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Private Eye / Cyclops 493 – …lightenlightenli…

Posted by beermagnet on April 29th, 2013


I smiled at the double-light in column 12 of the grid when it revealed itself.  That’s what us crossword fans want isn’t it – a spot of light enlightening.



1/13 DAMAGE LIMITATION Eye, say, spikes crooked deal – artificial exercise for politicians etc. beset by scandal? (6,10)
MAG (Eye, say) inside DEAL* AInd: crooked, IMITATION (artificial)
4 AGELESS Prat welcomes back member at end of debate going on for ever (7)
LEG< (back member) [debat]E inside ASS (prat)
10 GROIN Madcap rowing wife goes for genital area (5)
(ROWING -w )* AInd: Madcap
12 GLUM Rejected plonker holds length down (4)
L[ength] inside MUG< (plonker, rejected)
14 ABODE House sees political party leader off – Clare’s work? (5)
[l]AB ODE (John Clare is a poet)
16 ANALGESIC Drug to be taken via one’s arse, say, backwards (yes, that’s what it says) (9)
ANAL (yes) EG< (say, backwards) SIC (intentionally so written)
19 BROADSIDE Blast the non-PC female party! (9)
BROAD (non-PC female) SIDE (party) 2nd last answer – thought party was going to be a final DO and the word was going to be an exclamation
20 CLAMP Totally upset Cameron starts to acknowledge longstanding Conservative vice (5)
PM (Cameron) A[cknowledge] L[ongstanding] C[onservative] all reversed
22 CHATTERBOX Conservative, mad character, on TV, who goes on a bit (10)
C[onservative] HATTER (mad character) BOX (TV)
24 GASP Let out pants as a result of flatulence pressure? (4)
GAS (flatulence) P[ressure]
26/11 BALL GAME Playing with nuts, Rugby? (4,4)
DD One in the Eye style, one by example.
27 BOTHA In limbo, Thatcher, the ex-leader (5)
Hidden in limBO THAtcher
28/9 TWIN BEDS They keep dozy couples apart (4,4)
29 SKIPPER Cap’n Bob in the old days, dried up fishy thing (7)
When alive Robert Maxwell was known in the Eye as Cap’n Bob or the Skipper.  But I’m unsure where the S comes from if the dried up fishy thing is a KIPPER.
<Edit.> S[hilling] (Bob in the old days) KIPPER.  Thanks PeterL
30 GDANSK Where Walesa was active, being originally gay and “queer”, singular and constant (6)
G[ay] (AND)* AInd: queer, S[ingular] K (constant)
1 DWELL House members do Democrat good and proper (5)
D[emocrat] WELL (good and proper)
2 MASS MEDIA Body aimed to shake up newspapers etc. (4,5)
(MASS (body) AIMED* AInd: shake up
3 GIGOLO Young man kept squeezing end of tool between rings after engagement (6)
[too]L inside O O (rings) all after GIG (engagement)
5 GENITALS Balls and other members, finally socialist, embraced by Neil, sag pathetically (8)
([socialis]T + NEIL SAG) AInd: pathetically
6 LIGHT Insult Balls, ultimately dismissed as “easy to pick up” (5)
[s]LIGHT the missing S from [ball]S
7 SYMPOSIUM Conference: I’m pussy-whipped (Mo being involved) (9)
(I’M PUSSY + MO)* AInd: whipped
8 COMMONS DEBATE MPs talk of Mates condom distribution to include, initially, errant bishop (7,6)
(MATES CONDOM + E[rrant] B[ishop])* AInd: distribution
15 BIRTHMARK Labour’s result against a younger Thatcher a stigma? (9)
BIRTH (labour’s result) MARK (younger Thatcher)
17 ENLIGHTEN Brief tingle he produced, core of penis (9)
(TINGLE HE [pe]N[is])* AInd: produced
18 ASSEMBLE Act like certain Welsh members having the power to cover up shit? (8)
MESS< inside ABLE Last answer.  DEf. refers to the fact that the Welsh have an Assembly whereas the Scottish have a Parliament, and the English have the Conservatives.
21 EXPAND Mad Paxman booting bloke in rear: “Tell me more than that!” (6)
(PAX[man])* AInd: Mad, inside END (rear)*
23 TULIP Bulbous thing starts to twitch upon touching cheek (5)
T[ouch] U[pon] LIP (cheek)
25 STINK Bonkers finally come together, arse over tip – what a fuss! (5)
[bonker]S KNIT<

Given my predilections I’ve got to put a plug in for this one.

What do people who like science and beer want?  A Science festival based in pubs !- 14-16 May London, Oxford, Cambridge:  Pint of Science

I mean, without science we would never have known about the horsemeat scandal. After which Tesco seem very relaxed about us knowing what else they put in food:



5 Responses to “Private Eye / Cyclops 493 – …lightenlightenli…”

  1. PeterL says:

    Ta beermagnet,

    29 ‘Bob in the old days’ – shilling

  2. sidey says:

    Lovely bit of misdirection in that one.

  3. beermagnet says:

    Certainly was. Obviously completely fooled me. And now I think about it, I don’t think Maxwell was referred to as “Skipper”, just “Cap’n Bob”.

  4. Monty says:


    Why is ‘non-PC female’ broad?

  5. sidey says:

    Broad is US slang for a woman and it’s not Politically Correct.

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