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You’ve missed out some of the answers in one of today’s puzzles – why?

The answer to this question used to be that some of the papers had phone lines you could ring to get an answer if you were stuck and we didn’t want to be in a position where we could be accused of depriving those lines of income. However, the Independent and Guardian now make their puzzles (along with the answers) available on-line for free so this policy isn’t relevant any longer.

However, you may still find that a blogger leaves out a couple of answers here and there. This could be due to a simple oversight or it could down to the amount of time available to the blogger to write his or her post.

Why haven’t you blogged about today’s Independent/Guardian/FT puzzle?

We aim to post every day but sometimes real life gets in the way. Internet connections go down, work builds up, children need caring for or illness strikes. There’s not much we can do about that, but if someone is available to step in and provide a quick substitute blog they will.

Why do give your solving times? Isn’t that just showing off?

Well, partly ;-). Solving times are not there to make you feel bad, just to give an indication of how difficult (or not) a particular puzzle is. For example, if one of the quicker solvers takes 30 mins to solve a puzzle, that’s a pretty good indication that it was very tough, regardless of the fact that it may be a quicker time than you’ll ever be able to manage (although with practice …). 

Can you link to my site/blog?

If it’s crossword related, has good content and you don’t mind linking back to us then yes. Send a mail to admin {at} fifteensquared {dot} net. 

Someone has posted a “placeholder”,  what is this?

Our aim is to have a full blog of each daily puzzle published by mid-afternoon. If for any reason this is not possible, a placeholder may be posted to indicate that there has been delay and that the blog will appear later.

What is a Nina?

A Nina is a message (or theme words etc) hidden in the grid, sometimes round the perimeter, sometimes along a diagonal or sometimes in the unchecked squares in a particular row or column (or more than one of each). Its name is derived from the American cartoonist Al Hirschfeld’s habit of hiding his daughter’s name, Nina, in his cartoons.

I’m unable to view the on-line Independent crossword. Is there a solution to this problem?

Yes, there are a couple of options:

1) Download and install Crossword Solver ( ) and use that program to access the Independent crossword via the File / Download puzzle option. You will then be able to complete the puzzle on-screen (with the usual reveal options) or print a hardcopy for more traditional solving.

2) If you are running Windows, close your browser then select Start / All Programs / Java / Configure Java / Security and add to the exception site list. Open your browser again and use the usual link ( ).

How do I add a link in my comment?

There are two ways, you can either simply copy and paste the relevant URL into your comment or you can be a little more adventurous and use HTML tags (useful if the URL is rather long). The former will be displayed thus: and the latter: Fifteensquared (or whatever text you chose).

The HTML tags are as follows: <a href=”full URL“>display text</a> so if you input <a href=””>15² link</a> you will get the result 15² link.

Please note that, as comments containing multiple links are often spam, any comment containing three or more links will be put in the moderation queue and it may be some time before it appears on the site.

When using HTML tags please use the preview option prior to submitting a comment to ensure that the link displays correctly.

I have a question you haven’t answered here.

Send an email to the “admin” address above. If it’s one that others are asking, I’ll add it to the FAQ. If not, I’ll reply directly to you.