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Enigmatic Variations No.1063 – Reform by MynoT

Posted by Mister Sting on April 13th, 2013

Mister Sting.

‘Reform’? Surely not a puzzle about everyone’s favourite right-wing purveyors of guff? (Actually, hold that thought…) In any case, I sometimes get rather stuck with trickier missing letter clues, so I wonder if this one is going to behave. (Actually, I don’t. Obviously, I’ve already solved the puzzle at this point. But let’s not damage the fourth wall any more.)

As it transpired, 13ac had to wait until I worked out the quotation, as I think did one or two others, but I made steady progress and acquired an all-but-full grid. That gave me the instruction: HIGHLIGHT QUOTATION IN GRID ADJOIN MISSING WORD. That was all very well, but although I’d spotted THROUGHOUT THE WAR written in a ‘circular’ fashion in the middle of the grid, this didn’t ring any bells for me. I imagine, however, that for some other solvers this would not only have given them the hint they needed, but my expression of ignorance will be taken as indicative of the declining standards of education and/or taste. To all of which I say phooey.

Anyway, I hate grid-staring, so I was worried that I’d simply hit a wall at that point. As it was, I combined the phrase I’d found with a likely contender for part of the marginal phrase (around the NW corner) and some internet searching (relatively) quickly allowed me to fill in the perimeter (clockwise, starting in the SE) thusly: THE HOUSE OF DID NOTHING IN PARTICULAR AND DID IT VERY WELL.

The one benefit that my ignorance accorded me was that my ‘research’ had not only given me the source of the quotation (Gilbert and Sullivan’s ‘Iolanthe or the Peer and the Peri’ – specifically, the song ‘When Britain Really Ruled the Waves’), but had given me the correct word to write below the grid, which some will possibly have misremembered as ‘Lords’. In fact, the required word was PEERS. So it *is* about right-wing purveyors of guff! (Not really, I’m a fan of the Lords, except on issues like sexuality.)

Here’s a link to a ‘slightly updated’ version of the song. (As always, the comments below the video make me want to punch a wall.)

And here’s a fun article trashing one of Reform’s reports. (And, Oh my! [Insert your choice of saviour] on a bike! The first comment. “Demand ultimately creates supply.” Although economists agree on almost nothing, they would without exception insist on the falsity of that statement. But I digress.)

Apologies if my whimsically irrelevant rambles are not to your taste. At any rate, I enjoyed the puzzle, so thank you to MynoT.


(xxx) = definition
[xxx] = (anagram/homophone/container/etc.) indicator
XXX* = anagram
< = reversal
XXX= unused letter(s)
HAD=extra letter

Please post a comment if the explanations are not clear.

 H 10 ADVENT Arrival suffered wind from France (6) arrival: HAD (suffered) VENT (wind from France)
 I 12 SEVERED Pip, hiding contender, was cut off (7) cut off: SEED (pip) [hiding] VIER (contender)
 G 13 PRAM Lighter old busybody lacking a movement that’s involuntary (4) lighter: PRAGMATIC (old busybody) [lacking A TIC (movement that’s involuntary)]
 H 16 NUNDINAL Savage, in juggling in land, is concerning the market (8) concerning the market: HUN (savage) [in] [juggling] INLAND*
 L 17 ARGOT Slow time for language (5) language: LARGO (slow) T (time)
 I 18 MUSTH Dangerous state of mad humanist short of a number (5) dangerous state: [mad] HUMANIST* [short of a number]
 G 20 OUENS Fruitful kibbutz is entertaining upper-class SA men (5) SA men: OGEN (fruitful kibbutz) S (is) [entertaining] U (upper-class)
 H 21 GUJARAT Indian state punished Rajah entering canal (7) Indian state: [punished] RAJAH* [entering] GUT (canal)
 T 23 GREBE Diver upset Egbert (5) diver: [upset] EGBERT*
 Q 26 ALMEH Dancing-girl’s uneasiness when unionist leaves and then he returns (5) dancing-girl: QUALM (uneasiness) [unionist leaves] <HE [returns]
 U 28 INLAW One international organisations’s rule is relative (5) relative: I (one) UN (internation organisation) LAW (rule)
 O 29 STONILY Obdurately promiscuous in Sylt (7) obdurately: [promiscuous] INSYLT*
 T 30 MANEH Instruction on stage at last to cash Greek money (5) Greek money: MANET (instruction on stage) H (last to casH)
 A 32 TUGRA Draw right monogram (5) monogram: TUG (draw) R (right)
 T 34 TACHE Facial hair is long (5) facial hair: ACHE (long)
 I 36 AIR RIFLE Gun could be frailer (8, 2 words) gun: [could be] FRAILER*
 O 38 MOIL Military defile disused (4) defile disused: MIL (military)
 N 39 NORWEST What is the point of ramshackle towers? (7) point: [ramshackle] TOWERS*
 I 40 ADORAL One image about god indicating where mouth is (6) where mouth is: A (one) IDOL (image) [about] RA (god)
 N 2 IVAN Terrible one beheaded female singer (4) terrible one: [beheaded] DIVA
 G 3 UNLIT Dark weapon rested (6) dark: GUN (weapon) LIT (rested)
 R 4 ASSART Donkey to grub (6) grub: ASS (donkey) AT (to)
 I 5 REALO Royal priestess is a co-operative Green (5) co-operative Green: REAL (royal) IO (priestess)
 D 6 NEAR Close to new sound of roes (4) close to: N (new) DEAR (sound of roes)
 A 7 DRAGNET Police search doctor’s gun belt regularly (7) police search: DR (doctor) GuNbElT [regularly]
 D 8 DELOS Fish returned to this island (5) island: <SOLE (fish) [returned]
 J 11 DRUM UP Summon Unionist magistrate below ridge in Scotland (6, 2 words) summon: U (unionist) JP (magistrate) [below] DRUM (ridge in Scotland)
 O 14 INHALE Take a breath in Spain going round ring (6) take a breath: IN E (Spain) [going round] HALO (ring)
 I 15 LAUGH Edmund’s to deride return of trouble with expression of repugnance (5) Edmund [Spenser]’s to deride: <[return of]AIL (trouble) with UGH (expression of repugnance)
 N 19 SAGA French author’s long story (4) long story: SAGAN (French author)
 M 22 LETTRE Obstruct orifice without a French letter (6) French letter: LET (obstruct) TREMA (orifice) [without a]
 I 24 RUNG Spoke, having regrets (4) spoke: RUING (having regrets)
 S 25 PLACARD Written notice from old harbour authority attaching work documents (7) written notice: PLA (old harbour authority) CARDS (work documents)
 S 26 AWEEL Well then, in Scotland fear a golfer (5) well then, in Scotland: AWE (fear) ELS (a golfer)
 I 27 ALALIA Inability to speak about city twice (6) inability to speak: A (about) LA LA (city twice)
 N 29 STINTS Southern birds are small waders (6) small waders: S (southern) TITS (birds)
 G 30 MA FOI My goodness, one of old school is rising (5, 2 words) my goodness: <I (one) OF GAM (old school) [is rising]
 W 31 HAWSE Part of bow possesses energy (5) part of bow: HAS (possesses) E (energy)
 O 33 UREDO Once use a small amount of drug and nettlerash appears (5) nettlerash: URE (once use) D (a small amount of drug)
 R 35 HOWF American greeting French in habitual haunt in Ayr (4) habitual haunt in Ayr: HOW (American greeting) FR (French)
 D 37 FORE Former president’s start of early warning (4) warning: FORD (former president) E (start of early)

One Response to “Enigmatic Variations No.1063 – Reform by MynoT”

  1. Jaguar says:

    I wasn’t sure if you had to highlight the perimeter or not. I didn’t. I’m going to guess that I’ll miss out on a chance at this week’s pen. Which is a pity, as I have the theme song on my iPod. Took a while for the penny to drop, though. Found by sheer luck the fit “nothing in particular” and it just triggered the memory of the rest of the song.

    Even if the perimeter had to be highlighted or not, so even if I got this one wrong, I enjoyed this so thanks to MynoT for a fun theme and some clever cluing!

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