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Guardian 25,919 – Paul

Posted by manehi on April 11th, 2013


Paul at his cheekiest, if not his most difficult.

1 GOBBLER double def =”One eating”; =”turkey”
5 ADVANCE =”Go on” A + TRIP=”dance” around V[enezuelan]
10 SAGA =”story” SAG=”Drop” + A
11 DEHYDRATED =”dry” DATED=”Old” around all of (dry)* after=”east of” E[dinburg]H
12 TIPTOE =”Carefully move” TIP=”rubbish site” + TO + [hous]E
13 WALLAROO =”Australian boxer” WAR=”Fighting” around ALL=”everything” + O O=”two rounds”
14 ENCLOSURE =”Pen” (clues one)* around R[ight]
16 STATE double def =”Nation”; =”say”
17 SWANK =”Grand” SWAN=”royal bird” + K[ing]
19 NUMBER TWO double def =”Deputy”; =”business done” as in “doing one’s business”=defecate
23 BEER FEST =”drinking party” BEST=”Most recomemnded” around E’ER=”ever + F[orte]=”loud”
24 ALMOND =”nut” Alex [S]ALMOND is First Minister of Scotland
26 CLEVER DICK =”Irritating intellectual” CL[o]CK=”notice” with O=”nothing” taken out, around E[nglish] + VERDI=”composer”
27 REAM =”Some papers” Hidden in [a]RE AM[using]
28 BEDROOM =”upper chamber” (boredom)*
29 STONKER =”beauty” STOKER=”Vampire man” around [virgi]N
2 OVATION =”round of applause” O[ld] + VATI[can] + [can]ON=”papal state and papal law wanting “cancan
3 BLAST double def =”Explosion”; =”knickers!” as in an annoyed exclamation
4 ENDLESS double def =”Constant”; =”detailed” in crossword-ese, meaning without the final letter.
6 DODDLE =”that’s easy to do” DODD is the “Funny Ken” + L[ivingston]E
7 ALABASTER =”smooth and white” rev(BALA)=”Welsh lake” + ASTER=”flower”
8 CHEROOT a cigar, so =”smoke” CHE [Guevara]=”Red” + ROOT=”bottom”
9 SHOWER CURTAIN =”Guard against splashes” (two hurricanes)*
15 LAND ROVER =”Vehicle” AND=”with” + R[ubbish], all inside LOVER=”flame”
18 WHEELIE =”balancing act” WEE=”Little” + LIE=”story” around H[ard]
20 BLANKET =”Comprehensive” BLANK=”____” + E[duca]T[ion]
21 WANNABE =”hopeful” NAB=”Nick” inside WANE=”decline”
22 WEIRDO =”Eccentric” ([w]idower)*
25 MORON =”Fool” sounds like “more on”=”busier”

28 Responses to “Guardian 25,919 – Paul”

  1. Muffyword says:

    Could there be a somewhat indelicate theme related to Marc Almond, or am I reading too much into some of the across answers (1,17,19,24, 26,27 and 28)?

  2. Thomas99 says:

    Explain, please?

  3. Trailman says:

    Don’t know enough about Soft Cell etc to help I’m afraid, Muffyword.

    Yep, pretty much Paul’s smuttiest for some time. And some of us thought that he was leaving all that behind. Unusually for Paul, no interlinking clues providing ways in to remote parts of the grid.

    The S half took me longer than the N, not helped by my initial inability to spell WEIRDO. I must remember, I before E … oh … and in my head WANNABE has always been WANABEE but that’s what happens when you don’t pay enough attention to the Spice Girls.

    Thanks Manehi and to Paul for an entertaining puzzle.

  4. tupu says:

    Thanks manehi and Paul

    Still stinging a bit after Brendan’s clever tricks, I approached this Paul puzzle with some trepidation.

    As it turned out, it was an enjoyable solve with a fair amount of Paul’s trademark stuff of vernacular words, a fairly gentle reference to bodily function, and a good scattering of cleverly constructed clues.

    4d was my last in – I spent too long trying to think of ‘ex..’ words.

    I particularly enjoyed seeing 11a (my penultimate answer), 14a, 1d, 4d, 6d and 9d.

  5. Muffyword says:

    I don’t think I could explain on a family website like this one. I suspect it is more of a passing allusion than a theme, or it may be nothing at all.

  6. Gervase says:

    Thanks, manehi.

    Most enjoyable puzzle. I was fixated on STUNNER for 29a which, though obviously unparsable, blinded me to the proper answer. Good clue, though.

    My experience was very much like that of Trailman @3: bottom half was a bit more of a challenge, not helped by my original misspelling of WEIRDO.

    Favourites were 13a, 19a (!), 2d, 6d, 18d. And 29a, although it eluded me.

  7. molonglo says:

    Not much trouble here, except with the odd parsing, so thanks manehi. Stared at BLAST for ages, never guessing at knickers as expletive. 13d’s middle section also puzzled. Handy we had 26a in the prize just last weekend.

  8. michelle says:

    This was a fun puzzle by Paul. I liked 26a, 9d, 13a & 12a, and my favourites were WEIRDO, MORON & BLANKET.

    New words for me today were STONKER, (lake) Bala and ‘nab’ = ‘nick, steal’. I needed to confirm the existence of “funny Ken” Dodd, a comedian I had not heard of before today.

    I was unable to parse 3d (‘blast’ = ‘explosion’, but knickers?) – okay, I get it now although I have never heard ‘knickers’ being used as an annoyed exclamation. (I suppose it is related to ‘get one’s knickers in a twist = ‘to become agitated, flustered, or upset.’ (Collins)

    I also could not parse 2d.

    I now realise I had not fully parsed NUMBER TWO.

    Thanks for the blog, manehi.

  9. Thomas99 says:

    What do you think is smutty about this puzzle?

  10. liz says:

    Thanks for the blog, manehi. Not too difficult, as others have noted, with a fair amount of cheekiness in the clueing. I have to say that the surfaces of 28ac and 8dn made me laugh, even if the answers weren’t hard to tease out.

    I also liked STONKER, OVATION and DODDLE.

    Thanks Paul!

  11. Eccles45 says:

    I got completely confused by writing in ‘area’ for 27a

    I had parsed it as hidden (some) in papers ARE Amusing with the meaning as ‘some extent’. Well, it seemed reasonable at the time :-)

  12. Colin says:

    Thanks to manehi and Paul.

    Very entertaining even though not to difficult especially by Paul’s standard. If anything Paul held back a bit as, looking at the answers, he could have been a lot ruder!

    Michelle @8, it’s always unpleasant when you can’t fully parse a NUMBER TWO. Sorry, it must be catching.

  13. Trailman says:

    Oh not much, Thomas99 @9. Number two … giggle … knickers … etc. All good schoolboy stuff, no complaints. If you want real smut, try Cyclops in the Private Eye.

  14. John Appleton says:

    Very characteristic puzzle from Paul in all respects. I was quite sure that our Aussie fighter was a Kangaroo (despite imparsibility, which really should be a word), which made SHOWER CURTAIN and DODDLE far from being the latter. Got there in the end, though.

  15. crypticsue says:

    Memo to self – do not solve a Paul crossword while pretending to be interested in a seminar presentation – the giggling gives away the fact that you aren’t concentrating on the discussion.

    Great fun as ever from Paul. thanks to him and Manehi too.

  16. Rowland says:

    And with Pee plus ARSE Colin, yes it must be catching!!! You are funny, and …..Poor old Michelle.

    Good puzzler. Good ones all around today, though I haven’t yet got into the FT.


  17. Robi says:

    Good puzzle with trademark lavatorial humour – I did like NUMBER TWO.

    Thanks manehi; I too tried kangaroo and stunner at the beginning, although they didn’t parse properly. Unlike some of the others, I did the bottom half first and got stuck on the top.

    Like Liz @10, I enjoyed the surfaces of the clues for BEDROOM and CHEROOT.

  18. Robi says:

    P.S. I spent ages trying to fit an anagram of site into 12 before carefully moving to the solution.

  19. muck says:

    Thanks Manehi
    I needed your help to parse OVATION

  20. jandai says:

    Can someone please explain 9d. We had the answer but don’t understand derivation!

  21. jeceris says:

    jandai @20 – A shower curtain is a guard against splashes, and an anagram of “two hurricanes”.

  22. jandai says:

    Many thanks jeceris. How could we have missed the anagram!

  23. Giovanna says:

    Thanks, Paul and manehi.

    This was good fun on a misty day crossing France on the TGV.

    NUMBER TWO made me laugh out loud as I recalled Morse saying to Lewis “I bet they call it number two in your house!”

    Saluti da Torino

    Giovanna xx

  24. Morpheus says:

    Muffyword are you perhaps forgetting to add the answers to 22 and 25 to your list of Marc Almond allusions?

  25. Muffyword says:

    Possibly, Morpheus, but I would hate to be rude.

  26. Sil van den Hoek says:

    As always a very entertaining Paul puzzle.
    But am I the only one who finds his crosswords nowadays on the easy side?
    Last Saturday’s Prize was another example.
    Clues like 10ac (which I had seen before recently – Mudd, perhaps?), 16ac and 4d were just giveaways (I guess, Rufus would be carpeted for them).

    Paul-in-today’s-form we always use to call ‘laddish’.
    My PinC wished he would stop writing clues like 19ac, or 3d and 8d.

    And Our Lad included quite a few colloquials word for certain people: Swank, Clever Dick, Stonker, Weirdo, Moron, Wannabe.
    He must have had fun setting this puzzle.

    Entertaining crossword with a lot of good clues.
    Still, for me/us, he should think about gearing up a bit.
    And become a bit more challenging again.

    Ah well, at least this was the first Guardian puzzle this week I managed to complete ….

    Thanks manehi.

  27. Geoff says:

    4d: isn’t it ‘de-tailed’ i.e. without an end?

  28. brucew_aus says:

    Thanks Paul and manehi

    Agree with most that this was on the easy side for Paul … and that he was back to his smutty ‘best’. Finished down in SE with WANNABE last in and needed help to validate that STONKER was a beauty and who the Scottish ?ALMOND might be. Needed assistance as well with both BALA LAKE and KEN DODD.

    Not quite sure that a WALLAROO or a kangaroo would be classified as a boxer – I thought that it was more that it was an Australian (animal) and the brand of boxer shorts.

    Had to hold back from writing CARACAS initially and thought that OVATION would go close to cod.

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