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Everyman N° 3,517 (2 March 2014)

Posted by PeterO on March 9th, 2014


The puzzle may be found at

When I solved this, there seemed to be quite a lot of misdirection this time out, with a dash of geography thrown in amongst the general knowledge.

1. Singer in musical, touring (4)
ALTO A hidden answer in ‘musucAL TOuring’.
3. No PR in Central American country for international award (5,5)
NOBELPRIZE An envelope (‘in’) of ‘PR’ on ‘no’ plus ‘Belize’ (‘Central American country’).
10. Policeman left with US composer (7)
COPLAND A charade of COP (‘policeman’) plus L (‘left’) plus AND (‘with’).
11. Nursed a poorly man like Fonteyn’s partner? (7)
DANSEUR An anagram (‘poorly’) of ‘nursed a’.
12. Subject to its value, how books may be bought in addition? (2,3,4,5)
BY THE SAME TOKEN Definition and a (rather strained, I think) reference to book tokens.
14. Dreamlike, a 50 after county side comes up short (7)
SURREAL A charade of SURRE[y] (‘county side’, referring to the cricket team, say) without its last letter (‘short’) plus ‘a’ plus L (‘fifty’. Roman numeral).
15. 26, perhaps, eating last of fruit cocktail (7)
STINGER An envelope (‘eating’) of T (‘last of fruiT‘) in SINGER (’26’ – BASS – ‘perhaps’). A stinger is a cocktail of brandy and white crème de menthe.
16. Said about part circling a large city (7)
ORBITAL An envelope (‘about’) of BIT (‘part’) in ORAL (‘said’).
19. Mother’s broken flask (7)
THERMOS An anagram (‘broken’) of ‘mothers’.
21. Generous supporter of mayor righted wrong (5,9)
FAIRY GODMOTHER An anagram (‘wrong’) of ‘of mayor righted’.
23. Chaotic state of affairs in a Sicilian port (7)
MESSINA A charade of MESS (‘chaotic state of affairs’) plus ‘in a’.
24. Country hotel, so in need of refurbishment (7)
LESOTHO An anagram (‘in need of refurbishment’) of ‘hotel so’.
25. Dear dessert? Pity (10)
SWEETHEART A charade of SWEET (‘dessert’) plus HEART (‘pity’).
26. Fish, black when small (4)
BASS A charade of B (‘black’) plus AS (‘when’) plus S (‘small’).

1. Mysterious man, man of the church (10)
ARCHBISHOP A charade of ARCH (‘mysterious’) plus BISHOP (‘man’. a chess piece).
2. One giving better advice? (7)
TIPSTER Cryptic definition.
4. Peculiar periodic social event (7)
ODDBALL A charade of ODD (‘periodic’) plus BALL  (‘social event’).
5. Non-stop, but with no purpose? (7)
ENDLESS Double definition.
6. Christmas show character – I metamorphose spookily around end of Aladdin (9,5)
PANTOMIME HORSE An envelope (‘around’) of N (‘end of AladdiN‘) in PATOMIMEHORSE, an anagram (‘spookily’) of ‘I metamorphose’
7. One with a cold manner in charge on English mountain (7)
ICEBERG A charade of IC (‘in charge’) plus E (‘English’) plus BERG (‘mountain’).
8. Docked in good time for nobleman (4)
EARL EARL[y] (‘in good time’) cut short (‘docked’).
9. Painter in quiet little avenue met Tristan unexpectedly (8,6)
PAVEMENT ARTIST A charade of P (‘quiet’) plus AVE (‘little avenue) plus MENTARTIST, an anagram (‘unexpectedly’) of ‘met Tristan’.
13. Betray radicals in the rank and file (5,5)
GRASS ROOTS A charade of GRASS (‘betray’) plus ROOTS (‘radicals’).
17. Money that is found in old wood (7)
BRASSIE A charade of BRASS (‘money’) plus IE (‘that is’).
18. Toboggan full of crack in suitcases (7)
LUGGAGE An envelope (‘full of’) of GAG (‘crack’) in LUGE (‘toboggan’).
19. Young child in red, told off (7)
TODDLER An anagram (‘off’) of ‘red told’.
20. Wise man‘s headgear held by mother (7)
MAHATMA An envelope (‘held by’) of HAT (‘headgear’) in MAMA (‘mother’).
22. Prophet, a second son (4)
AMOS A charade of ‘a’ plus MO (‘second’) plus S (‘son’).

7 Responses to “Everyman N° 3,517 (2 March 2014)”

  1. sidey says:

    Thanks PeterO. Failed with BY THE SAME TOKEN, not a phrase I’ve heard much. Do book tokens still exist?

  2. crosser says:

    Thanks, PeterO. Believe it or not, I couldn’t parse BASS!

  3. Andy B says:

    I agree that there appeared to be more misdirection than usual for an Everyman puzzle, and I had to give it more thought than I normally do. Parts of it felt more like a Rufus puzzle than an Everyman, specifically 2dn and some of the anagram clues. It took me a while to see BY THE SAME TOKEN because of the unhelpful checkers for the last two words, and GRASS ROOTS took longer than it should because I had convinced myself that the first word was “cross”. I finished in the SW with SWEETHEART after BRASSIE.

  4. Bamberger says:

    By the same token was very familiar to me and I thought a good clue. The idiom means in addition and if your book token has enough worth, then you can buy a number of your chosen books with it.
    I was on wavelength for this puzzle.

  5. Martin P says:

    I think that the definition of BY THE SAME TOKEN is perhaps “subject to it’s value”?

    I’d always understood it as meaning “on the same basis”, “by the same principle” etc.

    Doesn’t the “in addition” rather refer to the surface possibility of buying more that one book on the same token?

  6. Hughr says:

    Thanks. I failed on about 5 with this one. Why does P relate to quiet in crossword land?

  7. Gaufrid says:

    Hi Hughr
    “Why does P relate to quiet in crossword land?”

    It is an abbreviation of ‘piano’ meaning ‘soft’ or ‘quiet’ in music terminology.

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