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Azed 2132/mising

Posted by ilancaron on April 21st, 2013


A single unresolved wordplay and what appears to be a mistake by our friend Azed.  Difficulty about mid-range for Azed — not terribly easy but nonetheless solvable by mere mortals such as myself. See notes below for ALGEBRAic explanation — thanks to Andrew.



10 KARENNI – Thai tribe whose women stretch their necks with brass collars.  Nope. Didn’t know this.  But the comp. anag.  doesn’t quite work — I think it’s supposed to be: (as neck-rings are)*=(Karenni’s grace)* but there’s a missing S on the right-hand side.

11 OLDY – hidden &lit.

14 AL(MAGES)T – treatise by Ptolemy.  Alt=high-flown mood.  Not sure why “as it were” required?

15 E,QUID – my last clue.  Not sure why since it’s not particularly difficult given that quid is the second thing that comes to mind for pound (after L).

16 E(AS)E – AS is Roman coin.

17 MU[c]K,LU[c]K – Eskimo fur boot.

18 RIB,BON – it’s an “endless saw”.  Tough clue since “endless” often tends to be a cryptic instruction.  RIB=a framing timber.

19 BE(INN)ES,S – lots of misleading whisky on the surface here (Southern Comfort and Scotch) but none in the answer. Scots for comfortable.  BEES are known for their work ethic: “busy as a bee”.

23 ARCH,A,IS,T[rendyism]

27 [tai]L,OWRIE – two unknowns needed to solve this equation: LOWRIE=Scots nickname for fox and owrie=Scots drooping.

28 A,ST(R)AY

30 IWIS = two meanings: Maori tribes indeed and certainly (derived from German gewiss).

32 S[ti]WEEP – remove it from rev(peewits=birds)

33 S(AT)IATED – AT in (a diet’s)*

34 G,O(N)K – slang prostitute’s client.

35 [p]EARLIES – pearlies are costermongers and EARLIES are (early) potatoes.

36 H(EDGE,MUST)ARD  – roadside weed



2 LASQUE – another hard clue.  Replace ALI in Lalique (French jewellery designer) with AS to get LASQUE which is an Indian diamond.

3 DROUKIT – sounds like “drew kit” (something a new recruit will have done early on).  And is Scots “drenched”.  I initially guessed DROOKIT which made 15A (EQUID) a lot harder of course.

4 MERIL – hidden – counter used in board game called… merils.

5 [d]U(NLIK*)E[t]

6 SI(MA)RS – cymar which is an undergarment.

7 T(O)AD
8 ALGEBRA – not sure about the wordplay: “School subject: rejoice endlessly when it’s given up before academy?” – academy is A or RA.  The rest?

9 H,YSSOP* – holy-water sprinkler


13 C(EMABL*)IST – cist=tomb.  A cembalo is a harpsichord.

20 NUR,SING – rev(run=roll).

21 S(IR)ENIA – I[slande]R in (in sea)*.  Class of manatees.  Found under sirenian in Chambers.

22 COW,AGE – neat=cow is a familiar crossword idiom.

24 RESTEM – hidden.  Shak. “force back against current”.

25 C(A,DEA)U – DEA = Latin Goddess.

26  S(A)ETER – A in trees*.  Animal shelter.

29 T(W)ILT – quilt=puff in dialect.

31 WAKE – “a track on land” (rare). Two meanings.

2 Responses to “Azed 2132/mising”

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks Ilan – 8d is BE GLA[D] rev. + RA

  2. Rishi says:

    Re your query at 14a. Alt. is ‘altitude’, which means ‘height’. As the use of this word in the clue wouldn’t make sense, we have “high-flown mood”, an extended, poetic, fanciful description – suggested by the qualifier “as it were”.

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