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Financial Times 14,289 by Cinephile

Posted by PeeDee on April 17th, 2013


I found this quite easy to solve yet very satisfying in the process.  Loads of variety and interest and fresh ideas, how does he keep it up?  I am continually astonished at Cinephile/Araucaria’s output.

I spent a while wrestling with the instructions: does OT not being the same wherever it occurs allow OT to be the same in some places it occurs?  In the end I just gave up thinking about it and enjoyed the puzzle.  Thank you Cinephile.

1 JEREMIAH OT character before road accepted by most returning pilgrims (8)
ERE (before) MI (M1, a road) inside HAJi (pilgrims) unfinished (most of) and reversed (returning) – from the Old Testament
6 BLOTTO Second group takes to getting drunk (6)
B (second) LOT (group) with TO
9, 20 ARTFUL DODGER OT character made 7 guard fret (6,6)
anagram (made by) of OLD GUARD FRET – from Oliver Twist
10 IMMODEST Boastful setter’s way on street (8)
I’M (setter is) MODE (way) on ST (street)
11 STUN Lunatic’s turn to astonish (4)
NUTS (lunatic’s) reversed (turn)
12 SMALL ROYAL Size of paper for princeling? (5,5)
double/cryptic definition – an old imperial paper size 24″x19″
14 ASH BLOND Has changed number held by fictional agent almost beyond the pale (3,5)
HAS* (changed=anagram) L (fifty, number) in (held by) James BOND (fictional agent) – a pale hair colour, that still counts as blond
16 ITEM One or two? (4)
double definition – a romantic pairing
18 LEVI OT character to rise at the Tate? (4)
LEVI + Tate = levitate (to rise) – Old Testament character
19 ANISETTE I make crosswords before going round with liqueur (8)
ANTE (before) going round I SET (make crosswords)
21 HEAD-TO-HEAD Competitive version of private conversation? (4-2-4)
double definition – I think ‘version’ might indicate that this is an alternative/translated version of tete-a-tete
22 TIFF Meal missing in row (4)
TIFFin (meal) missing ‘in’
24 CAMARGUE Dispute following river to delta in France (8)
The River CAM then ARGUE (dispute) – a river Delta in southern France
26 O-RINGS Sing or dance with seals (1-5)
(SING OR)* anagram=dance
27 REPAIR Go and mend (6)
double definition – eg ‘the Ladies repair to the drawing room’
28 LIGHTING Visual aids obtained with few pounds in Gateshead (8)
LIGHT (a few pounds) IN G (first letter of gate) – definition is ‘visual aids’
2 EGRET Bird removed top of rue (5)
rEGRET (rue) with top removed
3 EFF AND BLIND The badly fed, including supporter that isn’t perceptive, utter obscenities (3,3,5)
FAN (supporter) in FED* (badly=anagram) BLIND (isn’t perceptive)
4 ILLUSION Mirage left America in Troy (8)
L (left) US (America) in Ilion (old name for Troy)
5 HAIL AND FAREWELL Quick visit causes leaderless country to prosper (4,3,8)
tHAILAND (country) missing leading letter FARE WELL (prosper) – definition is ‘quick visit’
6 BUMBLE OT character with a buzz (6)
Mr Bumble from Oliver Twist and bumble bee
7, 8 OLD TESTAMENT OT sprayed Dettol over part of fower (3,9)
DETTOL* (anagram=sprayed) including (going over) STAMEN (paort of flower)
13 OLIVER TWIST Look up “green” (I knew about it) in OT (6,5)
LO (look) reversed (up) and then I WIST (knew) about VERT (green)
15 STEVENAGE Flat held by coach of League One club (9)
EVEN (flat) in (held by) STAGE (coach) – Englisg League One football club
17 BIRDSONG Airs from the air? (8)
cryptic definition
20 See 9
See 9
23 FAGIN OT character’s hard work at home (5)
FAG (hard work) IN (at home) – character from Oliver Twist
25 ASA OT character of similes (3)
as something AS A something (found in similies) – character from the Old Testament, the third King of Judah


2 Responses to “Financial Times 14,289 by Cinephile”

  1. Bryan says:

    Many thanks PeeDee and Cinephile

    This was a wonderful puzzle which was a joy to solve.

    I loved the challenge of finding the alternative OT.

  2. aztobesed says:

    Thanks PeeDee.

    I had great fun with this, too. I think the O-rings were responsible for the dreadful Space Shuttle explosion. I struggled with ASA and settled for ADA being half of ADAGES and misremembering Oliver’s mother’s name (she was Agnes – but her part is minuscule).

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