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Guardian 25,927 / Crucible

Posted by mhl on 27th April 2013


Apologies for the late post – we didn’t complete this last Saturday morning, and I managed to forget that I was meant to be writing a post about it. Anyway, we found this difficult, but it’s a high quality crossword with lots of lovely clues. There’s a theme of the 60th anniversary of Crick and Watson’s discovery of the structure of DNA. The rubric, with clue answers substituted, reads:

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Independent 8,273 by Bannsider (Saturday Prize Puzzle, 20/04/13)

Posted by Simon Harris on 27th April 2013

Simon Harris.

A challenging puzzle, as one tends to expect from a Bannsider, but I got there. It took almost the entire week, but I did manage to finish unaided, though one or two took a little longer to understand even once the answer was clear.

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Enigmatic Variations 1065: Hotiuhtw by Rustic

Posted by Dave Hennings on 27th April 2013

Dave Hennings.

Having escaped from the jaws of Playfair codes with yesterday’s Listener (Oh, No! Not Another Playfair), courtesy of Mordred, here I am well and truly in at the deep end! Time to see if I can sort out one of these pesky blighters.

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