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Hosting Company Move – Update

Posted by Admin on 4th December 2012


First of all, many thanks to all those who have offered to donate towards the hosting costs etc. I will let you know about the preferred method of payment in a day or two. It will probably be a case of my sending you a request via PayPal (you will not need a PayPal account in order to send your donation).

I have now heard that the transfer of the site to the new hosting company will start at around 9pm on Sunday (9th Dec.) so could I please ask that you stop adding any comments from 8pm onwards. The site will be closed just before the transfer commences but unfortunately I cannot give you a time when it will reopen since this depends on the performance of the current hosting company’s server which has been notoriously poor at times recently.

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Important Announcement

Posted by Admin on 3rd December 2012


In view of the problems experienced recently (slow/no access), and the similar situation at the beginning of the year, I have signed up with a new hosting company today. I am aiming to have the site transferred to the new server on Sunday (9th Dec). At this stage I do not know how long this will take but there is bound to be some downtime, however I will try to ensure that this is kept to a minimum.

Getting a better level of service and support obviously comes at a price. Since its inception the annual hosting and domain name renewal costs for Fifteensquared have been met by Neil Wellard, the site’s founder and former administrator. I do not think it is reasonable to expect him to dip further into his pocket for the benefit of us, the site’s users, so I am therefore seeking donations towards the hosting costs.

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A change when adding comments – please read

Posted by Admin on 24th November 2012


This site currently receives over 65,000 spam comments each month. The vast majority of these (>99.9%) are intercepted by the excellent Akismet spam filter and so never appear on posts but they are still an unwanted drain on server resources.

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Calling all S&Bs in the Birmingham area

Posted by jetdoc on 16th November 2012


Enigmatist, Nimrod, Io, Elgar and I (so two of us) will be in Birmingham for a Steve Harley concert on the evening of Saturday 24 November, and we’ll be around all day (arriving Friday evening). If anyone living locally would like to meet up during the day to solve puzzles over a pint or two, that would be great.

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Slow loading times and outages

Posted by Admin on 13th November 2012


You will have noticed recently that the site has become slow to load or is unavailable (FTTP500). When this occurred back in January the problem was due to a couple of other websites, hosted on the same server, which caused the server to slow down or stop. The hosting company has informed me that this time it is down to 15² using too much cpu time  (something which I would question) so it is being throttled.

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Thanks for the latest S&B in Derby

Posted by jetdoc on 11th November 2012


Sorry I couldn’t be with you in Derby, everyone. I hear it was an excellent day.

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Last call for flight SBM04 to Derby

Posted by Eileen on 5th November 2012


Eileen has once again allowed me to hack into her Fifteensquared account to post final details of the Sloggers and Betters Midlands get-together this coming Saturday, November 10th.

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Anax’s 50th — photos

Posted by jetdoc on 23rd September 2012


I have uploaded my photos of the occasion to Flickr:

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Sloggers and Betters Midlands, November 10th

Posted by Eileen on 12th September 2012


Eileen has kindly allowed me to use her Fifteensquared address to post here, to say that I am organising the next Sloggers and Betters Midlands get-together, which will be in Derby on Saturday November 10th.

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Sloggers & Betters (Manchester), Saturday 8th September 2012 …..

Posted by Admin on 5th August 2012


….. and Dean Meyer’s 50th birthday bash. Dean has sent the following information about these two events which I post verbatim: 

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Posted by Gaufrid on 25th July 2012


My apologies to those who have addressed comments to me during the past month and who have not received a response. Also for not being able to arrange cover for bloggers who have been unable to provide a post for a particular puzzle.

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Bachelor has no place in committed couple (4,3,4)

Posted by jetdoc on 2nd July 2012


Thanks to David H for the clue, the answer to which is Race for Life, which I have already mentioned in my Cyclops blog. Now, with less than a week to go, it’s time to go a bit more public…

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Sloggers and Betters (London) – 30th May

Posted by Admin on 16th May 2012


The annual lunch for Times setters is taking place on 30th May and this will be followed by a Sloggers and Betters get-together in The Town of Ramsgate (62 Wapping High Street E1) from 4:30pm onwards. All welcome.

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Northern Sloggers and Betters: 21st April 2012 Todmorden

Posted by tilsit on 10th April 2012


Just to update you on events for next week.

The venue for the meet Bramsche Bar is now booked and tables reserved.  The new menus should be on the website  ( and they are looking forward to meeting everyone.  We’ll be there from about 11:30.   There’s an interesting Wetherspoons called The White Hart just around the corner if you are early, or you could take in the Market or some of the other sights.  energetic people may wish to go and climb Stoodley Pike, or stroll along the canal.

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Live Chat with Enigmatist

Posted by Admin on 22nd March 2012


After last week’s live chat with Arachne/Anarche, this week it’s the turn of John Henderson (aka Enigmatist/Nimrod/Io/Elgar). The session will be from 1pm to 3pm tomorrow (23rd March). On Saturday, the Guardian Open Weekend event includes Paul/Punk/Mudd in conversation with crossword editor Hugh Stephenson and Araucaria/Cinephile talking to Sandy Balfour. See Alan Connor’s blog announcement.

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