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Financial Times no.14,284 by Orense

Posted by Ringo on April 11th, 2013


Much to enjoy in this offering from Orense. Nothing too challenging, so a fairly quick solve, but a fun one, too. Yes, there’s a theme, which as regular readers (Sid and Doris Bonkers) will know usually sends me running for the high hills,  but the theme in this case is broad enough to add a little colour without overwhelming the puzzle.

The theme, of course, is identified at 6ac: the puzzle abounds with things that crawl, creep, swim and fly.


1. TIGER MOTH  Anagram of got hermit

6. FAUNA  U [universal] within fan [supporter] + a [answer]

9. OUNCE  (P)ounce [spring]; an ounce is also a species of big cat (much beloved of crossword setters)

10. TORTOISES  O [zero, nothing] within anagram of store its

11. TERRORISES  I’s [one’s] + e [energy] within terrors [little brats]

12. STAG  Stag(e) [theatre]

14. CATFISH  Cat [pet] + fish [shark]

15. SARDINE  Sar(k) [Channel Island] + dine [eat]

17. BUSTARD  Bust [bankrupt] + a + rd [road, way]

19. INSECTS  In [popular] + sects [religious cults]

20. IBEX  I [one] + b(ri)eX [ten]

22. VAMPIRE BAT  Cryptic definition

25. LACEWINGS  L [line] + ace [expert] + wings [extensions (to a building)]

26. BITER  (Ar)biter [judge]

27. TUNNY  Tun [barrel] + n(earl)y

28. TREE SHREW  Anagram of rest herewailing minus ailing [suffering]


1. TROUT  T(rade)rout [dismissed]

2. GENERATES  Anagram of teenagers

3. RHETORICAL  Anagram of a lot richer

4. OSTRICH  Double definition

5. HORNETS  H [hotel] + or [gold] + nets [curtains]

6. FROG  R [runs] within fog [obscure]

7. UPSET  Hidden (without proper indication) in reversal of vacaTES PUb

8. ASSIGNEES  A [Adult] + sign [notice] within sees [realises]

13. PROSCRIBES  Pro [for] + scribes [writers]

14. CABRIOLET  CA [Chartered Accountant] + brio [spirit] + let [leased]

16. INCUBATOR  In [popular] + Cuba [island] + reversal of rot [rubbish]

18. DRAGNET  Anagram of granted

19. IMPASSE  IM [reversal of M1, motorway] + passe(d) [overtook]

21. EX-CON  Double definition

23. THROW  Double definition

24. SWAY  W [wife] within say [for example]


2 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,284 by Orense”

  1. Steve says:

    Thanks Orense and Ringo. I had a minor difference on the parsing of 9ac: (B)ounce, although pounce aligns better with what a big cat would do to its prey!

  2. mike04 says:

    Thanks for the blog, Ringo. I enjoyed today’s puzzle too.

    TUNNY is clued by ‘Fish’ in 27ac, but FISH is clued by ‘shark’ in 14ac.
    I presume ‘or other creature’ is doing double duty in the second clue
    for something like ‘shark, perhaps’?

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