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Independent 8678 / Tyrus

Posted by duncanshiell on August 7th, 2014


Tyrus has given us an entertaining crossword and one that provides the usual Thursday challenge

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Financial Times 14,685 – Crux

Posted by Sil van den Hoek on August 7th, 2014

Sil van den Hoek.

Monday Prize Crossword/Jul 28

There was a lot to admire in this elegant Crux puzzle which, in my perception, was significantly harder than usual for this setter. I know, everything’s relative but for me it added to the fun.

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Financial Times 14,684 by Bradman

Posted by Pete Maclean on August 7th, 2014

Pete Maclean.

Prize puzzle from the Weekend FT of July 26, 2014

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Independent 8,677 by Dac

Posted by John on August 6th, 2014


An unremarkable crossword from Dac. By which I don’t mean that it is less than excellent, simply that it is just as usual. Nice clues, all so far as I can see perfectly sound.

I found this on the easy side for a Dac.

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Financial Times 14,693 by Artexlen

Posted by PeeDee on August 6th, 2014


I didn’t find this as much fun as previous Artexlen puzzles I have blogged.

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Guardian 26,331 by Philistine

Posted by manehi on August 6th, 2014


Found this slow going but not too tricky, and with lots to enjoy. I liked the little “theme” of linked clues, as well as 13ac, 16/22 and 25ac.

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Inquisitor 1344: IQ Test by Samuel

Posted by HolyGhost on August 6th, 2014


Wordplay in 13 clues leads to the answer minus one letter (unchecked). Wordplay for the others leads to the entry plus one letter – these give part of a quotation. The full quotation explains the ambiguities, and one speaker to whom the quotation is sometimes attributed indicates how to resolve them in an orderly fashion.
Another asymmetric grid; and another Samuel puzzle for me to blog. (BTW I’ll be on holiday when this comes out – see you all later in August.)

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Guardian 26,330 – Imogen

Posted by Andrew on August 5th, 2014


Things got off to a bad start when I went to the Guardian site and saw that “this crossword is not yet available” (as it’s still saying as I write this at 9.20am). Fortunately it didn’t take too much detective work to track down the PDF version, and it was soon obvious that this puzzle has the unusual feature that several of the entries occur in more than one clue. In fact there’s a chain: 25,15/15,10/10,18/18,7/7,21/21,29. Understandably the online version can’t cope with this kind of thing; less understandably, surely someone must have known in advance that this would be a problem, so that the website could have said this and given a link to the PDF, rather than just an error message.

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Financial Times 14692 Jason

Posted by scchua on August 5th, 2014


(Please click here for this same blog but with a picture quiz added. Please do NOT post hereinbelow any comment relating to the picture quiz. Thank you.)  Perhaps a tad more difficult than the Jason puzzles I’ve blogged before.  Thanks to Jason.  Definitions are underlined in the clues. (I’m having intermittent Internet connection so I hope this goes through in time.)

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Independent 8676 – Hieroglyph

Posted by Bertandjoyce on August 5th, 2014


We found this an enjoyable thematic puzzle and have to congratulate Hieroglyph on managing to get six thematic entries (which occupied twelve of the 29 answers) into the grid without having to resort to too many unusual words.

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Guardian 26,329 by Rufus

Posted by flashling on August 4th, 2014


Good morning, the usual Rufusian mixture of stuff and a grid that shouldn’t provoke too many whinges.


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Independent 8675 by eXternal

Posted by NealH on August 4th, 2014

  • *=anagram
  • [] = removed e.g. char[m]=char
  • ()=abbreviation e.g. A(mpere)=a
  • Hom. = homophone

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Guardian Quiptic 768/Orlando

Posted by Pierre on August 4th, 2014


Orlando’s got the hang of this Quiptic thing, you know.  A delightful puzzle, full of clear cluing and fine surface readings.  I’ll be farming this one out to my friends who are just getting into the dark arts.

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Cyclops 526: An isolated incident

Posted by jetdoc on August 4th, 2014


I finally got round to solving this on the train from York to Cornwall, having moved last week to live in York. People in the seats behind us were solving a quick crossword together, reading the clues aloud. I was strongly tempted to start reading the clues to this one, such as 25a, to John. I am now writing this on my laptop, in a hotel bar overlooking the sea.

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Beelzebub 1,273

Posted by Simon Harris on August 3rd, 2014

Simon Harris.

A tough week for me, though I made life difficult for myself by inventing a word for 1 across and writing it in without thinking to even check. Well, all the letters of the anagram were in there.

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