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Independent 8264 / Dac

Posted by Bertandjoyce on April 10th, 2013


As usual, a great puzzle from Dac with excellent surfaces, ingenious clue constructions and a good mix of fairly straightforward clues and some which challenged the grey matter.

We found it hard to pick a favourite clue, because there were so many good ones, but we really liked 11A, 19A, 1D, 5D, 13D & 25D for their smooth surfaces and crafty word-play.

1   Duck and fish served in school
POCHARD CHAR (fish) ‘served’ in POD (school)
5   Airwoman, not one trained as navy fighter
MAN-O-WAR Anagram of AiRWOMAN without ‘i’ (one) – anagrind is ‘trained’
9   Article breaches copyright – editor given stick
CANED AN (article) in or ‘breaching’ C (copyright) ED (editor)
10   Words from a sort of preacher receiving purest convert?
LET US PRAY LAY (sort of preacher) around or ‘receiving’ an anagram of PUREST – anagrind is ‘convert’
11   Works hard making Cornish pasties perhaps
SWEATS A play on SW EATS or food from the South-west, of which Cornish pasties are an example
12   Brother wearing one will hide nothing!
MONOKINI Cryptic definition – MONK (brother) IN (wearing) I (one) round or ‘hiding’ O (nothing) – although he would hopefully be hiding something!
14   Story about Mafioso likely to go unpunished?
PARDONABLE PARABLE (story) about DON (Mafioso, as in ‘The Godfather’)
15   Some work by British composer
BERG ERG (some work) by B (British)
18   Draft of proposed law one party rejected at length
BILL LIB (one party) reversed or ‘rejected’ + L (length)
19   To cover sports outfit, son put on long trousers perhaps
PINSTRIPES STRIP (sports outfit) in or ‘covered’ by PINE (long) + S (son)
22   High-flier’s skill as a songwriter?
AIRCRAFT A play on the CRAFT (skill) of a songwriter in creating an AIR
24   Dairy product, note, on the turn
RENNET TENNER (note) reversed or ‘on the turn’
26   Wireless technology down: signal ultimately weakish?
BLUETOOTH BLUE (down) + TOOT (signal) + H (‘ultimate’ letter of weakish)
27   Junk food?
TRIPE Double definition
28   High peak visible during severe storms
EVEREST Hidden in or ‘visible during’ sEVERE STorms
29   Cloth girl left on floor
FLANNEL ANNE (girl) + L (left) after of ‘on’ FL (floor)
1   After swapping leads, ailing dog gets better
PICKS UP SICK PUP (ailing dog) with the first letters or ‘leads’ (S&P) swapped – a great alternative to the usual reference to Dr Spooner!
2   Endowment involving France or Luxembourg
CONFERRAL Anagram of FRANCE OR L (Luxembourg) – anagrind is ‘involving’
3   Drug user’s problem, being short of vitamin supplement
ADDITION ADDIcTION(drug user’s problem) without the ‘c’ (vitiamin)
4   Artist ideally is given regular exposure
DALI Alternate or ‘regular’ letters of iDeAlLy Is
5   How poet laureate’s position was described in 2010, and is still
MOTIONLESS A reference to Andrew Motion, who was poet laureate from 1999 until 2009, so from 2010 the position has been MOTION-LESS
6   Young man turned up at house with missing person
NO-SHOW SON (young man) reversed or ‘turned up’ (in a down clue) + HO (house) + W (with)
7   Conservative baroness is elevated after conflict
WARSI IS reversed or ‘elevated’ (in a down clue) after WAR (conflict)
8   Group pens short song having poetic features
RHYMING RING (group) around or ‘penning’ HYMn (‘song’ with the last letter omitted, or ‘short’)
13   A sordid TV broadcast introducing female interviewer
DAVID FROST Anagram of A SORDID TV (anagrind is ‘broadcast’) around or ‘introducing’ F (female)
16   Report about installing version of Windows, with an increase in capacity
EXPANSION NOISE (report) reversed or ‘about’ around or ‘installing’ XP (version of Windows) AN
17   About noon, mostly welcomed a drink
GREEN TEA GREETEd (welcomed with the last letter omitted or ‘mostly’) around N (noon) + A
18   Gather fruit, topping for Belgian waffle
BRAMBLE B (first letter or ‘topping’ of Belgium) + RAMBLE (waffle)
20   Writer to enjoy good position?
SITWELL If you SIT WELL you are ‘enjoying a good position’ Thanks Michelle – we don’t know how that gremlin appeared.
21   Wriggle out of court order served on ambassador
WRITHE WRIT (court order) + HE (His Excellency, or ‘ambassador’)
23   Face paint making scoundrel appear slightly different
ROUGE ROGUE (scoundrel) with the ‘g’ and ‘u’ swapped, or ‘slightly different’
25   Cook French-style, turning out really nice starters
CHEF An anagram of FrEnCH (anagrind is ‘-style’) without ‘r’ and ‘n’ (first letters or ‘starters’ of ‘really nice’)


11 Responses to “Independent 8264 / Dac”

  1. michelle says:

    I really enjoyed this puzzle by Dac. My favourites were PICKS UP, CHEF, EXPANSION, DAVID FROST, BRAMBLE, BLUETOOTH & AIRCRAFT. I also liked NO-SHOW & MONOKINI.

    POCHARD was a new word for me, as was (Baroness) WARSI which was very solvable due to the wordplay.

    I was unable to parse 5d, 1a, 19a.

    Thanks for the blog, bertandjoyce. There is a typo in the blog @ 20d with the answer being SITWELL (not stipple).

  2. Bertandjoyce says:

    Thanks Michelle for the early comment. It was SITWELL in word before pasting into the blog! Perhaps it was a STIPPLE BRUSH we used! Blog is now correct – unless anyone else spots anything!

  3. michelle says:

    Hi bertandjoyce

    Yes, I realised it was a typo because the parsing of SIT WELL was as I understood it to be in your blog, and ‘stipple’ had just crept in somehow of its own accord….

  4. crypticsue says:

    Michelle @1 – if you had starting solving in the late 60s like I did, you would certainly remember the POCHARD – it was always appearing in crosswords – probably more there than in the wild.

    as B&J say the usual entertainment from Dac and the usual entertaining blog from them too.

  5. Kathryn's Dad says:

    The POCHARD is indeed a bonny bird, and I thought Dac clued it well here. I struggled to finish this, for no particular reason, except perhaps that there were a few more cds than we usually get from this setter.

    CHEF took me ages, and LET US PRAY and RENNET were ingenious. I liked BRAMBLE, because when crypticsue was starting her solving career in the late 60s, I was out in the hedgerows getting my fingers and mouth stained blue. Also known of course as to go BLACKBERRYING, which might have a different connotation for today’s wired-up youth. Anyway, for me happy childhood memories.

    Bravo, Dac, and thanks both for the blog.

  6. flashling says:

    Wasn’t sure monokini existed as opposed to bikini, still usual lovely exquisite stuff from Dac.

  7. NealH says:

    I’d heard of a mankini from Borat, but monokini is less well-known (it sounds even worse from the clue, so I don’t think I’ll dare search for it). I started this a bit late and was fortunate to be able to finish it fairly quickly. Only two I didn’t parse (probably through tiredness) – got roue rather than rogue stuck in my head for 23 and didn’t get the SW connotation for 11.

  8. pennes says:

    I thought this was really quite tricky. Chef only went in with the F at the end as I didn’t really see style as an anagram indicator. Couple of other things: in 18 ac I can’t see why “one” is in the clue as it seems to work well enough without and in 16 dn there doesn’t seemto be a reverse indicator for noise unless the “about” is serving a double purpose.

  9. Raich says:

    I found this the hardest Dac puzzle of this year so far with the SE corner esp tricky. Re comment #8 by pennes, I agree with the blogger’s take on 16D ie a reversal of NOISE = report (the reversal indicated by ‘about’) containing XP AN with definition = increase in capacity so I did not see anything serving a double purpose tho it was a clue I found very difficult myself till the penny dropped as there was great misdirection.

  10. pennes says:

    Ah yes got 16 dn now tahnks Raich

  11. allan_c says:

    Didn’t start this till late last night and was too tired to concentrate. Even this morning it was a struggle with help required. And we’ve got Anax today!

    Anyway, Thanks, Dac and B&J.

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