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Financial Times 14349 by Aardvark

Posted by PeeDee on June 26th, 2013


I enjoyed this, not difficult. but not a pushover either. No themes, ninas, special instructions, bells or whistles; just a good traditional crossword.  Thank you Aardvark.

1 WILLOW Boy’s entertaining run down wood (6)
WOW (exclamation, oh boy!) including (entertaining) ILL (run down)
4 SMUGGLER Runner satisfed injured leg getting right (8)
SMUG (satisfied) LEG* (injured=anagram) with R (right) – a runner of contreband
10 SENEGAL US elite soldier gathers information about republic (7)
GEN (information) reversed (about) in (gathered by) SEAL (US special forces soldier)
11 GUESTED Current newsman touring Spain was invited on show (7)
GUST (current) ED (editor, newsman) going around (touring) E (Espana, Spain) – to have appeared as a guest on a show.  For some reason this word (not the clue) really rubs me up the wrong way.
12 ELAN Style of journalese that’s revolutionary (4)
part of jouNALEse reversed (revolutionary)
13 ROLLING PIN Possibly nip to get kitchen implement (7,3)
the letters PIN could make NIP if they are reversed (rolled)
15 ICEMEN Ancient tribe briefy consume writer making archaeological discoveries? (6)
ME (the writer) in (consumed by) ICENe (ancient tribe) briefly=unfinished – definition is ‘archeological discovery’
16 WARWICK Castle rejected bare piece of candle (7)
RAW (bare) reversed (rejected, sent back) WICK (part of candle) – Warwick Castle in England
20 TREACLY Sentimental attempt to take up lace embroidering (7)
TRY (attempt) containing (take up) LACE* embroidering=anagram
21 FRAPPE Recording level loud, refecting booze (6)
EP (extended play recording) PAR (level) F (forte, loud) reversed (reflected) – an alcoholic drink made with liqueur poured over cracked ice
24 UNTROUBLED Peaceful ‘ound with foreign bread heading for doghouse (10)
UNT (‘ound, hunt missing h) ROUBLE (foreign money, bread) D (first letter of doghouse)
26 ONUS Load old paper back-to-front (4)
O (old) SUN (paper) reversed
28 REPLETE Stuffed agent authorised end of barbecue (7)
REP (agent) LET (authorised) E (last letter of barbeque)
29 SQUEAKY High-pitched broadcaster defends that French article (7)
SKY (broadcaster) contains (defends) QUE (that, French) A (indefinite article)
30 HAY-ON-WYE Over there – amongst fruit – the ancient festival site (3-2-3)
YON (over there) inside (amonst) HAW (fruit of the hawthorn) YE (the, ancient=archaic) – site of the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts
31 CONDOR Bird misdirected staff on party (6)
ROD (staff) reversed (misdirected, going the wrong way) on CON (Conservative Party)
1 WISTERIA Female group on settee regularly boosted dry fower (8)
WI (Womens Institute) on SeTtEe (regular selection from) AIR (dry) reversed (boosted, sent up) – definition is ‘flower’
2 LENT AN EAR Conservationists in pastureland close by, listened (4,2,3)
NT (National Trust, conservationists) in LEA (pastureland) NEAR (close by)
3 OLGA Russian skimmed river there? (4)
vOLGA (river) missing top (skimmed) – Olga is probably (hence question mark) a Russian
5 MAGELLAN Publication number 12’s about lecturer and explorer (8)
MAG (publication) ELAN (number 12 across) containing (is about) L (lecturer) –  Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer
6 GREENSWARD Amount of work raised by wardens ordering turf (10)
ERG (measure of energy, work) reversed (raised) by WARDENS* (anagram=ordering)
7 LET-UP Pause, as the Parisian put on something woolly (3-2)
LE (the, as said in Paris) put on TUP (sheep, something woolly)
8 RIDING Some of county documents seized by criminal gang (6)
ID (documents) in (seized by) RING (criminal gang) – a division of a county, most noteably Yorkshire
9 BLOOM Flower beginning to limp in thunder (5)
L (beginning of limp) in BOOM (thunder)
14 GET A MOVE ON Tory politician welcomes partner back working shift (3,1,4,2)
GOVE (Michael Gove, Tory politician) includes (welcomes) MATE (partner) reversed (back) then ON (working) – definition is ‘shift’.  I thought the definition was nicely disguised here.
17 CAP IN HAND Accountant to attach guide, in a respectful way (3,2,4)
CA (chartered accountant) PIN (to attach) HAND (guide, help)
18 BLUBBERY Rotund Oxbridge sportsperson coming over books transport (8)
BLUE (Oxbridge sportsperson) containing (coming over) B B (book, two of) RY (railway, transport)
19 YEA SAYER Sycophant easy to unravel in time (3-5)
EASY* (anagram=unravel) in YEAR (time)
22 HURRAH Actor’s last performance perhaps given a cry of approval (6)
a double definition – a ‘last hurrah’ is a final appearance or effort, especially at the end of a career (from the novel The Last Hurrah by Edwin O’Connor).  The two definitions are a bit too closely related for this clue to work well for me.
23 BEAST Britain’s peak 90 degrees – it’s savage (5)
B (peak of Britain, first letter) EAST (bearing 90 degrees)
25 TIPSY Unstable coastal tract upset journey’s end (5)
SPIT (a tract of land along a coast) reversed (upset) Y (last letter of journey)
27 SUMO Grappling maths problem with Oscar (4)
SUM (maths problem) O (Oscar, phonetic alphabet) – definition is ‘grappling’, sumo wresting

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  1. ernie says:

    Thanks PeeDee

    21A – I liked the word-play for the subsidiary part of the clue, more so than the definition

    17D – Cap in hand seems to me to imply in a submissive manner rather than in a respectful one.

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