funeral ceremonies, though not one without skill

OBTRUDE OB[i]T (funeral ceremonies minus one) RUDE (without skill)

15 Improve end of lane near one church ENRICH

[lan]E NR (near) I (one) CH (church)

16 One dislikes top supplier half-heartedly HATER

HATTER (supplier of tops minus one T)

17 Advantage keeping wood back? Not a great success BOOMLET

ELM< (wood back) in BOOT (advantage)

18 Wrongly rap club about women’s drinking session PUB CRAWL

W (women) in (RAP CLUB)*

22 Being instinctive, about to chant INTONATE

TO in INNATE (being instinctive)

24 Regressive process in inferior part of plant  ROOT CAP

ACT< (process) in POOR< (inferior) regressive

27 Jakes? GENTS dd

28 Sundry seabirds DIVERS dd

29 Poet accepted adjective in cryptic clues ALCAEUS

A (accepted) A (adjective) in (CLUES)*

30 River invading excellent piece of ground ACRE R (river) in ACE (excellent)

31 One old helmet set up as  headgear TOPI I POT< (old helmet backwards)

32 Bad driver had crashed into different bounder? Good ROAD HOG

(HAD)* in ROO (bounder) G (good)

33 Perfume factory owners importing dodgy fuel MILLEFLEURS

(FUEL)* in MILLERS (factory owners)


2 Completely change Burns passage supplied by university UPEND

U (university) PEND (passage – Scottish)

3 Those people accepting Jewish title in that way THEREBY

REB (Jewish title) in THEY (those people)

4 Limits to tricky shot, as expected TYPIC T[rick]Y PIC (shot)

5 Treacle slice going off? See the fur ELECTRIC SEAL dyed rabbit or hare skin


6 Glance unknown in books in vulgar style BY-BLOW

Y (unknown) in BB (books) LOW (vulgar style)

7 Drunk soldier tucking into alcohol, suffering regarding gallstones? LITHOLOGICAL re calculi LIT (drunk) GI (soldier) in(ALCOHOL)*

8 Farm worker helping to turn a marrow up ORRA MAN

hidden backwards in [tur]N A MARRO[w]

9 Still supporting broken pipe DUDEEN DUD (broken) EEN (still)

10 Unwillingness to move in (resents changes) INERTNESS (IN RESENTS)*

15 Clean up residential area, reducing crowd, retaining power EXPURGATE

P (power) in EXUR[b] (residential area) GATE (crowd)

19 Timothy, perhaps, guy with dog CAT-TAIL grass (can only find as cat’s-tail)

CAT (guy) TAIL (dog)

20 Novice Christian fellows shunned plant extract CATECHU

CATECHUMEN (novice Christian) minus MEN (fellows)

21 Soot surrounding railway cavity COELOM EL (railway) in COOM (soot)

23 Nationalist operation no longer in being NATURE

NAT (nationalist) URE(operation – obsolete)

25 Energy unit manufactured without top? Escape EVADE

E (energy) V (Volt – unit) [m]ADE (manufactured)

26 English educational basics including nothing wrong ERROR

E (English) 3Rs with O (nothing) in

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    dd = double definition     < = reverse

definitions in italics

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