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Financial Times 14,301 by Orense

Posted by PeeDee on May 1st, 2013


An easy solve today, but enjoyable.

Thank you to aztobesed for pointing out that the perimiter of the grid spells BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER

8 RIALTO Bridge books returned by rail, perhaps (6)
OT (Old Testamant, books) reversed following RAIL* – a bridge in Venice
9 AVE MARIA Prayer books changing non- Conservative America (3,5)
AV (Authorised Version, the Bible, books, again) AMERIcA* missing C=Conservative – definition is ‘prayer’
10 EDGE The advantage of backing, say, given to editor (4)
EG (say) reversed then ED (editor)
11 SNEAK THIEF He nicks your stuff if he’s taken off (5,5)
(IF HE’S TAKEN)* off=anagram
12 HA-HA Ditch hotel with a scornful expression (2-2)
H (hotel) with A then HA (scornful expression) – a ditch acting as a hidden wall or fence.
13 AUTOMATISE Make like a robot when A-team is out for change (10)
(A TEAM IS OUT)* anagram=for a change
17 THAI Broadcast link with eastern language (4)
sounds like (broadcast) “tie” (link)
18 OVERT Clear source of tension after lover’s executed (5)
T (first lettter of tension) following lOVER (executed=head chopped off)
19 EDDA English theologian has a couple of books in Norse (4)
E (English) DD (theologian) has A – books of Norse folklore
21 EASY STREET Simple part of postman’s job offering financial security (4,6)
double/cryptic definition
23 LENT Slow very nearly becomes fast (4)
LENTo (slow, nearly completed) – period of fasting
24 GOALKEEPER A person who maintains objectives and always tries to save (10)
double/cryptic definition
28 CASH Money from accident runs out (4)
CrASH (accident) missing R=runs
29 ONCOMING Approaching China, for example by working with firm (8)
MING (an example of china, pottery) following (by) ON (working) with CO (company, firm)
30 AVENUE The approach one takes to a meeting place? (6)
A with VENUE (meeting place)
1 BIRDBATH Bad arrangement in Genesis for avian facility (8)
BAD* (arrangement=anagram) in BIRTH (genesis)
2 ILLEGALITY Sick, before rising maturity cast light on unknown law-breaking (10)
ILL (sick) before AGE (maturity) reversed (rising) LIT (cast light on) Y (unknown, maths)
3 ROUSTABOUT Oil worker tours around, getting sailor dismissed (10)
TOURS* (anagram=around) getting AB (sailor) OUT (dismissed) – a labourer on a rig
4 DATE For example, sell by appointment? (4)
double definition – a ‘sell by date’ is an example of a date
5 SEEK Try to fnd and understand source of knowledge (4)
SEE (understand) with K (first letter of knowledge)
6 OATH Curse course showing love for power (4)
pATH (course) with O (love) replacing P (power)
7 FIXERS People arranging things for Russian leader beset by problems (6)
R (leading letter of Russian) surrounded by FIXES (problems)
14 THEME Subject of note crossing border (5)
TE (musical note) going around (crossing) HEM (border)
15 METATARSAL Thanks sailors during dinner, say, for a bone (10)
TA (thanks) TARS (sailors) in (during) MEAL (dinner say)
16 TREBLE CLEF Flat pitch – triple century left unfnished (6,4)
TREBLE (triple) C (century) LEFt (unfinished) – I’m guessing that ‘flat pitch’ is another name for the treble clef, but I can’t find references anywhere
20 DINOSAUR Earth’s ruler no longer is around, unfortunately (8)
(IS AROUND)* anagram=unfortunately – dinosaurs no longer rule the Earth
22 AMOUNT Sum of money for doctor kidnapped by relation (6)
MO (doctor) in AUNT (relation)
25 LOOK Ladies finally check appearance (4)
LOO (Ladies, toilet) K (final letter of check)
26 EPIC Large-scale source of power in melting ice (4)
P (first letter of power) in ICE* (anagram=melting)
27 POGO Stick plough on unevenly (4)
PlOuGh On (missing the even letters) – a pogo stick


4 Responses to “Financial Times 14,301 by Orense”

  1. Muffyword says:

    Thanks for the blog, PeeDee, and to ORENSE for an amusing crossword (LOOK made me smile).

    I can’t explain the Flat Pitch bit of TREBLE CLEF, unless it’s to do with instruments like the clarinet, where B flat = C.

    I agree generally quite straightforward, but enjoyable, although FIXERS held me up a little at the end.

    I was torn between EDDA and EDDS and eventually chose the wrong one as I felt it fitted a bit better with the surface and cryptic elements – ignorance of Norse folklore was my undoing here.

  2. aztobesed says:

    Thanks for the blog PeeDee. I had INCOMING at 29 (in+ Co + Ming) — and was pleased that the nina proved useful for once. Very enjoyable puzzle.

  3. Muffyword says:

    Oh dear, another NINA missed. That would have helped with EDDA, and makes the clue even fairer.

    Well spotted aztobesed!

  4. mike04 says:

    I’m a day late with Orense’s enjoyable crossword. Thanks for your blog, PeeDee.

    Re: 16dn TREBLE CLEF (Just an idea)
    A pitch is a playing field. If a Treble Clef could be described as a place to play (notes,
    some of which are ‘flat’) then a ‘Treble Clef’ could be described as a ‘Flat pitch’.

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