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Posted by Gaufrid on April 10th, 2013


It makes a change to know in advance that I am going to cover a particular puzzle, rather than having to write a post at the last minute, and this is a temporary return to what used to be my regular Wednesday FT slot.

Having solved 1ac and 9dn, I did wonder if there was going to be a theme centered around signs of the zodiac but there isn’t. However, these two, along with 11ac, 16ac, 19dn 22dn and 23dn, can all be associated with the month of April.

I thought for a while that there might also be a Nina in the central row and column which appear to contain real words or acronyms but if there is I cannot make any sense of it.


1 He’s been removed from dictionary, the beast (6)

TAURUS – T[hes]AURUS (he’s been removed from dictionary)

4 Flower water put in sticky paste (5,3)

SWEET PEA – WEE (water) in anagram (sticky) of PASTE

10 Injure retreating salesman: run for it (7)

SCARPER – SCAR (injury) REP (salesman) reversed (retreating)

11 Washes over groups of slovenly people (7)

SHOWERS – double def.

12 About to request a container (4)

CASK – C (about) ASK (to request)

13 King George is back in Aberdeen perhaps, finding somewhere to drink (4,6)

BEER GARDEN – GR (King George) reversed (back) in anagram (perhaps) of ABERDEEN

16 Bound to start at the beginning (6)

SPRING – triple def.

17 Bravery shown when drunken plastic surgeon removes splints (7)

COURAGE – anagram (drunken) of [pl]A[sti]C [s]URGEO[n]

20 Small type of stone (7)

DIAMOND – double def.

21 Movement that saw some take work in (3,3)

POP ART – OP (work) in PART (some)

24 Irregularity Lincoln’s helping to hide, right? (10)

ABERRATION – R (right) in ABE (Lincoln) RATION (helping)

25 Yes, Percy’s first; first on duty (4)

PAYE – P[ercy] AYE (yes)

27 Attempt a fitting trick (3,2,2)

TRY IT ON – double def.

29 More crazy about the Opel Rio! (7)

LOOPIER – anagram (about) of OPEL RIO

30 Taken to be unforthcoming (8)

RESERVED – double def.

31 Take it when you’re committed (6)

PLUNGE – cryptic def.


1 Precedent established over EEC stats (4,4)

TEST CASE – anagram (over) of EEC STATS

2 Modest girl’s rest I’ve disturbed (11)

UNASSERTIVE – UNA’S (girl’s) anagram (disturbed) of REST I’VE

3 How Mr Lyttleton contained his doubt (4)

UMPH – [h]UMPH[rey] (Lyttleton)

5 Clean up place where dust fills a wide area (8)

WASHROOM – ASH (dust) in W (wide) ROOM (area)

6 Environmentalist fight for 2016 Olympics run by Coe – not well – initially (3-7)

ECO WARRIOR – anagram (not well) of COE WAR (fight) RIO (2016 Olympics) R (run)

7 Tart is oddly pricey (3)

PIE – P[r]I[c]E[y]

8 Agree to how it was issued (6)

ASSENT – AS (how) SENT (it was issued)

9 Birds leaving Canada behind; it’s a sign (5)


14 Dog-tired, Anna, having lost Pole, suffered humiliation (11)

DEGRADATION – anagram (suffered) of DOG-TIRED AN[n]A

15 Counter that Eastern Union needs time to start referendum (10)

ENUMERATOR – E (Eastern) NUM (Union {National Union of Mineworkers}) ERA (time) TO R[eferendum]

18 Example of fashionable point of view (8)

INSTANCE – IN (fashionable) STANCE (point of view)

19 This hero takes the road followed by six Kings (2,6)

ST GEORGE – ST (road) GEORGE (six Kings)

22 Premier English flower festival (6)

EASTER – E[nglish) ASTER (flower)

23 Tricks SFO under pressure to hold old lecturer (5)

FOOLS – O (old) L (lecturer) in anagram (under pressure) of SFO

26 Introducing mobster’s overtly lovely lady! (4)

MOLL – M[obster’s] O[vertly] L[ovely] L[ady]

28 Certainly polyester contains it (3)

YES – hidden in ‘polYESter’

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