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Guardian Quiptic 718 / Moley

Posted by Big Dave on August 19th, 2013

Big Dave.

Moley once again hits the right level for a Quiptic, but I found one or two of the clues to be a bit disappointing

Most of the definitions given are from Chambers 12th Edition. Most of the standard abbreviations used in the wordplay are shown with the unused letters in brackets e.g. CO(mpany). Definitions are underlined in the clue and only included in explanations where further information is given.



1a Quick, speak! (7)
EXPRESS – two definitions

5a Changed the broken treadle (7)
ALTERED – an anagram (broken) of TREADLE

9a Drank a great deal back at base (5)
DEPOT – reversal (back) of a verb meaning drank a lot

10a Between you and me and one of these — it’s confidential! (9)
GATEPOSTS – the phrase is between you, me and the gatepost

11a Ask for an obvious answer? (3,3,8)
BEG THE QUESTION – a cryptic definition

13a See article resulting in grant (4)
LOAN – a two-letter word meaning see followed by the indefinite article

14a Italy’s own nightingale? (8)
FLORENCE – our famous nurse was named after the city where she was born

17a Company’s new target, who lives in a small house (8)
COTTAGER – CO(mpany) followed by an anagram (new) of TARGET

18a Mystic bear of Disneyland (4)
YOGI – two definitions, although I have reservations about describing this Hanna-Barbera creation as belonging to Disneyland

21a Sedate shop-girl ill-disposed to see competitions for dogs (8,6)
SHEEPDOG TRIALS – an anagram (ill-disposed) of SEDATE SHOP-GIRL – disappointing to find part of the answer in the definition

23a Feeling one student’s in an unstable condition (9)
EMOTIONAL – a feeling followed by  A (one) and L (Learner / student)

24a She split her shoes a bit, being supple (5)
LITHE – hidden (a bit) inside the clue – rather spoilt by the extra padding

25a Stone skull in part of mine (7)
PITHEAD – a fruit-stone followed by a skull

26a To use up peeled tomatoes, first cook (7)
DEPLETE – an anagram (cook) of PEELED with the initial letter (first) of Tomatoes


1d Dyed, bizarrely, in a whirlpool (4)
EDDY – an anagram (bizarrely) of DYED

2d Reformed Top Hat set: seeded first but lost in the end (6,2,3,4)
PIPPED AT THE POST – an anagram (reformed) of TOP HAT SET preceded by an adjective meaning with seeds

3d Presence of bird discovered in Spain and New York (6)
ENTITY – a small bird inside the IVR code for Spain and the abbreviation for New York

4d Holding good, French artist runs up but then slumped (6)
SAGGED – a French Impressionist artist reversed (runs up in a down clue) around (holding) G(ood)

5d Craft, the whole of it, shown in a way that’s disingenuous (8)
ARTFULLY – a craft followed by an adverb meaning the whole of it

6d Perhaps pretty as a picture? (8)
TAPESTRY – an anagram (perhaps) of PRETTY AS

7d Foreign language game is dangerous! (7,8)
RUSSIAN ROULETTE – a foreign language followed by a gambling game

8d Disown their movement, following policeman’s lapse (10)
DISINHERIT – an anagram (movement) of THEIR preceded by a senior policeman and a lapse or offence

12d Reprobate’s back adopting Liberal member of the congregation (5,5)
BLACK SHEEP – BACK around (adopting ) L(iberal) and followed by a member of the congregation

15d American uncle’s parking charter for coastal plant (8)
SAMPHIRE – America’s iconic Uncle followed by P(arking) and a verb meaning to charter

16d Famous again: name admitted (8)
RENOWNED – a two-letter word meaning again followed by N(ame) and a verb meaning admitted or confessed

19d Solid without model that’s dull (6)
STOLID – SOLID around (without) a model of Ford car

20d It’s a good feeling to top up a Porsche, at first (6)
FILLIP – a verb meaning to top up the petrol tank followed by I (a / one) and the initial letter (at first) of Porsche

22d Destiny, they say, is fair (4)
FÊTE – sounds like (they say) destiny

Comments from solvers who are new to cryptic puzzles are more than welcome – and that doesn’t mean the usual suspects can’t add their thoughts as well!

7 Responses to “Guardian Quiptic 718 / Moley”

  1. Andy B says:

    Not for the first time I enjoyed a Quiptic more than the main Monday puzzle. However, I have exactly the same issue with associating Yogi with Disneyland because the cartoons were definitely made by Hanna-Barbera. Post-solve I thought that maybe the 2010 Yogi Bear movie had been made by Disney, but I checked it and it was made by Warner Bros.

  2. Robi says:

    Generally enjoyable with a few reservations.

    Thanks Big Dave; the SHEEPDOG TRIALS was a bit weak, as was STOLID, I thought. A very experienced setter once told me that you should not use one=a, so maybe that should be avoided in a Quiptic.


  3. michelle says:

    This was an enjoyable Quiptic. I liked 1a, 14a, 21a, 11a, 13a & 12a (last in) and my favourite was 18a YOGI (sorry Big Dave & Andy B@1 – the clue made sense to me – after all, it’s only a cryptic crossword puzzle, not a copyright court case).

    New word for me was SAMPHIRE.

    Thanks Moley and Big Dave.

    Robi@2, I did not find 21a “weak”, I thought it was a good anagram.

  4. Robi says:

    Hi Michelle

    Yes, 21a was a good anagram, I was just referring to BD’s blog about the repetition of DOG in clue and answer. :)

  5. Flashling says:

    Thanks BD and Moley. Not quite a beginner but thanks for what I found straightforward. The yogi bear error passed me by – didn’t realise obviously I’m less intelligent than the average bear…

  6. Andy B says:

    Michelle@3 – it is all very well being able to solve a clue despite inaccuracy in the wordplay, and even enjoy it as you obviously did, but in this case the Disneyland reference is just plain wrong. Are you suggesting that just because Disney made a lot of cartoons every cartoon ever made can be referred to as if Disney had made all of them?

  7. Derek Lazenby says:

    I found this tricky to finish, but then it’s been a fuzzy day. Younger readers wait a few decades.

    As I said elsewhere, I’ve changed sides on the grids question, so I didn’t worry about this one, but I did note that it was another puzzle of two halves, triangles this time.

    Andy B, whilst I didn’t like Yogi being mis-attributed either, you asked the wrong question. Remember Biro, Hoover and so on? Hateful as it might be, Disney = cartoon might yet happen. Damn!

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