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Financial Times no.14,296 by Dogberry

Posted by Ringo on April 25th, 2013


I’m seldom at my best when I have to call on my scanty reserves of French to complete a crossword, and Dogberry made me do it not once but twice this morning. Still, I muddled through, and in the end I found this very enjoyable, with a handful of lovely charades and Russian dolls and, at 26dn, even a spot of smut to round things off. Thanks, Dogberry.


1. PIEMAN  I.e. [id est, that’s] + m [a thousand, large number] within pan [skillet]

4. TROPICAL  Reversal of port [drink] + anagram of Alic(e)

9. RELATE  Double definition

10. SOLARIUM  Anagram of murals IO [10] (I’m not a fan of 10 being clued in this way, but I love ‘tannery’ as the definition for ‘solarium’, so I’ll let it go)

12. GANGLAND  Reversal of nag [horse] + gland [secreting structure]

13. STUPOR  Anagram of proust

15. NAIL  A [one] within nil [zero, love]

16. PHRENOLOGY  Anagram of log on hyper

19. GREYFRIARS  Anagram of fairy g(odmother) errs

20. SCAB  Initial letters of Scoundrel Cad And Bounder

23. DITHER  Dit [so-called (in French), as in dit-name] + her [woman]

25. SINGULAR  Reversal of lug [ear] within an [indefinite article] within sir [teacher]

27. EXPEDITE  P [piano, quiet] + reversal of tide within Exe [river]

28. SCRAPE  Scrap [fight] + (on)e

29. DISCRETE  Dis [sounds like diss, slag off] + Crete [island]

30. SPLEEN  P [piano] + l [left] within seen [spotted]


1. PARAGON  Par [standard] + agon [struggle]

2. EGLANTINE  A + NT [New Testament, portion of scripture] within eglise [French for church] with S [south] replaced by N [north]

3. ATTILA  Reversal of it within Atla(s) [Titan said to carry the earth (or heavens) on his shoulders]

5. ROOT  Double definition (grub is a verb here)

6. PLANT-POT  Ant [insect] + p [piano, quiet (again)] within plot [scheme]

7. CRISP  Double definition

8. LAMPREY  Lam [strike] + prey [victim]

11. UNCHAIN  Anagram of inca hun

14. REFRAIN  Double definition

17. OSCILLATE  Cilla [girl] within anagram of toes

18. OFFENDER  End [goal] within offer [bid]

19. GODHEAD  Go [hasten] + he [male] within dad [father]

21. BURGEON  B [black] + urge on [spur]

22. EGGCUP  Eg [for example, maybe] + Cu [chemical symbol of copper] within GP [General Practitioner, doctor]

24. TAPAS  TA [Territorial Army, volunteers] + reversal of sap [juice]

26. AT IT  A tit [a bird]

3 Responses to “Financial Times no.14,296 by Dogberry”

  1. peterj says:

    Enjoyed this one! Thanks dogberry!

    Ringo thanks for explanation of “dither” – got the answer but O-level French failed me on that one…

  2. Conrad Cork says:

    Thanks Ringo. And Dogberry, may I hope you don’t equate the relative lack of comments with any lack of enthusiasm for yet another of your typically ingenious puzzles.

  3. crypticsue says:

    I enjoyed it very much too. Thanks to Dogberry and Ringo

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