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Financial Times no.14,290 by Gurney

Posted by Ringo on April 18th, 2013


Good morning, all. A pleasant enough puzzle from Gurney today, although, for me, a surfeit of anagrams made it something of a plod. No problems, though, and one or two very nice clues – so thank-you, Gurney.


1. PETITE  Pet [dog] + itE [energy]

4. ABSINTHE  AB [seaman] + sin [wrong] + the [definite article]

9. STAIN  Regular letters from SiTuAtIoN

10. ENDURANCE  Anagram of nu(de) dancer + (revu)e

11. CONCEAL  Once [at one time] within Cal [California]

12. ICEBERG  Anagram of beer cig(ars)

13. ROOD  Reversal of door [means of access]

14. GREETING  Gree(n?) [politician] + ting [metallic sound]

17. DEAD BEAT  Anagram of date a deb

19. RAIN  Hidden in ukRAINe

22. ARDUOUS  Duo [pair] within a rus(e) [a trick]

24. NAIVETE  Reversal of Evian [source of water] + t(her)e

25. LANDOWNER  Lan(e) [road strip] + downer [distressing experience]

26. IDIOT  Idiom [way of speaking] with the final letter changed

27. TIRESOME  Anagram of site more

28. CHEERY  HE [His/Her Excellency, ambassador] + ER [Elizabeth Regina, queen] within Cy [Cyprus]


1. POSTCARD  Ost [East in German] + car [vehicle] within PD [Police Department]

2. TRAINLOAD  Cryptic definition

3. TENDER  Double definition

5. BEDSIDE MANNER  Anagram of Bender ends aim

6. ISRAELI  Is + reversal of Lear [king] + I [one]

7. TENSE  Double definition, alluding to the grammatical ‘past tense’

8. EMERGE  Hidden in schEMER GEts

10. E PLURIBUS UNUM  Anagram of Lisburn MP UU [Ulster Unionist] EU

15. GRAPEVINE  Anagram of Ive n(ew) pager

16. ANCESTRY  Andes [mountains] with d [day] replaced with c [cold] + try [attempt]

18. AMOROUS  Anagram of room within Aus [Australia]

20. HAMLET  Double definition

21. FINISH  Sounds like Finnish [European]

23. DONOR  Final letters in fooD cargO bacoN tO pooR

3 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,290 by Gurney”

  1. Richard3435 says:

    I think in 14 Across, the politician is Green, as in a member of the Green Party rather than anyone called Green.

  2. Gurney says:

    No disrespect to Damian Green MP, but Green was intended to refer in the way suggested by Richard3435 in comment #1

  3. flashling says:

    Thanks Niall and Ringo, I guessed you meant the party rather than a person. A tad unusual for Israeli to be described as SW Asian…

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