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Everyman 3,536

Posted by Matt on July 20th, 2014


The first Everyman I have done in quite some time. This was where I cut my solving teeth a few years ago, and it was fun to go back. If the purpose of these puzzles is to provide a beginner-to-improver level challenge, then I think this fits the bill well.

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AZED 2,197

Posted by John on July 20th, 2014


How Azed produces these grids I just don’t know. He doesn’t so far as I know use technology but compiles them neatly in an exercise book, something that I would find virtually impossible. He sticks comfortably to the Ximenean advice about unchecked letters in words and both grid and clues are full of words that require a close examination of Chambers. Amazing, week after week.

Definitions underlined.

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Independent on Sunday 1273 Raich

Posted by scchua on July 20th, 2014


(Please click here for this same blog but with a picture quiz added. Please do NOT post hereinbelow any comment relating to the picture quiz. Thank you.)  I made things difficult for myself, by missing the theme until I had finished it, and then saw it staring at me in the across answers.

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Enigmatic Variations No. 1129: Bang! by Kcit

Posted by Dave Hennings on July 19th, 2014

Dave Hennings.

A slightly different clueing technique this week. There were several clues comprising two definitions to words which differed by one letter and wordplay to the common letters. A block of cells would provide the source of the BANG. These letters would be the ones which appeared in the grid, their alternatives replacing the letters of the source to give the consequence.

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Independent 8656 (Sat 12-Jul 2014) eXternal

Posted by beermagnet on July 19th, 2014


It’s about a year since eXternal and I first crossed swords over a pencil and a pint, and since then I try to have a go the puzzle when I hear it’s been set by “the X”.  Particularly when he is in the Sunday slot where the clues are slightly on the easy side – not the case for a Saturday slot – it was hard.

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Guardian 26,310 / Philistine

Posted by mhl on July 19th, 2014


We found this quite hard – generally inventive and enjoyable, although there were a few clues that let it down for me. I’ve mentioned those below, but there were some stand-out excellent clues too, e.g. 15d (POLITBURO), 3d (KNOWLEDGE), 12a (ART SCHOOL), 9a (EXPLOITED), 26a (WHODUNNIT) and 17a (DRONES). 8d (CHELSEA TRACTOR) made me laugh, although the surface reading lets it down a bit, I think.

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Financial Times 14,677 by WANDERER

Posted by Turbolegs on July 18th, 2014


I found this to be a tough nut to crack from Wanderer. Progress was slow and steady .. and I still couldnt nail a couple of clues in the end without some help.

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Independent 8661 / Tees

Posted by Bertandjoyce on July 18th, 2014


Well what a ‘tease’ we have had this week. We wondered what was going on when Phi disappeared from his normal Phiday slot and appeared on TEESday instead – sorry TUESday!!

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Guardian 26,315 by Picaroon

Posted by manehi on July 18th, 2014


Not easy, even with the (excellent) long clues falling quite early on, and a lot to like. I could mention almost every clue – lots of deceptive surfaces and definitions, and clever little tricks. Top three favourites: 27ac, 4dn and possibly 20dn…

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Financial Times no.14,676 by Peto

Posted by Ringo on July 17th, 2014


I found this a mixed bag of the easy-peasy, the puzzling, the hackneyed and the really rather clever. With a couple of movie-stars thrown in. Good stuff.

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Guardian 26,314 – Boatman

Posted by Andrew on July 17th, 2014


A strange mixture of clues from Boatman today – some very obvious from either defintion or wordplay, some a lot trickier, an outrageous lift-and-separate that I’m not at all keen on but I’m sure others will like. There’s usually a theme of some kind in Boatman’s puzzles, and here many of the clues, and some answers, involve the idea of speed in some way. There are a couple of places where I think the cryptic grammar doesn’t quite work, and two clues that I can’t fully explain (20a and 29d) – suggestions welcome. Thanks for Boatman for the varied entertainment.

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Independent 8,660 / Morph

Posted by RatkojaRiku on July 17th, 2014


It has fallen to Morph to occupy the Thursday compiling slot this week and to me to occupy the associated blogging slot.

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Financial Times 14,667 – Dante

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on July 17th, 2014

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Jul 7

When this crossword was published, it was the 7th of July. The day Le Tour missed my house by less than 100 metres, also an event that was over before I could even count to ten. And yet a great excuse for everyone to have fun or drink a glass or two in their front garden. Here in Cambridge it felt like a Bank Holiday Monday, which it wasn’t. Ten days later, we must conclude that Cav had to give up before things really took off, that Zoom Froome’s dream is over too and that Wiggo didn’t go anyway. Now, why such a long introduction?  Because I am really surprised that, after all the fuss, we didn’t have a Tour-themed puzzle so far – at least, I didn’t see one. Just like we didn’t have a proper World Cup crossword. Instead, it’s business as usual with a Dante – ever solved a crossword with three double definitions to start with?

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Financial Times 14,666 by Mudd

Posted by Pete Maclean on July 17th, 2014

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 5, 2014

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Financial Times 14,675 by IO

Posted by PeeDee on July 16th, 2014


For the second time I have been unable to complete an Io puzzle.  Any help with the remaining two solutions would be greatly appreciated.

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