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Inquisitor 1276: Fundamental Error by Lato

Posted by HolyGhost on April 17th, 2013


Eleven corrections to definitions spell a phrase explaining 10 unclued entries. The remaining unclued entry (defining the phrase) would “in normal cryptic crossword usage, regard Lato’s interpretation as erroneous.”
Don’t really understand that last bit, but let’s crack on.

Inq_1276 Progress was moderate, but enough to get HOBO & DOSSER as two unclued entries. The breakthrough came roughly half-way through with the misprinted U in the clue for 23a which gave me BUMS … as the start of the phrase, quickly guessing … ON SEATS as the rest, and leading to AUDIENCES as the ‘odd’ unclued entry. It was then that I realised that SEATS referred to SEAT cars (pronounced SAY-AT) and so those two BUMS were sitting on IBIZA & LEON. (And that the other unclued entries were paired in a similar way.)

The rest followed in quick succession. (I had to Google SEAT models – not in any of my reference works.) I hazard that the last sentence of the rubric refers to the two possible pronunciations of SEAT, and that the Fundamental of the title alludes to Chambers’ definition of “fundament” as buttocks.

Lots of short words here, and a theme more verbal than ‘general knowledge’. (Also, shades of 1146 Angels/Devils on Horseback.) But some good clues, so let’s not quibble – thanks.

No. Answer Correction
to definition
6 AWED A(thletic) + WED (united)
9 TRIUMVIR TRIUM(ph) (victory) VIR(go) (sign)
10 FREE B bold R (rex, king) in FEE (payment)
12 RAGA (compose)R + AGA (cooker, range)
14 DIOTA AID (help) around TO rev.
15 AMEN AMEN(d) (cure)
17 GELT GET (make) around L (fifty)
18 ÉPÉE (R)EEPE(rbahn) rev.
19 CIRRUS C (circa, about) IR(eland) + SUR (on) rev.
21 AESIR A(re) + RISE (mount) rev.
23 PET U sulk EP(istle) (letter) rev. + (cour)T
24 IDAHO HAD (was obliged) rev. in IO (10)
25 QUORN QUOD (prison) − D(emand) + RN (Royal Navy, service)
26 BOT BORAT (Kazak) − RA (Royal Academician, artist)
27 OATER M film (m)OAT ER(roneously)
29 ACNED CANED (drunk) with first letter moved
33 AS TO OT (Old Testament, holy book collection) + SA (sex appeal, it) rev.
35 TUBA S stop TUB (pulpit) before A
37 LEHR O oven LE (the, Fr.) + HR (Croatia, IVR)
40 URIC (Z)URIC(h)
41 ARVO V(ictor) in A RO (run out)
No. Answer Correction
to definition
1 STRATA TARTS (girls, disrespectful) rev. + A (one)
2 NUANCE NUISANCE (pain in the arse) − IS
3 EMO (on)E MO(re)
4 HIDE N skin HID (kept secret) + E(quipment)
5 TSOTSI [IT’S]* around SOT (fool, obs.)
6 AFT RAFT (a large number) − R(esistance)
7 WRAP RAP (crime), homophone
8 DESERT S Gibson maybe [RESTED]*
{ref.: The Gibson Desert, Western Australia}
11 EXETER EX (old) + RETE (network) rev.
13 GESTATE EG (for example, say) rev. + STATE (say)
16 CIAO CHOW (food), homophone
20 REPEL E check LEPER (outcast) rev.
22 SPREAGH A foray [HEARS GP]*
25 QADI Q(uery) A(bout) DI (defence intelligence)
26 BHARAL LAB(our) rev. around HAR(d)
30 COLUMN T post COLUMBUS (explorer) + N(ame) − BUS (car, affectionate)
31 DORCAS [CARDS + O(ld)]*
32 SHIRE S horse [RELISH − L(ake)]*
34 TIVO IV (four) in TO
36 BALD BAWLED (cried), homophone
38 BON NOB (toff) rev.
39 MAE [(n)AME(d)]*
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9 Responses to “Inquisitor 1276: Fundamental Error by Lato”

  1. starburst says:

    A thoroughly entertaining puzzle. When I got TOLEDO and ALHAMBRA, I actually got the ‘bums on seats’ connection by assuming he meant seats of power. LEON is also a municipal capital so I wonder(ed) whether this was intentional on Lato’s part?

    Regardless, a very enertaining solve.

  2. Ross says:

    This was fabulous – a relatively easy solve, but more than made up for by that rare thing: a penny-drop that genuinely made me laugh. Thanks Lato, and HolyGhost for the blog.

  3. Trebor says:

    Got all the bums but largely missed the seats, other than “Alhambra” (which briefly threw me off on a theatres tangent) and then eventually “Toledo”. Quite why I never googled both words I will never know!

    Despite missing the crucial twist, still very much enjoyed it.

  4. Tramp says:

    I was lucky enough to be able to test solve this for Lato. I noticed a few bum-type words, as it were, in the unclued entries and a spotted a few Spanish places in the across, unclued entries. I can’t remember exactly which word it was, but I think it was when I saw that TOLEDO (or it might have been ALTEA) fitted the checking pattern, I immediately thought of Seat cars and the penny dropped — what a brilliant moment that was. A marvellous idea, I just wish I’d have thought of it! As always with Tyrus/Lato, the clues are concise and perfectly formed.

    I wish I had more time to solve these IQ puzzles. Every one I have solved has been a gem and I think special mention should go to John Henderson and his checking team for his/their sterling work editing the series.

    Great stuff, Lato

  5. Hi of hihoba says:

    I agree with Tramp (#4) about the excellent standard that our editor, Nimrod, has set. Like the other commentors, I enjoyed this one. I got the SEATS first via IBIZA and ALTEA, and only tumbled to the BUMS later, and realised that the bums were positioned ON the Seats after completion! Very clever Lato.

  6. regalize says:

    What a beautiful puzzle. Nice you got a mention, Tramp!
    Thanks to Lato for another happy Saturday. And all you bloggers too.

  7. Bertandjoyce says:

    When the penny finally dropped it brought a smile to our faces! We also had to search for SEAT models to complete the puzzle.

    What a great idea for a puzzle – thanks Lato, we enjoyed this one.

    Many thanks also to HolyGhost for the blog.

    We’d also like to add our appreciation to Tramp’s for the efforts that go into the Inquisitor series.

  8. Nick says:

    I really enjoyed this too and thought it was a masterclass in clue-writing.

  9. Lato says:

    Many thanks to HolyGhost for the blog and to others for their comments.

    I echo Tramp’s sentiments re John and his checking team.

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