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Azed 2131 — ‘Right & Left’

Posted by John on April 14th, 2013


A nice crossword of the type that Azed often sets. The preamble states “Apart from 1 Across, which is normal, each clue is really two clues, side by side but not overlapping, the answers to which are to be entered in the two similarly numbered squares in the diagram, either side of the central vertical bold line. Either word may be clued first, and the division is not necessarily marked by punctuation….

In these answers I have given the clue, with / between the two parts, and parsed the left-hand answer first in every case even though this may not be the left-hand part of the clue.


1 TWO-WAY MIRROR — wow in (tiro marry)*
6 ANIME/NEELE — Gum chewing man, i.e./help (once) in embroidering fine, elegant cloaks — (man i.e.)*/fiNE ELEgant — the hidden indicated by ‘cloaks’
7 BRENT/STADE — Bowl remained, by the sound of it,/smooth for Jock stooping around start of roll — b(r{oll})ent/short for stadium (= bowl), “stayed”
8 LIENAL/TERMED — Small area inside right and left of the spleen once/called ‘intermediary’, i.e. lacking outer parts — lien(a)l/inTERMEDiary
10 DECREW/RANDEM — Three-horse vehicle quickly passed market and has left/City area — described circuits as ‘become less’ no longer — EC in drew [= described]/ran dem{and}
11 ANTIAR/SCRUTO — Such latex is dangerous: no pro, amateur opening in Royal/Court’s capers, trap for actors — anti [opposite of pro] a R{oyal}/(Court’s)*
14 CUEIST/IMMANE — Formerly savage knight yielding to gentlemen in empty/tomb: use empty inside for frequent potter — u{s}e in cist/inane with the first n replaced by mm, which is m{onsieur} twice
15 CIVET/WALTY — Taking time aboard yawl at sea that’s inclined to roll/I have to replace coat’s lining, fur — coat with its lining — oa — replaced by I’ve/t in (yawl)*
16 NONET/CANIS — Dogs, some pets in a circus performing turn,/small group such as foolhardy acrobat uses? — no net [as used by a foolhardy acrobat]/The dog genus — petS IN A Circus — hidden rev.
17 GHESSE/HOOKED — The old suppose good German writer/drug-addicted? He gets zonked with OD having injected certainly — g Hesse/OK in (he OD)*
1 TABLE-DANCING/MASTERSWITCH — Teachers fascinate major power controller,/bangled antic upsetting sexy club feature — (bangled antic)*/masters witch [= bewitch]
2 WARIMENT/INTERACT — Create chemistry in course that includes bit of experiment/with art, one chaps entered showing traditional caution — (1 men) in (w art)/e{xperiment} in (in tract)
3 ONEER/REARS — Major blow in love; not once losing heart/takes up John (at Harrow?) — 0 ne{v}er/2 defs, ‘takes up’ and ‘John (at Harrow)?’
4 WINNER/RED-MAD — Dame seen staggering in short highway, unco gyte/wife hit near middle, first to finish — w inner [as in darts]/(Dame)* in rd
5 YELLOW RATTLE/READY-MONEYED — With plenty of cash, my dear, on Crazy Spotted/Cock’s-comb — well, early tot must be drunk — (well early tot)*/(my dear on)* eyed
9 HEADSETS/PETUNTSE — Cans: flyers e.g. opening these wildly/rock barrel in steep manoeuvring — ads in (these)*/tun in (steep)*
12 THEINE/ROMANO — Cheese fellow wrapped inside jumper/he put in part of fork as something to ingest with a cuppa? — t(he)ine/ro(man)o
13 DIVES/MALIK [the competition clue-words]

3 Responses to “Azed 2131 — ‘Right & Left’”

  1. colin says:

    Thanks to Azed and John.

    This was very enjoyable and not as hard as I feared although I was held up by wrongly entering HAVER for 13 on the LHS.

    By the way there is a typo in the grid where you have RETUNTSE entered instead of PETUNTSE

  2. The Trafites says:

    Quite straight forward I thought.

    BTW, 14ac MM = gentlemen, sirs (see Chambers under MM) which I think Azed was getting at.


  3. John says:

    Thanks Colin#1, yes you’re quite right but I’m not going to alter the grid now as it takes ages to do.

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