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Independent on Sunday 1,207 by Poins

Posted by Simon Harris on April 14th, 2013

Simon Harris.

A very enjoyable Sunday crossword from Poins, with at least a couple of chuckles along the way. Whilst I think I’ve almost explained everything, one or two bits and pieces didn’t quite click for me, though I’m sure readers can help out.

1 ENDEAVOUR Attempt an overdue repair (9)
6 LUCRE It is tempting to accept City’s money (5)
City in LURE. I don’t think I’ve seen C clued by “City” before, but I can see how it works
9 AMASS Collect in Yokohama’s streets (5)
[yokoh]AMAS S[treets]
10 WAISTCOAT Clothing rejected as unwanted say by one in bed (9)
hom. of “waste” + (A in COT)
11 EXHILARATE Cheer when greeting the French deserter found in river (10)
(HI + LA + RAT) in EXE
12 PEER Hesitation by extremely polite noble (4)
P[olit]E + ER
14 SPRITES Strep is running wild in elves (7)
15 REPLICA Trouble over enclosing note with salesman’s copy (7)
Sales REP + (C in AIL)<
17 DIPLOMA What a student seeks from investigation initially into reproduction of old map (7)
I[nvestigation] in (OLD MAP)*
19 CERTAIN A murderer smothering monarch taking time to make sure (7)
(E.R. + Time) in CAIN
20 KITE Equipment at the rear of a plane (4)
KIT + [plan]E. Interesting, though I’m not sure I see how this really works. In my parsing, the ‘a’ is redundant, and ‘plane’ does double duty. I did wonder if this is an &lit, in which case it’s excellent, but my knowledge of aerospace engineering falls short 
22 CONNECTION Not nice to play a trick in front of Bond (10)
25 CONSCIOUS Aware of Conservative’s debts after constituent’s tip (9)
CONservative + C[onstituent] + IOUs
26 ABATE Become less of a temptation by the sound of it (5)
hom. of “a bait”
27 SCOPE Room in church housing work on Sumerian leader (5)
S[umerian] + (OP in C.E.)
28 SPARE TYRE Extra port is evidence of overindulgence (5,4)
SPARE + TYRE. Tyre is a Lebanese port
1 EVADE Cameron brought about conclusion of debate to avoid answering (5)
[debat]E in DAVE<
2 DEATHTRAP Passing on by mouth something which is very dangerous (9)
3 ABSOLUTION Almost certain to have no comeback after international’s acquittal (10)
ABSOLUT[e] + International + NO<
4 ONWARDS Ahead is where patients are treated (7)
5 ROISTER Essentially cheerful after nonsense about island revel (7)
(ISland in ROT) + [che]ER[ful]
6 LATE Tardy to criticise missing son (4)
7 CLOSE Cease to have cocaine before getting intimate (5)
Cocaine + LOSE. A tad confused here, as the definition could equally be “cease” or “intimate”, while neither of the two seem to clue LOSE particularly well
8 ENTERTAIN Think about volunteers in Ireland supporting a hospital department (9)
E.N.T. + (T.A. in ERIN)
13 APPRECIATE Be aware of increase in value (10)
14 SIDEKICKS Arrogance shown by Schwimmer at first after an enthusiastic but short-lived interest in Friends (9)
SIDE + KICK + S[chwimmer]. Very good surface reading
16 IMAGINARY Made up by a girl over a drink with Poins (9)
I (‘Poins’, the setter) + (A GIN in MARY)
18 AMOROUS A suspicious Moor useless when in love (7)
A + MOOR* + US[e]. It took me a while spot while ‘useless’ is US[e], but I like it
19 CANASTA Is unable to eat for instance before a game (7)
(AS in CANT) + A
21 TANGO Dance to beat to get fit (5)
23 NIECE New diamonds worn by earl’s relative (5)
Earl in (New + ICE)
24 ACNE Bill oddly neglected onset of disease (4)
ACcount + [o]N[s]E[t]

* = anagram; < = reversed; [] = removed; hom. = sounds like

5 Responses to “Independent on Sunday 1,207 by Poins”

  1. nmsindy says:

    I think in 7d ‘cease to have’ = lose with the definition ‘intimate’

  2. NeilW says:

    Thanks, Simon.

    KITE – I think “the rear” as in thE is what you’re looking for.

    Isn’t EVADE DAVE< + E?

    CLOSE I read as "Cease to have" with Cocaine "before".

  3. michelle says:

    This puzzle was a lot of fun. I liked so many of the clues, especially CONNECTION, PEER, CONSCIOUS, ABATE, CANASTA & ONWARDS.

    My absolute favourites were EXHILARATE, EVADE & SPARE TYRE.

    It took me a while to parse 16d as I did not know the word ‘poins’ and finally realised that this is the name of today’s setter as I was writing this post.

    New word for me today was ROISTER.

    I parsed 7d with definition being ‘intimate’ = CLOSE. C(ocaine) + LOSE (cease to have).

    For 20d, could it be KIT + (th)E = KITE = plane?

    Thanks for the puzzle, Poins, and and thanks for the blog, Simon.

  4. michelle says:

    Sorry, I took to long to write my post and have doubled up on others’ messages.

    I agree with Neil regarding EVADE = DAVE< + E

  5. Simon Harris says:

    Thanks everyone, that all adds up nicely. Funny how my brain just disregarded the “to have” as simply linkage for the wordplay.

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