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Financial Times 14,281 – Armonie

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on April 18th, 2013

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Apr 8

While I was expecting a Crux puzzle, I got an Armonie instead. Some think he is too easy and/or really worth a Monday, but I think differently. Despite the fact that nothing is too tricky, Armonie (just like Chifonie at another place) is Mr Smooth himself. Perhaps this was a five-minute-affair for some of ye, for me it wasn’t plain sailing at all. Good crossword.

Definitions are underlined wherever possible and /or appropriate.

1 PARODY Earnings keeping staff? That’s a travesty! (6)
    PAY (earnings) around ROD (staff)
4 ESSENE Ascetic character’s not cold (6)
    ESSENCE (character) minus C (cold)
8 FORCEPS Penny is in the Army & Navy getting surgical equipment (7)
    P (penny) inside FORCES (The Army & Navy)
9 HEN COOP Circle contains enclosure where birds are kept (3,4)
    HOOP (circle) around ENC (enclosure)
11 FOR THE CHOP    About to get fired? Away and ring the president! (3,3,4)
    FORTH (away) + ECHO (ring) + P (president)
    The only dictionary that I don’t have is Collins. Perhaps, they can tell me why P = President.
12 RELY Be sure! Run and see (4)
    R (run) + ELY (see, a cathedral city)
13 CHAPS Leggings for men (5)
    Double definition
    CHAPS is short for ‘chaparajos’, leather riding leggings for a cowboy.
14 NO MATTER Rattle on about award? That’s insignificant! (2,6)
    NATTER (rattle on) around OM (award, Order of Merit)
16 SHERIDAN Dramatist sees woman free a nationalist (8)
    SHE (woman) + RID (free) + A + N (nationalist)
    Richard (Brinsley) Sheridan, 1751-1816.
18 DRIFT Dutch break the bank (5)
    D (Dutch) + RIFT (break, as in a heap)
20 TRAP Carriage in ambush (4)
    Double definition
21 SHOPLIFTER Thief pilfers hot stew (10)
23 UNDOING Ruin a French execution (7)
    UN (a, French) + DOING (execution)
24    WINDBAG Turn crone into prattler (7)
    WIND (turn) + BAG (crone, a not so very nice word for some kind of woman)
25    ENTAIL Involve opponents with private eye (6)
    E,N (East and North, opponents in bridge) + TAIL (private eye)
26 OTELLO Count wears spectacles in opera (6)
    TELL (count) inside OO (spectacles, ie the visualisation of them)
1 PHOTO Jerry hides stolen picture (5)
    PO (jerry, a chamberpot) around HOT (stolen)
2 RICOTTA Abstainer in Cairo cooked cheese (7)
    TT (abstainer, teetotaller) inside (CAIRO)*
3 DEPRESSED Poverty-stricken journalists going into action (9)
    PRESS (journalists) inside DEED (action)
5 SWEEP Keen to support Saturday lottery (5)
    S (Saturday) supported by WEEP (keen, as a verb)
6   EXCERPT Passage leads right into bar (7)
    R (right) inside EXCEPT (bar)
7 EMOLLIENT Men let oil reform as a cream (9)
    (MEN LET OIL)*
10    THIN ON TOP Slim and winning but losing one’s hair (4,2,3)
    SLIM (thin) + ON TOP (winning)
13 COHERENCE One crèche managed consistency (9)
15 MEDALLIST Prize-winner introduces director to food programme (9)
    D (director) inside {MEAL (food) + LIST (programme)}
17   RAPPORT Blame drink for relationship (7)
    RAP (blame) + PORT (drink)
19 INFIDEL Popular communist leader is heathen (7)
    IN (popular) + FIDEL (communist, Castro)
21 SINAI Go astray on main road in Egypt (5)
    SIN (go astray) + AI (main road, the A1)
22 ERATO Patron of the arts in danger at Olympiad (5)
    Hidden solution:   [dang]ER AT O[lympiad]

2 Responses to “Financial Times 14,281 – Armonie”

  1. TonyP says:

    Struggled with this but after reading through your excellent blog I cannot see why.

    Re 18a I cannot see the connection between ‘drift’ and ‘the bank’. Can you help me please?

  2. declanor says:

    TonyP – ‘drift’ as in ‘snow-drift’, a bank of snow.

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