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Beelzebub 1206

Posted by Jed on April 19th, 2013


Wonder how many other folk allow themselves this weekly treat






1 Jerk restricting path taken by Jack in athletic event

BROAD JUMP ROAD (path) J (jack) in BUMP (jerk)

11 It’s time to fill glass a little for Angus

BITTOCK IT T (time) in BOCK (glass)

13 Bloody American fellow’s sickness

HEMAL HE (fellow) MAL (sickness)

14 Working to keep church active in the main

OCEAN CE (church) A (alive) in ON (working)

15 I note staff securing a degree of progress

INROAD I N (note) A in ROD (staff)

16 Bluish rill swirling round yard in Wiltshire location


17 Active – as 28 must be?

ASTIR &lit (STRIA)* (28d active)

18 Girl exercises, carrying tool and barrel

PHOEBE HOE (tool) B (barrel) in PE (exercises)

20 Being worried with point?

ENSATE ENS (being) ATE (worried)

21 Failing nag following action

PAST IT PAS (action) TIT (nag)

23 Plant no longer … no longer a melon?

EXOGEN (dicotyledon obsolete) EX (no longer) OGEN (melon)

25 Times following attraction in flashy stuff

LUREX LURE (attraction) X (times)

29 You’ll find Mr on gad then, possibly!

GANDER MONTH (MR ON GAD THEN)* gad is to wander about restlessly

30 Cross joke backfired? Don’t despair!

CHIN UP CHI (cross) PUN< (joke backfired)

31 Zero participating in Indian city assembly

AGORA O (zero) in AGRA (Indian city)

32 Citizen soldiers backing story

ATTIC story = storey CIT TA< (citizen soldiers backing)

33 Unknown figures preceding me into into enclosure, having catalytic effect

ENZYMIC ZY (unknown figures) MI (me) in ENC (enclosure)

34 Trendy youth no longer followed what everyone always did initially

SUEDEHEAD SUED (followed) EH (what) E[veryone] A[lways] D[id]


2 Food processing mostly does for poison

RICIN RICIN[g] (food processing mostly)

3 Loves to accept order in opera

OTELLO TELL (order) in OO (loves)

4 Party with fruitcake and other confection

DONUT DO (party) NUT (fruitcake)

5 Rotter displacing one in dance, showing sign of improvement

J-CURVE in economics CUR (rotter) replacing I in JIVE (dance)

6 European country that is retaining acknowledgement for Asian art

UKIYOE UK (European country) YO (acknowledgement) in IE (that is)

7 Gossipy role dispersed lots of words?


8 Cat’s up to swallow lake salmon

SMOLT L (lake) in TOM’S< (cat’s up)

9 Convert to Islam brought in to diminish pagan

BAALITE ALI (convert to Islam) in BATE (diminish)

10 Medieval language in folder translated by northern church

OLD FRENCH (FOLDER)* N (northern) CH (church)

12 Nine battles playing sport


16 College petition reviewed pupil’s act


19 Hot and sexy, but not initially superior

HAUGHTY H (hot) [n]AUGHTY (sexy)

22 Tent, one that’s half cut by sword

TEEPEE EPEE (sword) in TE[nt]

23 Leader abandoning Earthman to dead mission

ERRAND [t]ERRAN (Earthman SciFi) D (dead)

24 All the chromosomes, information in first being absent

GENOME GEN (information) [h]OME (in)

26 Indian dish a sailor served up – one tucks in

RAITA I (one) in A TAR< (a sailor up)

27 A cereal I abandoned in surprise

AMAZE A MA[i]ZE (cereal minus I)

28 Line up quarters in Dundee

STRIA AIRTS< (Scottish quarters up)

( )* = anagram    [ ] = omit    < = reverse    definitions in italics

4 Responses to “Beelzebub 1206”

  1. Conrad Cork says:

    Well Jed, you probably know by now that I am one of those who do.

    Shall we all out ourselves?

    At least let us try to s[pread the word.

  2. Joan MM says:

    I too am a regular Beelzebub solver – and proud to be so.
    Re 16 A…and the ‘y’ comes from ‘yard’.

  3. Jake says:

    Me too when I can score a copy!

  4. Dormouse says:

    Highlight of my week, crossword-wise.

    Whereas I often can’t complete the weekday puzzles in the Indie, it’s a rare week where I can’t complete this, although I sometimes do a word search for the odd letter at the end. (Quicker than going through Chambers.) I also enjoy the odd words it throws up – like GANDERMONTH and PERISSOLOGY.

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