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Independent on Sunday 1206/Kairos

Posted by Pierre on 7th April 2013


I haven’t blogged a Kairos puzzle before, but having had a brief look in the Fifteensquared archive I see he made his Indy debut earlier this year.  I enjoyed tussling with this one, but I can’t remember when I last had to bury my head in the dictionary for so long when solving and blogging an IoS puzzle.  There are two clues I can’t explain: I’m pretty sure that one is faulty, and the other may be too.  I’m sure someone will put me right if I haven’t understood them properly.

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Everyman N° 3,469 (31 March)

Posted by PeterO on 7th April 2013


The puzzle may be found at
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Azed 2130

Posted by Andrew on 7th April 2013


Another low- to medium-strength Azed, which didn’t keep me from my Easter eggs for too long, but provided good entertainment on the way. There seems to have been a rare lapse from strict Ximenean principles in 5d.

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