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Tips For Solving Alphabetical Jigsaw Crosswords

Posted by Admin on 26th November 2011


The following is a copy of a blog written by PeeDee for an Araucaria puzzle that appeared in the Guardian on 19/11/2011. It contains useful tips for those who have not met this type of puzzle before (scroll down to below the main body of the blog if you don’t want to read the clues, answers etc.).

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Azed 1919 – Azed for beginners

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 15th March 2009


Solving time: 27:40, with Chambers used for the last three – 25/26/27.

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Independent and FT Crosswords for new solvers

Posted by petebiddlecombe on 26th January 2008


This post is a short guide to Independent and FT cryptic crosswords for those trying them out in their new free online forms. It’s particularly directed at any US-based solvers who haven’t seen these particular puzzles before. (It started out as a guide for the Indie ones, but then I remembered that the FT puzzles are currently available for free too. The information about FT puzzles is less detailed, as I’ve never been a regular FT solver myself.)

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