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Independent 8280 by Quixote

Posted by NealH on April 29th, 2013


Lots of neat, well-written clues as ever from Quixote. I particularly liked the &lit of 6 and and the apposite surface reading of 22.

1. Bill had a meal eating dog? True! (8)
Accurate Ac + ate around cur.
5. Head covering in African country edged with gold (6)
Chador Chad + or, although a chador seems to be more of a full-body garment than specifically a head covering.
9. Set off as Winnie’s companion crossing river (7)
Trigger Tigger around r(iver).
10. Shouts when fattening food is served aboard ship (7)
Screams SS around cream.
11. Orpheus playing — without hesitation, a really great guy (9)
Superhero Orpheus* around er(=hesitation).
12. Resin? Last bit in tube’s lousy (5)
Epoxy [Tub]e + poxy.
13. A smuttier rag may upset JPs (12)
Magistrature (A smuttier rag)*.
17. Be like a bowler preparing run-up to succeed (4,4,4)
Make ones mark DD
20. Confession of professional killer somewhere off Scottish mainland (5)
Islay. CD – “I slay”.
21. Ability to understand, perhaps too late, things hid obscurely (9)
Hindsight (Things hid)*.
23. Bid in game, not game that politician will follow (2-5)
No Trump Not + RU(=Rugby Union=game) + MP.
24. Poor person given shelter and love by leader of temple (4-3)
Have not. Haven + O + t[emple].
25. Old stone fouled up by the oil (6)
Eolith (The oil)*.
26. Close in on a fish keeping very quiet (8)
Approach A roach around PP.
1. Skilled person in part is terrific (6)
Artist Hidden in pART IS Terrific.
2. Resentful employee of building firm? (6)
Chippy CD (chippy is slang for a carpenter).
3. Bishop with inner conceit upset man, I understand (5)
Roger RR around ego< plus 2 defs (man and I understand).
4. Pressure to conform, wherein the lip may curl (5-4,4)
Three-line whip (Wherein the lip)*
6. Negotiate for a shire here? (5,4)
Horse fair. Neat &lit – (for a shire)*.
7. Put up with topless fashion making conversation (8)
Dialogue Laid< + [v]ogue.
8. Following others, lady finally took initiative to be made over(8)
Restyled Rest + [lad]y + led.
10. Posh PM strains awkwardly to convey fairness and good humour (13)
Sportsmanship (Post PM strains)*.
14. Worker getting hold of a young drunk may be just the person to solve problem (5,4)
Agony aunt Ant around young*.
15. A doctor that is pleasant — one out to create an aura (8)
Ambience A MB + i.e. + n[i]ce.
16. Stella running, full of energy in motion, is very thin (8)
Skeletal Stella* around KE, which if you remember your school physics stands for kinetic energy.
18. Country overcome by thug and associate (6)
Uganda Hidden in thUG AND Associate.
19. Bird enters school — something seen in the needlework class (6)
Stitch Tit in sch.
22. Divorce should be the last thing for couples always(5)
Sever [Couple]s + ever, def is divorce.

11 Responses to “Independent 8280 by Quixote”

  1. flashling says:

    Thanks Neal & Quixote, certainly not Don at his hardest but some excellent clues, pity a chador isn’t edged in gold as that would have made it an outstanding clue.

  2. michelle says:

    I enjoyed this puzzle by Quixote. My favourites were 24a, 1a, 9a, 7d, 8d & 14d.

    New words for me today were ‘eolith’, three-line whip’and ‘chippy’ = ‘carpenter’ & ‘resentful’.

    Thanks for the blog, NealH

  3. michelle says:

    This is a good time for me to ask about the difference between a cd and a dd. I discovered that CHIPPY means both ‘carpenter’ and also “(informal) resentful or oversensitive about being perceived as inferior ? a chippy miner’s son” in Collins dictionary.

    Is 2d a cd or a dd or both?

  4. NealH says:

    I think it could probably be interpreted either way. DD would just be resentful(=chippy) and employee of building firm(=chippy), with the question mark there because building firms employ other types of workers as well. But I think you could also argue for it being a CD as saying “this is a building firm worker who sounds as if he’s resentful”. CDs and DDs often overlap, as one part of the defintion is cryptic anyway.

  5. Rowland says:

    Lovely blofg by NeakH, thank-you very much, and neat clues to go with it, in the old style perhaps. Enjoyed.


  6. Kathryn's Dad says:

    Thanks, Neal.

    More tidy stuff from Quixote, as always. HORSE FAIR was clever, and I liked TRIGGER for no other reason than I’m a Winnie-the-Pooh fan. Eeyore is my favourite: grumpiness personified, and a role model for me for many years.

  7. aztobesed says:

    Thanks for the blog — I enjoyed this.

    At 20 I confidently chucked in KILDA.

  8. Flashling says:

    Unlucky AZ!

  9. pennes says:

    Nice puzzle, no fuzzy clues, and Horsefair definitely a nice one.

  10. Bertandjoyce says:

    Easy start to the week but no less enjoyable, especially as we started very late – even later than usual.

    We had to check 5ac – vaguely knew it but needed all the crossing letters.

    Thanks Neal and Quixote.

  11. michelle says:

    thanks for the explanation of CDs and DDs.

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