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Financial Times 14,285 by Wanderer

Posted by Jed on April 12th, 2013


Welcome offering from new-to-me compiler






1 SONGBOOK collection of musical scores

SON (relative) G[oal] BOOK (reserve)

5 OCTAVO book size (OV[er]COAT)*

10 WHEELIE bike move ELI (priest) in WHEE (expression of delight)

11 MANDELA Nelson MAN[e] (hair short) DE LA (of the in French)

12 NYLON stocking hidden in [a]NY LON[doner]

13 REREADING studying again (GRENADIER)*

14 SURFACE-TO-AIR missile type (OF RUSTIC AREA)*

18 APRIL IN PARIS song from Walk a Little Faster


21 LACHRYMAL bone near tear duct (MARCH [r]ALLY)*

23 GREAT big G[a]R[d]E[n] [g]AT[e]

24 ALBUMEN white ALBUM (songbook) EN (in French)

25 YUMMIER more scrumptious Y[o]U[r] M[u]M IE (that is) R (right)

26 LEEWAY room to manoeuvre WEE< in LAY (song)

27 BOUYANCY capacity for flotation (YOU CAN BUY)* minus U[s]


1 SEWING needlework EW (east west) in SING (perform song)

2 NEEDLE irritation [k]NEE (LED)*

3 BILINGUAL having two tongues (A GNU I)* in BILL (chap)

4 OVER-REFINEMENT too cultured

RE-FINE (further penalise) MEN (people) in OVERT (public)

6 CONGA dance AGNO[sti]C< IT’S (sex appeal is)

7 AMERICAN man from The States ERICA (woman) in (MAN)*

8 ORANGERY where fruit grows RANGE (variety) in OR (Oregon) Y (yard)


15 THINGUMMY what’s-his-name THIN (poor) GUMMY (toothless)

16 PALL MALL street in Monopoly PALL (put damper on) MALL (shops)

17 CRUCIBLE pot C[ooking] (BLUE CIR[cle])*

19 BENIGN genial G[overnment] in BENIN (African country)

20 STURDY firm R[ent] in STUDY (room outside)

22 RUMBA dance RUB MA (polish mother) moving M (male) up

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse

6 Responses to “Financial Times 14,285 by Wanderer”

  1. peterj says:

    I think this is the third Wanderer – this was nicely judged in difficulty between the first two! Enjoyed it.
    Thanks Wanderer and Jed

  2. Bamberger says:

    After 45 minutes I gave up only having solved 10a,12a,13a,25a, 3d &8d. The last 20 minutes yielded nothing.
    I am not a fan of crosswords which cross-reference other clues. Not getting 1a meant that 18a,24a,26a ,1d &9d were fairly meaningless and of course not getting them meant that checkers were missing which might have enabled me to solve others.

    18a 23,7,1 is Great American Songbook which I’ve never heard of . To get April =girl is tough
    21a I had the correct letters but couldn’t come up with a word
    6d I think that agnostic=one who has doubts is very very tough. The best I could think of was Thomas .
    7d I didn’t have any idea what was going on here but to get Erica =woman from all the possibilities is very hard.
    9d Never heard of it anyway
    16d I did think of mall but hadn’t come across pall meaning put a damper on.
    19d I ran through African countries but I don’t think I knew this one existed.
    22d Tough!

    Way beyond my ability level I’m afraid.

  3. JollySwagman says:

    On the easy side with most of the wordplays really spelled out but still very enjoyable indeed.

    First Wanderer for me and hope to see more.

  4. Bryan says:

    Many thanks Jed and Wanderer

    This was very enjoyable!

    More please Wanderer.

  5. Sil van den Hoek says:

    Pleasant third puzzle by Wanderer.
    I solved this puzzle without the use of any form of external help. Anyone knowing me will conclude: a relatively easy crossword – have to agree with JS.

    WHEELIE (10ac) we had only yesterday in the Guardian (Paul) and I was also quite sure that I saw the unusual YUMMIER recently. Indeed, Kairos (in the Indy) clued it with more or less the same device: “Oddly your Mum is regularly merry and more delectable”.
    Wanderer isn’t Kairos, isn’t (s)he?

    I found Wanderer’s previous crossword a real gem and better than today’s. That said, I know that you can’t have it all all the time. There were quite a few really nice clues. I tupu-like ticked 11ac (MANDELA), GREAT (23ac) and 6d’s CONGA (everything pointed in the direction of SALSA, but no!).

    If I have to be critical (but I don’t have to), I wasn’t completely happy with 21ac (LACHRYMAL). I do not like “not a radius” which suggest we have to remove A+R which is not the case here.

    Also not happy with 7d (AMERICAN).
    I can appreciate Wanderer’s creativity here, but all these dots shouldn’t be there. However, they are.

    Enjoyable crossword.

  6. Keeper says:

    I had an alternate parsing for 8d. “Variety” as an anagram indicator for the contents of (“found in”) “Oregon yard”. Thus, [o](REGON YAR)*[d]. But I think I prefer Jed’s.

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