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Cyclops 492: Larkin’ about

Posted by jetdoc on April 15th, 2013


Pretty straightforward, I thought, unlike a few of the slightly more challenging recent ones; but none the worse for it. It’s 10 days or so since I solved it, but I don’t recall any major difficulties. Mind you, I am still a bit migraine-ravaged…

No special fave clue, but I like 5a, 17a, 1d and 21d.

8EGGNOGHot drink no good after turkey, potentially
NO; G = good; EGG = potentially a turkey (if it was laid by a turkey in the first place)

1 FOPPISH Preening female at work, half high on heroin
F = female; OP = work; PIS[sed] = half high; H = heroin. Definition: preening
5 BICEPS Arm-raisers with an “either sex OK” attitude, against Anglican Church’s taking power?
BI = with an “either sex OK” attitude; CES = Anglican Church’s (Church of England’s); containing P = power
Biceps brachii
10 FRACKING RIGS Inflicting torture during wanks: rather controversial means of releasing gas
RACKING = inflicting torture; FRIGS = wanks
Hydraulic fracturing
9 MORALITY Liam mucked about with Tory honesty and integrity
*(Liam Tory)
(And thanks to Brian for pointing out that I missed this one out)
12 THRONGS Hosts require minimal coverage by Sun about Rupert’s introduction
THONG = minimal coverage; S = Sun; containing R = Rupert’s introduction. Both throngs and hosts can mean large numbers of people.
14 IGNOBLE Mean, on reflection, private peer
GI = US Army private, backwards (‘on reflection’); NOBLE = peer
15 BARE ASS Naked American pissed as a Serb
*(As a Serb). A term meaning ‘naked’ in the US.
17 HOLY SEE Wallowing, yes, in dump presided over by the pope
*(yes), with ‘wallowing as the anagram indicator; in HOLE = dump
Often incorrectly referred to as the Vatican (very kitsch website), the Holy See is not the same entity as the Vatican City State, which came into existence only in 1929. So now you know.
20 STATE PENSION Government handout, say, gets a holiday place abroad
STATE = SAY; PENSION = holiday place abroad (B&B in France)
23 FLEXIBLE Feel bad about voter’s choice: beaten Lib. yielding
*(Feel); X = voter’s choice; *(Lib). Definition: yielding
24 LARKIN He did lines of heroin finally after frolic with Cyclops
N = heroin finally; after LARK = frolic; with I = Cyclops.
Philip Larkin did lines, in the sense that he was a poet.
25 ON EDGE Feeling restless, done getting screwed? Say “turning over”
*(done) = done getting screwed; EG = Say, “turning over”
26 TRY IT ON Tory nit given a makeover — see just how far one can go?
*(Tory nit)
1 FIGUREHEAD Reckon a sexual act produces a crafty bust?
FIGURE = reckon; HEAD = oral sex, as mentioned in the wonderfulWalk on the Wild Side. A figurehead can mean ‘a figure or bust under the bowsprit of a ship (craft).
2 PANIC Screwed in a dividing copper flap
*(in a); ‘dividing’ PC = copper
3 INGOING Entering office being elected, then resigning
IN = elected; GOING = resigning
4 HOMAGE Tool covers Private Eye, though shrunken? Respect!
HOE = tool; MAG[azine] = Private Eye, though shrunken
5 BARKING Greater London area nuts
Double definition
6 COLOSTOMY Small business worried mostly about ring procedure to divert motions
CO = Small business; *(mostly); containing O = ring. Definition: procedure to divert motions; ’nuff said.
7 PITT Depression hits tense prime minister
PIT = depression; T = tense
Could be Pitt the Elder, Pitt the Younger, Pitt the Embryo… (see this episode of Blackadder)
11 OLD ETONIAN Maybe Cameron produced nation on dole, no getting away from it
Anagram of ‘nation on dole’ without ‘no’
13 OVERSEXED Poetry in first third of Oxford edition — can’t get enough of it
VERSE = poetry; in OX = first third of Oxford; ED = edition
16 SHAMBLE He’s smeared with balm to do a drag walk
*(hes balm)
18 OVERLAY Roger, to an unacceptable degree, is veneer?
Were one to roger [someone] to an unacceptable degree, one could be said to over-lay them.
19 DEFEAT Rising FBI agent gets put away for licking
FED, reversed = rising FBI agent (‘rising’ being OK for reversal in a Down clue); EAT = put away
21 SPRAT Lean Jack Straw’s prime dope
S = Straw’s prime; PRAT dope. Lean Jack, as featured in the nursery rhyme
22 PLAN Labour leader involved in rubbish idea
L = Labour leader; in PAN = rubbish (as a transitive verb, meaning ‘review or criticize harshly’)

No jokes come to mind this week, but I do have a couple of images for you.
One that’s topical…



… and one that gives you all the real ‘fix it’ advice you’ll ever need (oh joy, the all-new singin’, dancin’ software seems finally to have let me add it!):



8 Responses to “Cyclops 492: Larkin’ about”

  1. sidey says:

    Hope you are fully recovered jetdoc, thanks for blogging.

  2. Brian says:

    And just to complete things, 9 across is MORALITY

  3. jetdoc says:

    Thanks, Brian!

  4. Dan says:

    What was 10 across? “Fracking” something?

  5. FrankO says:

    I found this a real toughie and could only do 1/2. Picking up from sidey sorry to hear you were not well and thanks again for your explanations. I’m guessing with Dan on 10 across being Fracking something but stumped on the second word.

  6. jetdoc says:

    For some reason, the clue and solution to 10a, which was in my original blog, got lost when I edited the post to insert the solution to 9a, which had been missed out. I think I will re-post the whole thing.

  7. jetdoc says:

    Managed to fix it, I think.

  8. lemming says:

    Yes, sorry to hear you’ve been megrimish.

    I’d have finished a lot sooner if I hadn’t spent far too much time on wanks, even shamefully resorting to dictionaries and thesauruses while doing so. In the end I decided 10ac had to be “fracking”, and then flipped through all three letter words until “rig” jumped out. But I really hadn’t thought of “frigging” as other than the two-person activity even though dictionaries, once I was able to check, clearly differ.

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