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Independent 8,914 by Crosophile

Posted by flashling on May 11th, 2015


Crosophile appears for our Monday delights.


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Cyclops 546: Post-electoral tristesse

Posted by jetdoc on May 11th, 2015


It felt strange to be solving this knowing that, by the time I finalised the blog, the election results would be known and some of the political references within the puzzle would be somewhat out of date. Nothing like as strange, however, as I feel now that the result is known! Read the rest of this entry »

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Independent on Sunday 1,315 by Poins

Posted by Simon Harris on May 10th, 2015

Simon Harris.

There’s a consistency to Poins’ puzzles that makes this setter seem very much at home in the IoS, but which does make it very difficult to find a great deal new to say every four weeks.

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Everyman 3,578

Posted by flashling on May 10th, 2015


Everyman with the usual easy-ish crossword

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Beelzebub 1313

Posted by Gaufrid on May 10th, 2015


Some (read quite a few) new words for me today, in fact more than usual for a Beelzebub, but there was one entry with which I am very familiar having lived in 30ac, on and off, for nearly 60 years.

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Azed 2239 ‘Spoonerisms’

Posted by John on May 10th, 2015


In a way (but only a way) my heart sank when I saw what I was going to have to blog: Azed’s specials are always excellent but take ages and are often very complicated. I was unsure that I’d be able to cope, but it’s all done now and any mistakes have now been made, I’m afraid.

It’s a long preamble, which I won’t repeat, except to say that there are two types of clue, occurring in more or less equal numbers. In half of them (and in these clues I’ve put (D) by the answer) you have to define the answer by finding a spoonerism in the clue. In the other half, which I found more difficult, certainly at the start — I had about ten of the first type before I got any of this type — the clue leads to a spoonerism of the answer, which is always a word in Chambers. So in these cases the answer isn’t actually defined and perhaps that’s what makes it so difficult to get started on them. In the first case the subsidiary indication is normal and in the second it leads to the actual word in the answer, not the spoonerism of it.

Really good.  Definitions underlined.

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Sloggers & Betters, York 2015? Show of hands, please!

Posted by Admin on May 9th, 2015


A message from John Henderson …

The possibility of a S&B in York in October along the same lines as the 2014 event was mentioned by a number of people at the recent get-together in Cambridge. I’m more than happy to put this together if there is a consensus, and have checked that the same venue that we used last year is available again. To avoid event clashes, the date would have to be a week earlier than last year’s fixture, so before I go ahead, please could I have a show of hands for Saturday, October 24? Naturally, for those wishing to make a weekend of it, there would be a quizzical Ale Trail on the Friday night, and a “Recovery” session on the Sunday morning at the York Tap…

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Independent 8907 / Donk

Posted by Bertandjoyce on May 9th, 2015


It’s a Donk –  at long last!

Checking through our posts, it’s over a year since we had the pleasure of blogging a Donk. When we were away in February we missed Donk’s puzzle when Gaufrid kindly stood in for us.

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Guardian Prize 26,561 by Puck

Posted by PeeDee on May 9th, 2015


Super puzzle from Puck, though a couple of the answers went in from wordplay without any clear idea of the definition.  For the blog Wikipedia came to my rescue.  Thank you Puck.

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Enigmatic Variations No.1171 – Who Am I? by Ifor

Posted by Mister Sting on May 9th, 2015

Mister Sting.

The preamble to WHO AM I? is quite intimidating.  There are two verses to be identified.  The first explains changes to two groups of three clues each, a phrase to be highlighted, and the answer to the titular question, which is to be written under the grid.  The second is given by extra letters in wordplay in 29 clues, and it identifies the number of the single normal clue and the rationale for the removal of the letters.  Got that?

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Financial Times 14,925 by BRADMAN

Posted by Turbolegs on May 8th, 2015


A tough crossword from Bradman this, with a couple of words I have never had the pleasure of coming across before. If at all there was a theme in this puzzle, it would have been “Difficulty”! :) Unusually mysterious crossword for the likes of the Don. It was an impossible complete-solve for me without using some digital help. Nevertheless, it was a fun-filled experience!

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Guardian Cryptic 26566 Picaroon

Posted by scchua on May 8th, 2015


(Please click here for this same blog but with a picture quiz added. Please do NOT post hereinbelow any comment relating to the picture quiz. Thank you.)   An enjoyable puzzle, tricky in some parts. Thanks to Picaroon. Definitions are underlined in the clues.

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Independent 8912 / Phi

Posted by duncanshiell on May 8th, 2015


If you are still awake after staying up all night to watch the Election results, Phi has given us a good sound Friday crossword.

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Independent 8,911 by Eimi

Posted by John on May 7th, 2015


It wasn’t difficult to guess what we would be meeting today.

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Financial Times 14,924 by GAFF

Posted by David and Linda on May 7th, 2015

David and Linda.

A pleasant puzzle that gave us several smiles. Nothing sneaky or too obscure. Thanks, Gaff

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